Do you know Top 5 dialects in French?

French is the native language of France. More than 130 million people speak French as their first language. There are multiple languages in France but it has many dialects as well. During the French revolution half of the population spoke only French. Efforts were made to modify the French constitution so that they would have minority languages as well. These attempts were blocked as it would contradict the status of French. There are other languages in French called as patois or dialects.

  1. Belgian French

Belgian French is spoken in Belgian by French communities. The main distinction is among the long and short vowels. They lack /ɥ/pronunciation. The combination of /ɥi/ is replaced by /wi/ and in some situations /ɥ/becomes a vowel /y/. Some words are different from that of other French dialects. They call diner for dejenuer and souper  for diner. The distinction between the vowels /ɛ/ and /ɛː/ is upheld, whereas in France, these two sounds have merged.

  1. Swiss French

Swiss French is another dialect in French mainly spoken in Switzerland called as Romandy. The French language spoken in Switzerland differs a little from the one spoken in France or Belgium. The main difference in Swiss French and French is due to the political and administrative systems between Switzerland and France. They have minor lexical differences. The word canton has a different meaning in each country. Switzerland considers a canton as a constituent state of the Confederation, whereas in France, it is grouping of communes in Belgium.

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  1. Canadian French

The French in Canada has developed its own features. Although in the 19th century it was regarded pure by metropolitan commentators but it started to diverge from Parsian French after 1760. Canadian French has a less lip movement with more of monotonous intonation. /t/ and /d/ shifts to /ts/ /dz/ which speaking in Canadian French.  Nasal vowels lose the nasal element in this dialect.

  1. African French

Many French speakers live in Africa as well. African French is the official language in West Africa. With over 120 million people, it has several sub dialects. For example, the variety of French spoken in Abidjan has borrowed many loanwords from the indigenous language Mandinka. These include une go, which means “girl” or “girlfriend, and un bra-môgô, which is roughly equivalent to “dude”.

  1. Acadian French

Acadian French is a dialect of Canada which is spoken by small minorities of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.  In US, it is spoken in Saint John Valley of northern Aroostook County, Maine. Pronunciation of /r/ is commonly used in rural areas of West France.

There are many dialects in French language which differs from country to country. Pronunciation, vocabulary changes and people do find it little difficult to understand. Based on the country and the dialect they follow, translation services in Mumbai  can do good document translation.

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