Top 5 Translation Apps on Android

Learning a new language isn’t easy, especially when you are travelling abroad. It becomes difficult to communicate in a new city. It can take years of practice to become fluent and truly comfortable, but sometimes you need help faster than that. Whether it’s for travel or necessity, learning a new language has never been so easy, where you can instantly translate few lines or phrases on the go. Apart from translation services in Mumbai, India these apps make translating words or lines extremely fast and easy.

Thankfully, with your Android device by your side, language translation is no longer an issue. Just download any one of these translation apps and start speaking in your target language with minimal effort.

  1. Google translate

The best translation app in the world you can find is Google Translate. Google has developed as the mostpowerfulexistence in the world of translation apps, and the reason is pretty obvious. Google Translate supports over more than 90 languages.It can translate 37 languages via photo, 32 via voice in conversation mode, and 27 via real-time video in augmented reality mode. They have rolled out 13 more languages this year.The app gives you four ways to enter in the word, the most obvious is typing it in.

  1. Word lens translator

Word lens translator is another best alternative for translation apps. This is built with an impressive technology and a wide range of languages. There is a built in dictionary within the app with which you can look up for words. Major tablet and smartphone manufacturers use to advertise their expensive new models with the help of this app. The reason being that you just need to hold up your android phone (camera) to a piece of foreign text, and it’ll magically translate the text in its original format.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Top 5 Translation Apps and Translation Services in Mumbai, India

  1. iTranslate

With a really stripped down interface, iTranslate is very easy to use. This simple developed apphelps you to translate text or websites, start voice conversations or even lookup for words, meanings and even verb conjugations. It consists of one menu where you choose from over 90 languages and then just plug in a word or phrase you are looking to translate. iTranslate even provides you loud voice message to give you the exact pronunciation. You can then share the newly translated work in a text message, email or on Facebook so you won’t lose track of it.

  1. Yandex. Translate

The next competitor to Google translate is Yandex. It supports more than 60 languages including English, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish and many more.The app performs real time translations as you enter the text, so each word is translated right when you input it making the whole process much smoother and faster. This Russian made app also lets you take images and quickly translates the image into your preferred language. It works offline where you can perform translations without having spent on roaming.

  1. Universal translator

A lightweight and easy to use android application supports 48 languages. It is based on Google API which enables you to run fast. Voice recognition is one such feature including speech synthesis, SMS translation and sharing on social networking sites. In case you do not forget, it even offers you history features which you can keep checking when required.

With multiple options for your Android, you can travel anywhere in the world without worrying about conversation or language issues.  There are many translation services in Mumbai, india that can help you translate legal documents in the target language. Many of these apps even work with an offline mode, which makes it pretty much peerless.

One thought on “Top 5 Translation Apps on Android

  1. Don Masterson

    I’ve been a happy Google Translate user for several years. I recently came across Reverso, which has helped me translate terms that even Google didn’t have a good response for.
    I’ve mainly used both programs on my laptop, but am taking the cue and downloading Reverso to my android phone.

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