5 Languages That May Become Useful In The Future

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5 Languages That May Become Useful In The Future

Language learning has become essential for not only students but also for the growth of countries. Take a glance at Singapore where the government is subsidizing companies to help their key personnel learn Mandarin, in order to take advantage of China’s economic growth and potential. Over 900 million people speak Mandarin. In many parts of South East Asia, knowledge of Mandarin is a definite advantage.

Many people still assume that knowing English being a global language, is enough for qualifying into universities or multinational companies. This remains untrue as the following are the most common languages that one needs to learn. Some companies providing Translation services in Mumbai, India are expert in these languages.

Translation Services in Mumbai

Translation services in Mumbai

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  1. Mandarin

China Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world. With over 995 people, speak Mandarin as their native language. The demand for Mandarin speakers will only grow in the years to come, as China nudges the United States out of the top spot as the nation with the world’s largest GDP. It can also become one the most important languages of the UK.

  1. Arabic

Arabic is not only a must in the Middle East but also in other countries of the world. Due to the political, economic and potential benefits, Arabic has become one of the most important languages of the British Council. Professionally your future will be safe whether it  is in a private or public sector due to the Arabic speaking world’s relationship with the West.

  1. Spanish

With over 405 million native speakers, Spanish has become the second most commonly spoken language. Spanish learning opens doors or job opportunities in Spain, Latin America and even the United States. As per the British Council reports, 34% of UK businesses claim that Spanish was “useful to their organisation.”

  1. Russian

Russian is the eighth most common language in the world with over 155 million speakers. With its already formidable economy, it will beat Germany by 2030. With over more than half of its population is filled with wealthy people who provide great business opportunities. They are not well-versed with speaking English and thus knowing Russia in order to enter will offer great scope of business. Russian language skills are likely to remain useful and in demand in the near future. Trade, diplomacy and education are few such key areas where business can be held given that Russian language is known to you.

  1. French

French is another language that is spoken by 74 million people in France. Given that it is currently not as prevalent as it was but it will still remain as one of the most spoken languages in the UK.  France is and will remain one of the United Kingdom’s most important trade partners. Thus, French language skills will help establish business and job opportunities if one is well-versed with that language.

Given that English being a global language helps us to converse in many countries, but in the near future these additional languages will help to grow as it offers business and job opportunities. This will also have an impact on the translation services in Mumbai, India as many documents will be translated more in the above languages.

How to start thinking in a new language?

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Working in your native language is very easy due to the personal touch you have. It has its own benefits when compared to a foreign language. You are much familiar with the words, grammar, tense, gender and much more. The flow and ease at which you can speak your native language cannot be expressed.

When it comes to translation into a target language it becomes very difficult due to non-familiarization into the field. The discomfort you go through especially during the early stages makes things difficult. Translation services in Mumbai, India are familiar with more than 100 languages. They have expert professionals in every field that do the job for you. If you are willing to learn a foreign language professionally or for personal growth you must start thinking in the same.

Vocabulary and grammar are few such things that starters need to grasp well. Forcing the brain t think in the same language is one of the best ways to train yourself and become an expert in the foreign language. This will also help activate the newly-acquired information by giving you a real-life use for it. This process helps in speeding up your passive to active transition. The words that are stored in the verbal memory gets transformed once you start forming a sentence to it and add a complete meaning to the picture.

Translation Services in Mumbai

Translation Services in Mumbai

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  1. Once a beginner has reached an intermediate level, it is essential to create a language bubble around yourself. This will help you form sentences out of the bits and pieces and try to complete the picture.
  2. Making a conscious effort to describe things in the foreign language will help you grow faster. Check out for the things nearest to you and try to learn new words everyday. Start with small words and then start building sentences once you have developed a bundle of words in the new language. Go from word to word and then start forming short sentences.
  3. Listen to the music in the foreign language over and over. It’s an excellent way to condition your mind to start thinking in another language.
  4. Try to devote at least half an hour every day where you only think in your target language.

Speaking in a foreign language opens doors in various fields. Translation services in Mumbai, India is one such place where you will find tremendous scope. Speaking in a different language that you are not familiar with is difficult but to focus and to train your mind is all that it requires. The reason why training yourself to think in your target language is so important is that it will rapidly speed up its shift from being a slow, strictly controlled process to more fluid and automatic. Your goal here is to make thinking in your target language an automatic, natural reflex which will ultimately do the same for your speaking.

Why Marketing and Advertising Companies Need Quality Translations?

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Due to majority of the companies growing global, it is essential to make good quality translations in both advertising and marketing firms. Many countries make it essential to out down the ingredients, quantity of every product in their native language so that their local people can understand. English alone will not do the job from now on. Multilingualism is given in every global market and making translation a key aspect is essential for marketing and advertising firms.

Marketing and advertising both play an important role in promoting a product. Utilizing the translation services to the fullest becomes quite critical. Companies need to find out ways to make good use of their translation services. Quality translation is important in those fields due to the following reasons:

You must have come across various advertisements that have been translated into different languages keeping the content and lead pairs the same. In such a case, translating word to word won’t help much. Advertisement agencies need to add a personal touch of the country’s culture, traditions and idolisms working with the translation services in Mumbai, India. A good knowledge about the culture is an absolute essential. One wrong word can lead to massive failure of the entire message. This localization process will make sure that the message of the marketing campaign has been conveyedwell.Thus it is vital for companies to choose a right translation service that are well versed with the target market and country’s culture.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

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Quality translation is essential for building marketing strategies as well. Translation services in Mumbai, India can help you determine the ideal market for your product, and they can translate your advertising and marketing content into the target language which will help you reach the widest audience.

Quality translation services is vital for community involvement, media planning, product distribution and much more. They help to create a buzz around your product or service by engaging with the community to which you are directing your efforts.

Good translation services help to offer accurate translation as per the country’s specifies and culture. The press releases, marketing materials can be altered as per the need. The creativity of the translators along with the advertisement agencies need to work well so that your message in a foreign language is clearly comprehensible.

A good translation service is as essential as your advertisement agencies. A company that gets its communication strategy wrong endangers its own prosperity. A place where a single message has to be conveyed across the globe, the translator has to work in such a way that the every recipient understands the same. Recent marketing studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy something when they can ask and find out about it in their own language. Hence a good communication strategy is very essential. Even more important is to find a good foreign-language communication strategy.

How a great Translation company choose their translators?

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Translating from a foreign language has become an important aspect in every field. An increasing number of companies are working with partners to get their legal or business related documents translated in case of expansion. Below are some essential points which a Translation company need from their translators.

Translators’ Target Language-

When a translation document is done by a translator who is a native speaker of the target language, the result is a high-quality, natural text representation. Sometimes a Japanese translator is required to provide a deeper understanding of the Japanese source text. So while choosing a translator, companies keep in mind their native language and the learnt one.

Field of interest-

The translators’ field of specialization is another factor that translation agencies look for while choosing a translator.  Few might specialize in pharmaceuticals while others might specialize in fields like legal translations, education or work related documents, books etc. as per the field of specialization of the translator, he will be hired by the company.In such a case, translation services in Bangalore, India keep in mind few factors before hiring a translator for their organization.

Style of Translation-

A document can be translated into different styles. It all varies from person to person. Some translators are better at making the translations more that are easier to read, while others translate as faithfully to the source text as they can. According to thecompany’s requirements, they consider the style they want for translation and what purpose the translated text has to serve in order to choose the best translator for the task.

Translation services in Bangalore, India

Translation services in Bangalore

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Good Communicator –

A translator needs to be a good communicator who is an experienced and qualified professionaland can guarantee confidentiality accuracy and efficiency towards the original text. His thoughts need to be clear as it will reflect in the work he represents. For example, a legal translator may not equally good in translating other documents like book, poem or medical documents.


Professional translator will help keeping the documents confidential. For all the legal or personal documents, you can trust on him. The trust factor needs to be built by the translator so that the translation services in Bangalore, India can hand over the confidential documents. The outcome will be different when it comes to working with a mere translator and with a professional certified one. Timely delivery is yet another aspect that companies get when hired a professional translator.

Cultural Knowledge-

Translators need to be familiar with the cultural knowledge of the language they are writing in.  For instance, a document translated into French may be suitable for France but not Canada due to differences in the language and terminology standards. Translation services look into these minor details as well before hiring a translator.

When translators are hired by the company, it is essential to list out that all the requirements that they have. In other words, with clear requirements, translators will be able to perform better when every detail is been properly conveyed.

Future of Foreign Language Learning

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According to the Asia Society, Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world, and is expected to top English in the widely used languages in the world.

On another front, Arabic is the fastest growing spoken language of study at U.S. colleges and universities. Apart from middle East, U.S, schools and universities also promote Arabic as ther second language.

Second and third language become important in schools

Foreign language has become compulsory in every school. It is been a decade that schools started emphasizing on learning a third language. Foreign language learning is not only an added skill set to the kid but also helps in building future. Translation services in Mumbai, India and few such fields are good examples where students can set a mark on.

Schools have made two foreign languages compulsory for students. Their preference on other languages apart from English shows the future of learning other languages.

Machine Translation in future

Google translate looked funny few years back and now it has evolved so much that we see many firms using that. This Google translate helps you translate words and sentences into various languages on the go.In spite of the fact that it can never be at par with the human translators, but it can become a medium to learn foreign languages and make lives easier. They will also be of a great help to the professional translators.


Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

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Language as a Career

Language that we take up as a second language in school gets restricted to school. We never think of taking that to an integrate level. Second language can add to your skill set and can become an asset for job search. This additional language will uplift your skill set and give you more job opportunities within and outside India. With companies seeking to hire employees with wide skill set, additional language will only become an asset.

Brain Development

It has been scientifically demonstrated that learning foreign languages has a good impact on our brain. The change in structure and the function makes our brain work more efficiently. This can also be a reason for a person to learn a second language. However, it doesn’t concern those who are passionate about every new language they learn and feel happy being a multilingual person.

Foreign language learning has a good future in terms of knowledge and career. Translation services in Mumbai, India and many other companies have acknowledged the importance of the ability to speak foreign languages. They created the necessary legal framework and made the financial resources available for fostering language education, whilst paying heed to the advice of foreign language experts.

In future, learning additional languages will become a necessity rather than an option. Briefly put, the secret of the future lies in the intertwining of language learning and individual interests in an effort to achieve their common goals.

Which are Top 5 Software’s for Subtitling?

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Subtitles are captions found underneath any object that enables non-speaker to understand the speech of the characters. This helps in reaching mass audience and is not restricted to native speakers. Subtitling software’s enables a deaf person to understand what is going on in the screen. Subtitles aren’t done manually but software’s that makes work easier.

Subtitles are commonly found in TV programs, movies. Translation services in Mumbai, India also make use of few such software’s for their clients. Most of the formats supported by subtitles are text based and denoted by extention .txt. You can find multiple software’s for subtitling making. We have selected few best ones for you.

  1. Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is one of the efficient software’s that enables to create, adjust, synchronize and translate the subtitle line by line. With this freeware programyou can readjust subtitle if it is not synchronized and make new subtitles from the timeline or waveform. You get to work on 170+ subtitle formats. This program works in 30 languages.

  1. Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle workshop is another software that supports converting between, creating, opening, editing, and saving over 60 subtitle formats via the Subtitle API library, as well as saving subtitles in a custom user-defined file format. It is user-friendly and its multi-language interface helps to customize as per your requirement. With its vast array of tools, you can function automatic timing and text manipulations. This includes smart line adjusting, spell check, FPS conversion, auto duration and many more.

Translation Services in Mumbai,India

Translation Services in Mumbai,India

  1. DivX Subtitles

DivX Subtitles is an easy to use software apt for subtitles for DivX movies. Subtitle files are available in 46 languages and in 9 different formats including sub, srt, txt, and ssa. With the date of release, movie title, language used and its up loader, this software makes it easy for you to choose the best subtitles. It works in accordance to Getsubtitle.com databse and searches the specific file.

  1. DivX and Media Subtitler

DivXLand Media Subtitler is the best one to create, edit or fix external subtitle files. It works well for all types of video. It is suitable to create subtitle from plain text files. It is designed to assist you with multiple subtitling modes, spelling check, automatic caption timing and many more. This program supports formats like JACOSub 2.7, Adobe Encore, Subviewer 2.0, ZeroG, SAMI, DKS, OVR Script, FAB Subtitler and more.

  1. Subtitle Creator

Subtitle Creator is a powerful software that fits all your subtitle needs. It is handy and easy to use. With its well advanced interface and harmonization features, it has become one of the most powerful subtitle editors. Its outstanding feature is the WYSIWYG editor which allows one to preview DVD’s. One can overlay subtitles on top of DVD’s with the help of its built in wizard. It features DVD Authoring Wizard tool that puts together MuxMan, PgcDemux and VobBlanker in order to add subtitles automaticallywithout losing the originality of the DVD menu.

All the software’s aren’t easy to use. They need technical training as they become useful only when they are aligned with the scene. Due to numerous software’s, creating subtitles have become handy. Translation services in Mumbai, India use such software’s to edit or create subtitles.

Top 10 Translated Authors of all times

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Whether it is for children, teens or adults, there is a book for all. Very few become so popular that every person wants to read irrespective of the nation or region they live. There are few such authors that have evolved and spread their thoughts across the boundaries with the help of translation.

  1. Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is a short story writer, novelist and a playwright. She is well known for her detective novels that keep the readers gripped. They evolve around the investigative work of the fictional story with characters like Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple. She also wrote the world’s longest-running play, murder mystery which was popularly known as Mousetrap. It has been translated into 7233 languages. Her well known translated works includes Murder on the Orient Express, And Then There Were None.

  1. Jules Verne

Verne was best known for his adventure novels. His main genre of writing remained Science fiction. He was a French novelist, poet, and playwright with his profound influence being on the literary genre which made over  4,781 translations from French. His famous work includes Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in Eighty Days.

  1. William Shakespeare

Everyone is familiar with Shakespeare poems and drama. These drama emerged from his stories and recently TV shows are also been played based on his fictional stories.
He was an English poet, actor and a playwright. He is regarded as the greatest writer of all times who had a good command over English. This England’s national poet has over 4,281 translations from English. His notable works includes Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest and many more.

  1. Enid Blyton

Blyton was an English writer most famous among the kids. She also wrote under the pseudonym of Mary Pollock. Her famous work includes The Famous Five, Noddy and many more. She was one of the most famous storytellers of the 20th century. She has over 3,921 translations been made from English. Translation services in Mumbai plays a very important role in order to reach to a mass audience.

  1. Barbara Cartland

Barbara was famous for her romantic novels and has even been awarded as the bestselling authors. She was commercially successful worldwide during the 20th century. Her work is been translated into 3628 translations from English. A Sword to the Heart, Fascination in France remains to be her few famous works.

Translation services in Mumbai

translation services in Mumbai, India

  1. Danielle Steel 

Steel is an American novelist and is been awarded as the best selling author with over more than 800 million copies been sold. His romantic genre novels are very famous worldwide. He has over3,592 translations been made from English. Safe Harbor, A Perfect Stranger are few of his notable works.

  1. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Vladimir was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician, and political theorist. This had a great influence on his writing as his work reflects this passion. Political theory was his genre and has his work been translated into 3,520 translations from Russian. Notable translated works includes What is to be done?, The Right of Nations to Self-Determination are few of them.

8. Hans Christian Anderson
Hans is a prolific writer and very famous among children. His fairy tales are best remembered among the children. Andersen’s popularity is not limited to children; his stories express themes that transcend age and nationality.

Andersen’s fairy tales have been translated into more than 125 languages and have become culturally embedded in the West’s collective consciousness. Some of his most famous fairy tales include “The Ugly Duckling”, “The nightingale”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “The Snow Queen”, “The Little Mermaid” and many more. All these are been translated into 3354 languages from Danish.

  1. Stephen King

When it comes to horror and suspense, nobody does it better than Stephen. An American author of science fiction, fantasy mixed with suspense keeps the reader gripped throughout the story. The Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, are few of his famous novels written by Richard Bachman which remains to be pen name. His work is been translated into 3,354 translations from English.

  1. Jacob Grimm

Grimm is well known for his fairy tales first published under the name of Grimm brothers. His collection of fairytales are commonly known as Grimm’s Fairy tales. His work is been translated from German into 2,976 translations.  “Snow White,” “Hansel and Gretel” are very famous.

Books have been translated into various languages in order to reach mass audience. To do so, there are many translation services in Mumbai, India who do a very good job. Whether its translation of books, documents or web pages, everything can be done.

Top 5 most Translated books in the world.

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Books whether fictional or non-fictional, requires translation in order to reach to a mass audience. These services help to translate books that help reach a mass audience. There are a lot of books in the world, but not all of them catch the attention of the readers and even fewer get translated.

  1. Religious books

Bible is one book that is been translated into 2,883 languages. Its New Testament has been translated into 1,329 languages. The Old and New together is been translated into 531 languages. Bible is one of the most read and sold religious books in the world. It has touched an estimated sale of 100 million copies annually. Bible is a collection of ancient religious texts and is considered to be the word of God in both Christianity and Judaism.

Other religious books also feature on the list of the world’s most translated publications. Their publication, Listen to God and Live Forever, has been translated into 583 languages in total.  Quaran is also one of the most translated book of all times.

  1. Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

Apart from religion, children’s tale like Pinocchio features on the most translated books. It is the most famous work of a French Aristocrat, poet, writer and a pioneering aviator.

The Little Prince is another children’s tale that has been translated into 253 languages since its publication in 1943. It has been selling two million copies worldwide annually. This tale talks about the encounter of an aspiring painter and a little prince he comes across in a very unnatural way.

Translation services in Mumbai, India

Translation services in Mumbai, India

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  1. Twenty thousand Leagues under the Sea by Jules Verne

When it comes to the top 5 literary works, this one is sure to be on the list. A French naturalist Dr. Aronnax emrbarks on an expedition to haunt a sea monster. Together Nemo and Aronnax explore the underwater marvels. It has been translated into 148 languages since it was first published in serial format in 1869-1870. This adventure tale has struck a chord with readers around the world ever since its publication.  There are many translation services in Mumbai that do a professional job

  1. Harry Potter series

This series is sure to be on the list. Eery reader is familiar with the popular series of Harry Potter. After the success of the movie worldwide, books were in great demand and thus needed translation. This series of seven fantasy novels talks about the adventures of a young wizard, Harry Potter, along with his close friends. These stories follow the young wizard’s journey to overcome the dark lord, Voldemort, who aims to conquer the wizarding world, and would destroy those who stand in his way.

J.K. Rowling wrote his first partin 1997. Since its release it has sold millions of copies worldwide and is been translated into 67 languages.

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is another tale that many children are fascinated about. This tale is about a young girl Alice who falls down a rabbit hole, while chasing after a white rabbit in a waistcoat. Alice ends up falling in a fantasy world called ‘Wonderland’ which is populated by some peculiar creatures like March Hare and the Mad Hatter. This tale plays with logic giving it popularity with both adults and children alike.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson novel has been translated into 97 languages.

Translation services in Mumbai help translate these good books. Apart from these there are many regional and non-fictional books that are been translated worldwide.

Top 10 Reasons to learn Spanish Language.

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Language learning can always become your asset when learnt. It not only adds to your personal skills but also helps you grow as an individual.. Mexico, South or Central America or Spain are few such countries where Spanish will definitely help. If you are keen on learning any additional language, then here are the top 10 reasons for adding Spanish to your language skills.

  1. Communicate with 350 million Spanish speakers.

Spanish is been spoken by at least an estimated 350 million people around the world. It’s thefourth most commonly spoken language in the world. Geographically, a large number of countries have Spanish as a dominant language. This includes Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Cuba, Panama, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and the United States. Knowing Spanish opens the door for you to communicate with 1/3 of a billion speakers worldwide.

  1. Job openings

Learning a language will always be beneficial in terms of personal and professional growth. If you choose to learn Spanish, you will be bilingual. This will open new opportunities in terms of career. You will get better and a wider choice of job offerings when searching for a new job.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Spanish Language & Translation Services in Mumbai, India

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  1. Know the Spanish culture

Learning Spanish will grant you the opportunity to keep up with the Spanish culture. It will keep you updated with the current events and the latest happenings in Spanish speaking countries.

  1. Studying other languages

Spanish will also help one learn the basics of other languages. Latin based languages like Italian and French will become easier to understand and learn as they follow the same base. German and Russian learning also becomes easier as they have Indo-European origins with some traits that exist in Spanish language. Spanish is one such language that many translation services in Mumbai, India deal with

  1. This language has a bright future

As mentioned that it’s the fourth most spoken language in the world. In future, it shows no signs to reduce. Its growing popularity will always become an additional advantage. With the number of speakers increasing every year, shows that it will continue to rise in the future.

  1. Easy to grasp

Compared to many other languages, Spanish is straight forward for an English speaker which makes it easy to learn. You need not learn new alphabets altogether and pays less emphasis on the tone.

  1. Helps improve your grasp of the first language

A second language learning will help you have a better grasp of your first language. Acquiring a second language helps a person to think carefully about linguistic theory, or ‘the rules’.

  1. Better business

If you are visiting Mexico, Spain or any such country, then communication becomes very easy. To live, work or to spend a retired life, Spanish language will help you communicate in many countries.

  1. Traveling becomes easier

As Spanish is been spoken in many countries, thus this language will help you communicate in other countries while you travel. You won’t face the language difficulty during your abroad travel.

  1. Spanish learning helps to improve knowledge of your own language.

Spanish has its roots from Latin and English also has its few words from Latin origin. Due to this, Spanish learning will help English speakers broaden their vocabulary in their native language. Many a times, you will find that the Latin roots are te base of many English words which makes Spanish learners easy to grasp English.

Spanish language will help you in future whether it’s for business or leisure. Translation services in Mumbai, India help you with all the documentation work. These services might also help you with language learning.

Will English dominate Europe after Brexit?

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“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” Goethe

After Brexit, there are various things that might change in the EU and one of them is language. Language will always be an essential issue as it represents culture and identity of a country. English is considered as one of the most widely spoken language in the world as it is been communicated in every country of the world. It is said that France has lost its battle to promote French globally and German President is arguing to make an English-speaking Europe.

The five most widely spoken foreign languages include English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese among which English tops the list. Studies show that people in Luxembourg, Latvia, the Netherlands, Malta, Slovenia and Lithuania and Sweden are able to speak at least one language in addition to their mother tongue. This increases the possibility of learning English as an important subject in many schools in Europe. Currently, almost all schools in Europe are teaching English as a compulsory subject.

English dominates among the three working languages of the EU. Apart from French and German, English is one such language that is commonly used in EU. This could be the result of the various enlargements the bloc has undergone. Most of the countries have agreed to the bloc and use English as their second language. But despite this, it is unlikely to scrap English as it is also the official language of Ireland and Malta which remains to be a member of EU.

translation services in Bangalore

Will English dominate the Europe after Brexit and translation services in Bangalore

Image Courtesy: Peter Schrank and The Economist

English is one of the most popular foreign languages in all five European countries. Whilst there are 24 official languages in the EU, studies suggest that almost 40% of Europeans speak English as a foreign language (excluding the 13% that speak it as a mother tongue). This accounts up to four times as many foreign language speakers and is the next popular language in Europe, French and German. Given this, English is only growing increasingly more dominant, not just in Europe but around the world. This could be one strong reason for making English as the dominant language of Europe. Not only EU but also in Asia English is the language of trade and commerce. In India many companies requires quality translation services in Bangalore which is very important for the business.

As per the official EU language policy, it gives multilingualism equal rights for all the languages used in member states. It recommends that every European citizen should master two other languages in addition to their mother tongue.

The preponderance of English has been there since the beginning. Being this as a universal language, and popularly spoken by the members of EU has contributed to this major change in the education system. Historically, the expansion of the British empire, the impact of the Industrial Revolution, and the emergence of the US as a world power have embedded English in the language repertoire of speakers across the globe.

Any changes to the EU’s language regime would definitely come with huge added costs. This includes the 1% translation cost to the annual budget. Adding a different working language or altering the language combinations would result in additional recruitment and will take years to organize. For now only time will tell the linguistic future of Europe because diversity is one of the biggest thing offered by Europe. In India, Translation services in Bangalore would also be affected with this change.