Do you know top 5 Spanish Dialects?

In every single language, comes different groups that have differences in speech. These dialects are nothing but those groups which can be different in terms of pronunciation, words or expression. Spanish is also one such language that has different dialects. With different continents and epochs, the language changes. This can create challenges for new learners as there are countless linguistically discrete dialects that differ in every country, region and city.

  1. Espanol Caribeno

Caribbean Spanish comes from the Caribbean coasts of Venezuela and Colombia which come through Panama and coastal parts of Central America. This is the most difficult among all. This dialect drops the pronunciation of /s/ sound anywhere other than the beginning of the word. Alphabets or sounds like /r/, /d/, and /b/ are frequently swallowed by the surrounding vowels. Places like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, alphabets are been swapped where /r/ replaces /l/ in the middle of the word.

  1. Espanol Andino

Latin American speak Spanish that is usually very clear. In cities like Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and other parts of Venezuela, Andrean Spanish is often used as the local language. Influenced by European heritage, Spanish is been spoken with a different pronunciation. Andean dialects have their distinctive features like any word ending with –ito is replaced by –ico to make the word sound cute and short.

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  1. Canarian

Canarain dialect is used in places like the Canary Islands which is influenced by Andalusian Spanish. This dialect resembles the Caribbean Spanish dialect. In this one, the phoneme reduction of pronouncing the sounds /s/ and /z/ alike is a norm. The Canarian Spanish coincides with the Andalusian Spanish. But the pronunciation of /CH/ in Canarian Spanish is different from that of Andalusian. The pronunciation of /s/ is pronounced as /h/.

  1. EspanolIberico

This dialect of Spanish is relatively easy for new learners to adopt. This dialect in Iberian Peninsula is easy to understand as well. Some of its trademark features are the ceceo, often described as a ‘lisp’. It is the way in which the Spaniards pronounce the letter /c/. They even have a harder pronunciation for letter /j/ which resembles Arabic pronunciation.

  1. Rioplatense Spanish

This is yet another dialect spoken widely in Argentina and Uruguay. The predominant difference between this dialect and other Spanish dialects is the intonation of the speakers. The dialect resembles more to Italian than Spanish.

There are many more dialects in Spanish. As you move from region to region, you will notice the difference in language. Majority of the grammar differences in Spanish are between European Spanish and Latin American dialects. Like a word zumo and jugo mean the same, people of different regions mix up the words. Companies providing translation services in Mumbai are experienced with such dialects and work on your documents taking in consideration the country, region and city.

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