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Do you know evolution of Russian language?

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There are around 153 million  people who speak Russian language. 61 million indicated that they speak Russian fluently as their second language. Russian is one of the most popular languages of the United States. This Slavic language is one of the major spoken languages in the world. However, within Russia the language was altered in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation to suit he Russian needs and to make it easily understandable by all tribes. It was only after 18th century, this language was modified and simplified for the tribes. Modern graphics was acquired in 1917.

Russian Writing

The actual writing system of Russian emerged only after the adoption of Christianity. Cyrillic alphabet was invented in the 9th century. Slavonic was translated from Greek liturgical books. It was since then, Cyrillic had spread across the Slavic world. It came into use after the baptism of Russia by the Eastern Slavic population.


Russian and Greek language are related. They have several similarities confirming the veracity of the Indo- European theory. It is the political, economic and cultural ties that has kept these two nations so close by. During the Christianisation of Russia, many words were taken from Greek to Russia. The linguistic system is strict in terms with any changes or transformation. They have similarity in terms of morphology.

It was around 9th century, Apostles of the Slavs created Cyrillic in order to translate the Bible in Slavic languages. This alphabet is based entirely on Byzantine period. The current version of Russian alphabet has its ancient name with slight changes.

Translation Services in Bangalore

Evolution of Russian Language and Translation Services in Bangalore

Slavic languages belong to the Eastern branch of Indo-European languages. They are divided according to the geographical locations where Slavs live in. they love in the South Slavic which includes Bulgarian, Serb, Slovenian and Macedonian. The unique feature of Slavic language is the absence of tense. The grammar has perfective and imperfective verbs that are organized in pairs. When it comes to grammar, translation services in Bangalore, India does the right job for you at best prices.

The alphabet is an adoption of orthodoxy in Russia back in the 10th century. When they were baptized they felt a need to find linguistic means to express these concepts. Greek words entered the Russian vocabulary. Slavs use Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Catholic people have got their bible written with Latin letters and those who belonged to the circle of Byzantine.

Although Glagolitic has been replaced by Cyrillic, it is still used for liturgy.Cyrillic scrip was created by St. Cyril and his brother Methody. These Bulgarian monks went to Russia to Christianise back in the 9th century. Cyrillic script translated the Bible and other holy scripts into Old Church Slavonic, which is a kind of ancient Bulgarian. There are many translation services in Bangalore, India that do language translation for all your legal documents, educational certificates and much more.

This language had a tremendous influence on the ancestor of the modern Eastern Slavic languages, as it has been used for liturgy and as the written language of scholars, much like Latin in Western Europe. The usage of Old Church Slavonic went on until 1917 when religion was officially declared as being ‘opium for the people’.

Impact of Brexit on Translation Industry

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There are 23 officially recognized languages spoken within the region and, as trade and supply chain integration between member states is greater here than anywhere else in the world, translation services are inextricable.Translation industry is one of these industries in Britain benefiting from state membership, over half of the language service companies as over a third of revenue came from within the EU.

In most countries English is the primary second language taught in schools and can be communicated by one-third of the world’s population. And it’s the most popular pivot language in translation industry as well.  Translation industry is one such industry that has its primary focus on language, it’s easy to see the link between Brexit and translation industry. Thus, Brexit could also have a negative impact on the propensity of British people to learn European languages.

Change in native language- Along with French and German, English is one of the three leading business languages in the Union. Following an exit, the importance of English may be called into question. France has already been in the queue, suggesting that French could be the next dominant language for EU. This will surely affect the language sector as many services require their translation staff to be good native speakers. Thus, change in native language can affect many. There are many translation services in Bangalore, India, thus we can also expect a slight change in their businesses as well.

Translation Services in Bangalore, India

Brexit & Translation Services in Bangalore, India

Translation jobs-Due to the change in language, the translators might experience a fall in opportunities in translation industry as the native language might be dropped. With the predicted fall in demand for English translations, working within the EU and translating languages that are still considered relevant and important to business, may hold more appeal.

Translation industry opens up for new work- It is understandable that translators would benefit more from Britain’s EU membership and thus would be opposed to British independence, when compared to the British public at large. Britain will be seen trading a lot more with America, China and other parts of the world in the event of a Brexit. There will also be new work for translators too, since new trade agreements, legal contracts, documentation, promotional material and more can be opened up with the rest of the world.You can get multiple translation services in Bangalore, India for all your legal documents.

New opportunities for translation industry- While we can anticipate a drop in public translation services relating to employment, the NHS and law, we might even experience a rise in corporate translation services as more UK businesses are empowered to trade globally. Britain will always be involved in international trade and that language services will always be required. In the very short term there may still be translation clients out there who will reduce their trading activities with the EU with the fear of future changes.

Leaving the EU can lead to short term recession in the UK will affect the translation industry. But differing regulations and laws will require different, and likely more, translation needs. So we have to wait and watch till the new set of rules arrive.

Rules to Translate with 100% Accuracy?

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Have you ever tried to translate the comments on social media from a regional language to English? Do you understand the translated version or do you “figure out” what is being translated? If a reader has to “figure out” what is being translated, than you can rest assured that the translation quality is way below what a good translation should be.

So what makes for good translation? Idealistically speaking an in-depth knowledge of the source language. This comes naturally to the natives. For the others who acquire the skill of translation, constant practice and more practice is what brings about perfection.

So how does cities which are commercial hubs scale up on quality translationservices? For instance how does translation services in Bangalore, India one of the busiest and fastest cities give out quality translation scripts? A few ways of doing this is are:

Know what you are translating. Prior to plunging headlong into the project understand what are translating. Is it an official document, legal document, business document, papers for a deal, a play, a script or a song? The list can be endless yet this is a very crucial factor towards accurate translation. Why? The language that would be adopted for translation will have to henceforth be suited to the kind that is applicable for the document in question.

Accuracy and Translation services in Bangalore

Translation services in Bangalore

Experience and an open to learning attitude compliments the efforts towards perfection in translation. A seasoned translator would find it relatively easier to translate a particular kind of document in a particular language due to prior experience. However for translators who are yet not fluently versed, reference, research, asking for help or consulting their language mentors can work wonderfully towards translating to perfection. Look for ways to ensure perfection.

Keep in mind the glossary of words that would be applicable in translation of a particular piece. This will go a long way in apt terminology usage in the translated piece and in structuring it to precision. This would mean precise understanding of the kind of document that is being translated.

How does a client like his translated document to look? Do they like it in a particular way of paragraphing, a favored font style and size, specific way of laying emphasis like highlighting the keywords, votes for bulleted pointers over paragraphs, etc. Perfect representation of a well translated document is as essential as a perfectly translated one. For instance, translation services in Bangalore, India are well exposed to a lot of such projects and therefore are well aware of the nuances involved in the translation business. Hence formatting is a vital part of delivering a perfectly structured translation work.

Last but not the least keep up with the new words that are being added to the vocabulary of the source language. Keeping abreast of updates is a sign of a good translator.

How to start career in the Field of Translation?

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So you have worked hard and learnt a foreign language. Competent in that language, what’s next for you? Ideally it should be a career in a field which would help you in optimizing your skill set in the learned language, also referred to as the Source language. To start off with a career in a source language, you must understand that there are two basic roles that you may play – as a translator or as an interpreter. Though both involve translation and localization of a foreign language, the difference lies in the functionality of the roles.

As a translator, you would be dealing with written translation work. This would mean translating documents like manuals, business reports, website content, legal documents and many more. As an interpreter however, you would be involved in verbal translations required in seminars, conferences, conference calls, meetings etc. These can be live, on the spot interpretation work or consecutive interpretation, which occur post an event like a meeting, a discussion, interviews, courtrooms etc.

Translation Services in Bangalore

Careers and Translation Services in Bangalore

A great opportunity for careers in interpretation and translation is offered by cities like Bangalore. Being an IT and a BPO hub, which deals with a host of international clientele, Bangalore needs quality translation services to communicate effectively with its business partners. These international business partners, who outsource their back office and development work to India, however are not necessarily affluent in English. Hence the rise in demand for translation services in Bangalore, India and other similar metros, which makes them a good bet for a career in a source language as a translator or an interpreter.

Language is a vital tool when it comes to communication of any kind, may it be for closing business deals or servicing customers from across the world. In case of a BPO, communication with a customer care executive is the only way customers can get their concerns addressed. In a business deal signed in between companies of two different countries, communication plays god once more. If in any of these situations, people cannot get through to each other due to a language barrier, business deals will fall through and BPOs will shut down.

For instance if a Germany based company outsources its customer care to Bangalore, English speaking customer care executives might not necessarily be the best option. Germans are known to be uncomfortable with any other language other than German. As such this Bangalore based BPO would need the translation services of interpreters to communicate with the customers.

With the world turning into a global business hub, and Bangalore in India being one of the most sought after outsourcing destination, translation services in Bangalore, India are a need. Apt source language aspirants can vie for a career here for sure.

Do you know which is the most translated Italian Book?

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The Adventures of Pinocchio is an Italian novel for children written by Carlo Collodi. It has been translated into 240 languages worldwide and not only is it the most translated Italian book; it is also one of the most translated literary works ever. It is a hugely popular book that has become part of children’s upbringing all across the world. It is a series of adventures of a mischievous Italian marionette called Pinocchio and his poor father. It is set in the picturesque Tuscan valley of Italy. It has been immortalized by Disney in movies and is most popular for the liar’s long nose feature wherein whenever Pinocchio lies his wooden nose would extent.

It was initially published as a serial in an Italian newspaper. Children’s literature was a fairly new idea in the 1850’s and these series caught the imagination of kids everywhere. The style of writing is simple and fluid and hence it was easy for the original Italian work to be translated to over 240 languages. It has become a cult sensation all across the world with millions in movies, series and merchandise. Pinocchio started off as a wooden puppet that came to life. As the series unfolded, at the end of chapter 15, Carlo killed off the puppet. He died due to his innumerable faults. When the editor realized this, he was able to convince Carlo that it is was necessary to keep the character alive due to the interest it had generated. Carlo obliged and in subsequent titles, he resurrected Pinocchio as a young boy who was transformed by the Blue Fairy.

Translation Services in Bangalore

Italian Literature and Translation Services in Bangalore

The story furthers by making Pinocchio understand himself further and stop committing mistakes. This had a moral aspect to it and allowed the older readers to recommend the series to children. It was a roaring success. Pinocchio has become a household name all across the globe with multiple movies, series, books and other merchandise available today thanks to the corporate branding that Disney is famous for. There are monuments that have been constructed across Italy to commemorate the puppet.

The Adventures of Pinocchio have been read by millions worldwide and is currently one of the top 5 most translated literary works in the world. This shows the power of the original piece and the success of the translation services used. The series was later converted into book format as initially it was in the form of a serial that appeared every week in the local newspaper.

Famous writers have used Pinocchio in their works which goes to show the popularity it had gained in the main stream. If you are looking for translation services that require this level of sophistication and    technicality, translation services in Bangalore, India is the best place to go. From movie scripts to full technical documents, translation services in Bangalore, India are world renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and the accuracy of translation processes.

Does Machine Translation really Helps?

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Translation services are in high demand today.  With the increase in the use of the internet and people getting the opportunity to read more, translation services have become popular. Millions of books have been translated and the seemingly endless languages that they need to be translated to means that a translator has enough work to sustain them. Translating a literary piece requires a certain set of skills.

Technical and cultural aspects of the work to be translated require a keen eye to be picked up and translated without the meaning and essence of the original text lost. Today, it is inevitable to see the rise of technology in all walks of life. Translation services are not far behind. The newest trend is the rise of machine translation.

Machine translation involves the use of a computer of specific software to translate. It pioneered in the 1950s but has become popular now due to its usage on the internet. The most popular freely available translation tools today are the Google Translate and Bing Translate. These are web based applications that allow instantaneous translations of websites and other sources of work. The interesting part about machine translation is that it learns as and when it comes up with a error.

Machine Translation and Quaity Translation Services in Bangalore, India

Machine Translation and Translation Services in Bangalore, India

This learning is directly used the next time it encounters the same issue. It gives you the best possible combination of translation by collecting data over time. The advantages are many. Firstly it is free. It can be used for almost every type of web based resource available. It is currently offered in various languages making it easier to use. It is instant and you can use the translation immediately. Machine translation requires a vast amount of data to be collected. This isn’t necessarily an issue for big search engines such as Google and Bing who have vast resources at their disposal.

Now Deep learning is going to change the way machines are translating these days. Google and Baidu are alreday working on it and are results are looking promising. 

There are various providers of machine learning services today. These use complex software to analyze and translate documents. There are many who rely on machine translation as they see it as an easy, fast and economical means of getting any type of document translated. There are certain disadvantages too to machine translation. Translation requires an emotional connect that can never be attained with any sort of machine intervention. There are always chances of errors that cannot be noted by the software because it can be an emotional error.

Context is not part of the process, since it requires human emotional intelligence; there has not been a breakthrough in that aspect yet. Informal and casual conversations cannot be fully understood by machine translation software. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, translation services in Bangalore India are your best bet. There are multiple agencies that specialize in using both machine and personal translators to give you the best results. Translation services in Bangalore,India are known for their accuracy and by using both the strategies, your accuracy level goes a lot higher.

Do’s and Don’t for a Translator.

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Translation services are a booming industry today. It is worth billions and the demand for good translators is on constant rise. This is the best time to be a translator as the industry is in the growth stage. The addition advantage is the benefit of having technology backing the translators up. The technology has progressed well to aid the translators in doing a better job. With the opening up of trade and travel, people are interested in knowing and understanding various cultures.

Translated works are in high demand due to this. A career in translation is a good way to make good money and enjoy the work that you do. Translators demand good money for their services today and good translators are in high demand too. Various companies have sprung up who offer translation services and one could join them full time or work as a free lance translator.

Best Translation Services in Bangalore

Do’s and Don’t for a Translator and Translation Services in Bangalore

There are certain things that have to be done to become successful as a translator. A career in translation today is a real possibility and to stay in demand and provide optimum services, it is important to follow certain do’s and don’ts. As a translator, it is of course important to learn the key languages that you will be working on. There are various language courses available today that allow you to understand languages, their history and various aspects of the cultures that give rise to these languages. The more you know about the traditions and cultures associated with the language, the easier it is to do a good job at using it for translation. Reading up various important literary works of the languages keeps us keyed in to the language. Listening to audio books gives us a keen understanding of the accents, the background and the cultural aspects of the language.

While working on a translation job, it is paramount to do research on it. The body of work will have significant ties to the region it has originated from. Learn up about it as much as you can. This helps us in understanding the various possible meanings of sentences and their implied truth. This gives you the ability to do a much better job. Try to be creative. It helps in loosening up your ability to comprehend the text and allows you to put across ideas in a better manner. Make use of suitable technologies and databases that give you exact answers about the meaning of certain terms. This allows you to do the job better.

Never underestimate the complexity of the body of work. It is indeed another person’s work so respect that and stay true to the mission of getting the idea across to the reader and not put forth your own interpretations. Understand cultural sensitivities and ensure you don’t step of toes while translating. For getting the best translators who understand the various aspects of translation, translation services in Bangalore, India are your best bet. Bangalore has a variety of translators who are adept at their jobs and understand the seriousness of translation. Translation services in Bangalore, India are world renowned for their easy availability of good talent.

Italian: Language of Poetry and Love

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Romance languages are some of the most passionate, beautiful and enchanting languages in this world. These languages derived from the spoken Latin of the 6th century CE are now some of the most widely spoken languages all over. Although many Romance Languages exist, the five most popular and commonly used languages are French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese. Out of these Italian is lingua franca of a large demography.

Italian, one of the most romantic languages of the world is spoken widely in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City and San Marino. It is also spoken and understood in Malta, Albania, Croatia and Slovenia. It is also spoken by large communities in America and Australia. Italian is an official language of the European Union and according to their statistics around 65 Million people speak it in the union. It is also spoken by many minorities all over the world.

What makes Italian unique is that it is closest to Latin in many aspects out of all the Romance Languages. Thus many people look for translators and interpreters for Italian making translation services in Bangalore popular job hubs.

Italian Translation services in Bangalore

Italian: Language of Poetry. Translation Services in Bangalore

The origin of Italian language is not clear; however the origin of Modern Italian can be traced back to Dante Alighieri. He formalized the language in the 14th century and thus he often, along with Boccaccio. is considered to be the fathers of Italian language. The works of these people are still studied and read all over.

Other than Boccaccio and Dante, prominent figures such as Petrarch, Machiavelli, Castiglione and many others had a major role in the formalization of the language. These people also wrote significantly making the language and world literature extremely rich. Dante’s Divine Comedy, Boccaccio’s Decameron and Petrarchan sonnets are considered to be masterpieces of world literature.

Petrarchan sonnets are valuable for their rich expression of love as well. His beautiful and enchanting lyrical poetry has been used by many lovers to express their love for their beloved. Due to this and many other factors Italian is considered as the language of love and sensuality. Due to its distinct pronunciations and phonetics it sounds extremely melodious and seductive- characteristics often required in romantic love. The factor that makes it so melodies is the use of vigorous vowels. All the vowels are prolonged and pronounced with a gusto that gives them a musical quality.

Italian is now one of the most learned and taught languages in the world. Its popularity continues to increase due to the rising stature of Italy in international politics. It is also a popular language with academicians who want to study the ancient literature and works. It is popular among lovers and romantics who want to express their love in the loveliest language. Thus the translators, teachers and interpreters are always in demand so are translation services in Bangalore.

Which is the most dubbed movie in the world?

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Where once movies used to have subtitles in every screen, today their focus is on having a dubbed version for different country. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, industries are trying their best to reach various markets to gather as much money as possible. Behind this trend is the rapidly growing style of Hollywood which makes it harder for the audience to read at the bottom of the screen and follow the expressions. The provider started demanding for a dubbed version of the film making it easier for them to understand.

Bahubali being the most expensive film in the world was a Telegu film. This film had being dubbed to enter a large market, keeping the special effects and performances same. As only a particular South India part could have understood the language and the makers couldn’t have made that much money to cover their costs. Thus, to became important to dub it in other languages and present to a larger mass. The worldwide gross had crossed Rs 300 crore in the first week itself. It had been dubbed in various languages including Kannada, Tamil and many more.

It is one of the biggest dubbed films from the down South and had competed with the biggest grossers in the international markets. If it wasn’t dubbed, it was impossible to garner that amount within India. Thus it is very important to take care of the masses and provide them with what they require. The Hindi version is yet to hit the markets and encash more.

Leading Translation Services in Bangalore

Bahubali and Translation Services in Bangalore

Directed by SS Rajamouli, Bahubali was made with epic visuals and its sword and sandal genre film had generated a lot of buzz in North India as well. This 5 hour long movie had to be divided in two parts and the last part is all set to release this year with many languages’. This most expensive Telegu movie is yet to be dubbed in Malayalam and Hindi. The Tamil version was out last year and did a very good job. This is the widest dubbed movie in terms of screen count and the first Indian film that will transcend regional boundaries. There are many translation services in Bangalore that help in providing quality translation.

Dubbed versions are becoming increasingly popular not only among the family oriented films but also live actions movies. For example, the first and second installment of Mission impossible series did come out with subtitles but they made sure that they get the third installment had dubbings they had 25% of the third one being dubbed and 44% of the fourth being dubbed.

A key factor behind having the dubbed version is related to the way Hollywood movies are being shot. Rapid succession of footage makes it difficult for the audiences to catch up with the subtitles. It becomes harder mainly in 3D movies. Movies that are made in Japan, have made it a norm to dub and make it available in Italy, France and other countries. This not only makes them to earn more but also open markets to enter. The cost is not an issue when it comes to dubbing. It is considered as a standard practice to do this when they make the DVD’s available. There are many translation services in Bangalore, India that do a great job in providing Dubbing services.


5 Interesting Facts of Chinese Language which you must know

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China is fast becoming the global superpower. Due to its huge manpower and large area, China is set to rule the world of economics and trade soon. No wonder people from various nations, including India are planning to learn Chinese. For translation services in Bangalore the demand of Chinese experts are huge. and other cities.  Let us now look at 5 interesting facts about Chinese language.


Chinese? What’s that-Even though Chinese is becoming popular in the world rapidly many Western and Eastern nations still do not know much about it. Not many people know that Chinese is an umbrella term and there is no one Chinese language per se. Mandarin, Putonghua, Minnan, Cantonese etc are all considered to be Chinese language. However, the most spoken and the most prominent of these is Mandarin.

Mandarin is the official language of China. It is also one of the four official languages of Singapore and is one of the six official languages of UN as well. It is also widely spoken in Taiwan and Malaysia as well as the various Chinatowns across the world. According to an estimate, more than 1 billion people speak Mandarin all over the world.

# 2-

The a,b,c of it-What makes Mandarin an interesting language is that it has no alphabet. It is written with symbols known as Chinese symbols. There are two major forms of these characters- traditional and simple. Traditional characters are used in Taiwan, Macau etc. while simple characters are used prominently in China. These characters can be written in any direction- left to right, right to left or top to bottom. This makes the script extremely versatile.


Too many to count-Another interesting fact about the character is their sheer number. It is estimated that currently there are more than 10000 Chinese characters in use. Many new characters are being developed continuously and thus the number of Chinese characters is ever increasing.

Top Quality Translation services in Bangalore

Chinese Language and translation services in Bangalore


Roman Chinese-Mandarin has another writing system which is known as Pinyin. In Pinyin Mandarin characters are written in Roman alphabet. Pinyin is ‘spelled sound’. It is often used in various Chinese teaching institutes all over the world. Many street names, signboards etc. in China as well as Taiwan are written in Pinyin. Pinyin is also helpful to understand the different tones of Mandarin.


Hear it Right-Mandarin has four tones due to which a word can mean four different things. This is supposed to be the most difficult aspect of the Mandarin language due to which it is considered to be one of the most complex languages. The tones are marked with tone marks in pinyin which enables easy understanding.

If tone is conquered, Mandarin can be learned with ease due to its easy grammatical system. Mandarin has no conjugate verbs, no verb tenses and no concept of number. It also does not have gender specific nouns. Many people have successfully conquered the tone problem of Mandarin. Such people often work at translation services such as translation services in Bangalore and various other cities.