Italian: A musical gift to the world of the languages

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Italian is one of the most popular languages of Europe. It is one of the Romance languages. Apart from Italy it is also the official language of Switzerland, Vatican City, and Western Istria. It is also one of the official languages of the European Union. Italian is also spoken in countries like France, Australia, Brazil, etc. The total number of Italian speakers all over the world are around 85 million.

  History and origin: Like many other languages Italian is also derived from Latin. It was first used in a legal document regarding a dispute over land ownership between southern Italian monasteries. These documents are known as the Placiti Cassinesi. Dante Alighieri, a well known poet wrote one of his most famous works The Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia) in Tuscan dialect which forms the basis of the modern day Italian. Hence, Dante is rightly known as the “father of the Italian language”. Francesco Petrarcha, another well known poet, played an important role in the Tuscan dialect becoming the national language of Italy. In 1861 Italy became a unified nation and adopted the Tuscan Italian as its national language.

   Why is Italian known as a musical language?  Italian is a language that has a powerful influence on the musical world. Musical notation gained an important place in the world since the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Most of the musicians and composers of this period were Italian and hence Italian became a standard language for the musicians around the world. Some of the most popular musical terms like crescendo, forte, soprano, alto and a tempo are all Italian terms. Besides, one of the most popular genres of music: The Opera is a gift of the Italian language. Most of the masterpieces of Mozart, a famous music composer are in Italian.

Furthermore, the presence of the double consonants in the language makes it more rhythmic and musical. The knowledge of Italian also helps you to enjoy and understand the classical music better. Also, many of the musicians consider the knowledge of Italian language as a key professional skill.  Italian hence is known as a musical language.

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Translation services in Mumbai

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 Did you know that Italian consists of only 21 alphabets? The alphabets j, k, w, x and y do not exist in the language. The words containing either of these letters are borrowed from some other languages.

Spanish, French and Portuguese are some of the languages that are similar to Italian. The lexical similarity between Italian and French is almost 89%. Also the French grammar and the Italian grammar are almost the same. Along with French, Spanish also has some similarities with Italian.

The Italian culture is one of the most popular cultures in today’s world. Besides Italy is also one of the top 10 economies in the world. Italian is also one of the commonly used languages in Europe. Italian is considered as a key language in the fields of art history, literature, archaeology and philosophy.   Hence, learning Italian would be of great advantage to all the language lovers.

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Which is the Most Translated India Book?

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My serendipitous encounter with Valluvar’s chef d’oeuvre Thirukkural resurfaced the germinating thoughts of simple living, sown by my mother in my childhood. In case, some of you are wondering what is Thirukkural let me elucidate.

Thirukkural or popularly known as the Kural, is a classic Tamil literary treatise comprising of 1330 couplets or Kurals, illustrating the significance of weaves of ethics and morality in the daily fabric of life. It is considered as one of the greatest works ever written on ethics and morality, primarily secular ethics, celebrated for its global appeal and unbiased views. Translated into 83 world languages including French, German, Japanese, Latin, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and English, it is one of the most translated non-religious literary compilation in the world.

It is said to have been brought to light sometime between the third and first century BC. The Kural text was unknown for close to two millennial. The first translation of the text appeared in Malyalam. Its unpublished manuscript remained in a cryptic version, until it was reported by the Annual Report of the Cochin Archaeological Department.

It took another three centuries before any translation was published in Malyalam. The compilation enjoys such a global appeal and acceptance that although it was written in India, all religious groups in India and abroad including Christianity claim it to be a work inspired by their moral foundations. The Christian Missionaries who arrived in India during the colonial era, drew semblance between their moral foundations.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai

The Christian Missionaries who arrived in India during the colonial era, drew semblance between their ideals and the thoughts detailed in the Kural, thus, marking a beginning of translations of the Kural text. Many scholars have translated Thirukkural in English, and the first was done by G.U.Pope.

The Thirukkural is an amalgamation of “Thiru” and “Kural”. “Kural” denotes the short length of its verses, and “Thiru” signifies its sanctity. The Thirukkural is divided into 133 chapters, each containing 10 couplets. The chapters are further grouped into 3 sections:

I ) Aram( Dharma) dealing with righteousness.

II) Porul (Artha) dealing with material world.

III) Inbam(Karma) dealing with love.

The universal reverence for the treatise, made me very inquisitive to explore the lofty wisdom of the text. Although, I could read only a few chapters from part I and II, it was easy to observe, why the couplets have been hailed by contemporary poets as a mustard seed which has seven seas of knowledge inlaid in it. Tiruvalluvar, the author, has diagnosed the intricacies of human behavior and psychology through such elementary and insightful depth, that it captures all the peaks and valleys encountered in the lives of individuals of the modern era.

His recipes for an enriching life, hover on godliness, ethics, morality, and humanness. They are clever and practical to implement, transcending borders of caste, age or nationality. The thoughts are simple yet profound, cooking a perfect platter to savour and satisfy our souls. By: TransLang Ways, we provide quality translation services in Mumbai and other parts of India.

Do you know Top 5 Dialects of German Language?

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German is spoken by over more than 120 million people around the world. Over 8 countries have German as their language. German is a pluricentric language with their main usage in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. There are many dialects in German that can be traced with different Germanic tribes. Many German dialects are considered as a separate language, however they are still a dialect. Here is a list of Top 5 German Language Dialect.

  1. Frisian or Friesisch Dialect

This dialect is spoken by 500000 Frisian people living in northern regions of Germany along the coasts of the North Sea. Along the borders of Denmark also you can find this dialect. Modern English and Frisian are not intelligible due to the foreign influences. The three Frisian languages are been influenced by Dutch, Danish and Low German. They also share linguistic characteristics between Friesland and Great Yarmouth.

  1. Mitteldeutsch or Middle German

The middle German dialect goes through the whole of Germany stretching out to Poland in the east and also taking Schlesien. It is a predominant language in Northern Germany. This predominance changed in the 16th century. The Early New High German language gained more prestige and became the language of science and literature.

Translation Services in Mumbai, Translangways

Translation Services in Mumbai, India, Translangways

Image Courtsey: germanculture

  1. Niederdeutsch or Low German/Plattdeutsch

Low German is a dialect language but some do consider this as a separate language. Low Franconian and Low German is grouped together as they did not participate in the High German consonant shift. This again has further divisions including Dutch Low Saxon, West Low German and East Low German. This language has its existence in the Dutch border and goes till the German territories of East Pommerania and East Prussia. Low Saxon langauge is still widespread especially among the Northern parts of Germany. The older people in North Germany can still understand and speak but younger generation are unable to understand the dialects. 

  1. Fränkisch or Frankish

Frankish was the West Germanic language spoken by Franks between 4th and 8th century. This poorly attested language gave rise to loanwords in Old French. It has a significant influence on the Romance language which is spoken in Gaul. Franconian dialect is still spoken in lower countries including Belgium and Netherlands. Other versions like Rhine Frankish and South Frankish are still spoken along the river Rhine.

  1. Alemannisch or Alemanni

Alemannisch is a group of upper German branch. It is mostly spoken along the river Rhine and in the north of Switzerland. It also further stretches up to the north Basel and goes on till Freiburg. Even in the city of Kalsruche in Germany this dialect is spoken. It has more characteristics of standard German.

There are many such dialects in German language that are still been followed in small countries. A good translation company providing Translation services in Mumbai should take care of these dialects and do the translations accordingly.

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Do you know Top 5 dialects in French?

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French is the native language of France. More than 130 million people speak French as their first language. There are multiple languages in France but it has many dialects as well. During the French revolution half of the population spoke only French. Efforts were made to modify the French constitution so that they would have minority languages as well. These attempts were blocked as it would contradict the status of French. There are other languages in French called as patois or dialects.

  1. Belgian French

Belgian French is spoken in Belgian by French communities. The main distinction is among the long and short vowels. They lack /ɥ/pronunciation. The combination of /ɥi/ is replaced by /wi/ and in some situations /ɥ/becomes a vowel /y/. Some words are different from that of other French dialects. They call diner for dejenuer and souper  for diner. The distinction between the vowels /ɛ/ and /ɛː/ is upheld, whereas in France, these two sounds have merged.

  1. Swiss French

Swiss French is another dialect in French mainly spoken in Switzerland called as Romandy. The French language spoken in Switzerland differs a little from the one spoken in France or Belgium. The main difference in Swiss French and French is due to the political and administrative systems between Switzerland and France. They have minor lexical differences. The word canton has a different meaning in each country. Switzerland considers a canton as a constituent state of the Confederation, whereas in France, it is grouping of communes in Belgium.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

  1. Canadian French

The French in Canada has developed its own features. Although in the 19th century it was regarded pure by metropolitan commentators but it started to diverge from Parsian French after 1760. Canadian French has a less lip movement with more of monotonous intonation. /t/ and /d/ shifts to /ts/ /dz/ which speaking in Canadian French.  Nasal vowels lose the nasal element in this dialect.

  1. African French

Many French speakers live in Africa as well. African French is the official language in West Africa. With over 120 million people, it has several sub dialects. For example, the variety of French spoken in Abidjan has borrowed many loanwords from the indigenous language Mandinka. These include une go, which means “girl” or “girlfriend, and un bra-môgô, which is roughly equivalent to “dude”.

  1. Acadian French

Acadian French is a dialect of Canada which is spoken by small minorities of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.  In US, it is spoken in Saint John Valley of northern Aroostook County, Maine. Pronunciation of /r/ is commonly used in rural areas of West France.

There are many dialects in French language which differs from country to country. Pronunciation, vocabulary changes and people do find it little difficult to understand. Based on the country and the dialect they follow, translation services in Mumbai  can do good document translation.

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Do you know top 5 Translated Books from India?

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Translation Services in Mumbai

Indian culture is all about different languages and varied cultures. With wide variety of languages, we  have numerous novelists who showcase their talent through stories in their native language. But, sometimes language can act as a barrier and doesn’t allow the content to reach to the audience. Here translation plays a critical role to make this literature available to large masses. Below is a list of Top 5 Translated Books from India.

  1. Thirukkural (Sacred Couplets)

Thirukkural also called as Kural is a Tamil sangam literature that consists of 1330 couplets that talks about everyday virtues of an individual. This book is one of the most important works in the

Translation Services in Mumbai

Translation Services in Mumbai

history of Tamil language. It is one of the widely translated non-religious books in the world. It has been translated by more than 90 different translators including European and Asian. You can find this book in 40 different languages. Attributed to Thiruvalluvar, the Kural occupies an important place in the literature world.

  1. Isha Upanishad

Isha Upanishad is originally written in Sanskrit and is one of the shortest Upanishads. This Ivsavasya Upanishad proclaims the philosophy of non-dualism in which they declare God to be the sole inhabitant of everything that exists in this world. It is a primary Upanishad and is known into two recensions called as Kanva and Madhyandina. It has over 18 verses depending upon the recension. It is been translated into 64 languages.

  1. Bhagavad Gita

This is a universally acknowledged worlds literary works and is one of the spiritual masterpieces that is been translated into many languages. This has been treasured by American writers from Emerson and Thoreau to T.S. Eliot. With more than 200 translations in English itself, this is one the most translated Indian book. With more than 80 language translations, this book has reached a large mass audience.

  1. Beyond Birth and Death

Originally written by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, this novel discusses whether there is life after death or not. SrilaPrabhupada narrates how soul travels from one body to another. By chanting the name of Sri Krishna will help you reaching Lord Sri Krishna’s ultimate abode. Chanting will help reveal what God is, what one is, how are we conditioned and how can we step out of that conditioning. It is been translated into 51 different languages.

  1. Easy journey to other Planets

Written by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, this book encompasses the systems of sankhya, bhakti and astanga. This publication teaches you an easy way to travel the solar systems. Using subtle and spiritual energy you can travel and see the God’s wonderful creation. This book has been translated in 50 different languages.

There are many other Indian books that have crossed boundaries and reached to million users outside India. The credit goes to the translation services , where qualified translators help in making the novel reach worldwide.

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Do you know Top 5 Dialects of Japanese Language?

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Japanese a language spoken by 125 million people has many dialects (15+) and many of the dialects from the peripheral regions are incomprehensive to speakers from different parts of the country. People staying in isolated islands and mountain villages speak different dialects which have been derived from Old Japanese. Some of the main Dialects are:

  1. Hakata Ben

Hakata Ben is a Japanese dialect spoken in Fukuoka city. This dialect has spread throughout the city and its suburbs nearby. As it is spoken by them so it is also called as Fukuoka Ben dialect. It is spoken in the central district and is also used in television interviews in Fukuoka. This dialect is similar to Hichiku dialects like Saga dialect and Kumamoto dialect. They use to or to as a question.

  1. Osaka-Ben

This dialect is also called as Kansai dialect which is spoken in Kinki region of Japan. The dialects of Osaka and Kyoto are also called Kamigata dialect. As Osaka is the largest city in the region, the speakers gained a lot of exposure in such a way that even the non-Kansai speaker tried to associate the dialect of Osaka with the entire Kansai region. It has been characterised as a more melodic and harsher version of the Standard Japanese.  These speakers usually omit the particles.

Translation services in Mumbai

Translation services in Mumbai, India

Image Courtsey: Japan Travel Mate

  1. Hiroshima Ben

It is also known as Chugoku dialect which is spoken widely in the northwestern Kansai region. Although Kansai dialect uses copula ya, but Chugoku uses ja or da in their words. They also use yoru in the progressive aspect and –toru or –choru in the perfect tense. This has been the most recognisable Japanese dialect. This language is also been used in movies like The Yakuza.

  1. Kyoto Ben

Kyoto Ben dialect is another Japanese dialect which has a rich ancestry. It is seen as the most royal yet polite and relaxed among all the dialects in Kansai region. It has a nonchalant flow and has an easy cadence that gives a very relaxed feeling. Instead of using the precedent te-form, the ta-form is been used. It has its connections with Geisha culture and is considered as feminine and elegant.

  1. Nagoya Ben

This dialect is widely spoken in Nagoya of the Aichi Prefecture. This means that the dialect in the western half of the prefecture is also called as Owari dialect whereas in the eastern half it is a different dialect called as Mikawa dialect. It is, therefore, a mix of the eastern and western Japanese dialects due to its geographical position in Nagoya. The accent is close to the Tokyo language. These translation services in Mumbai provide the quality translation of various dialects of Japanese.

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Top 5 Dialects of Italian Language

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translation services in Mumbai, India

Italian is the first language for over 60 million people and a second language for many others. Known for its non-verbal attributes, they use lots of hand gestures while speaking. There are different dialects in the Italian language. The dialects of modern Italian have their roots in the spoken form of Latin (Vulgar Latin) which was used in the Roman Empire. Let’s read some of the well-known dialects of Italian Language.


Neapolitan is a Romance language which is spoken in South Italy. It is mainly spoken in and around Naples. It has been developed from Vulgar Latin and is influenced by Oscan and Greek. With over 5 million speakers, it is mainly adopted by people of Naples. The Neapolitan dialect is different from other Italian dialects. It is influenced by Latin.


Venetian dialect is also a Romance language spoken by 2 million people in Venice and its areas around that. Croatia, Trieste, Brazil, Mexico and Slovenia also speak in this dialect. This dialect is influenced by French and Spanish. Venetian eventually gave way to the Tuscan dialect, which became the national language of Italy. One can still find Venetian spoken in Venice, but mostly in informal contexts.

translation services in Mumbai, India

Translation services in Mumbai, India

Tuscan dialect

Tuscan dialect is another version of Italian language which is widely spoken in Tuscany region. Over more than 20 million population have Tuscan dialect as their official language. Florence which is the capital city of Tuscany have people speaking this language. In the sixteenth century, Tuscan came close to modern day Italian language. Over the years, it has lost some letters and changed their spelling.


Silician is one of the strongest dialects among various Italian dialects. It is one of the oldest Romance languages derived from Latin. It is spoken mainly in Sicily called Sicilia in Italian and in some parts of southern Italy like Reggio di Calabria and southern Puglia. This language is derived from Latin, with Greek, Arabic, French, Provençal, German, Catalan and Spanish influences.


Romanesco dialect is spoken by 2 million people in Rome and its surrounding areas. After Rome became the capital city of Italy, it became the widely accepted language in Italy. This dialect is similar to Tuscan dialect.

Italy wasn’t unified until 1861 which is one of the reasons why there are so many dialectical variations in the language. There is a debate as to whether these dialects should be considered as different language altogether. Whatever the case may be, translation services in Mumbai will be able to translate your documents in all these above-mentioned dialects.

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Some Good Dubbed Movies of All Times

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Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Movies are been dubbed into various languages to get an audience of different sectors to watch the movie. This helps the sponsors and the producers to cash in more money if they dub the movie in different languages. But the success of dubbing depends upon the budget of the movie. Dubbing is a difficult task and requires lip synchronisation of the actors with the voice of the translated version.

Every single dialogue needs to be translated into the target language which makes it little more difficult for the translator to create a sync between the sound and the lip movement. There are few movies that have done equally well in the original language and the dubbed version.

  1. Baahubali: The Beginning

The latest to add to the dubbed movie is Baahubali. The conclusion part did equally well in all the versions. Directed by SS Rajamouli, he has made the original version in Telugu which then later got translated into various other languages as it became a must-watch for everyone. The Hindi version did so well that it managed to surpass the collection of the sum total of all the dubbed hits in India over the last 20 years. SS Rajamouli’s film is the biggest dubbed movies from the South that has now set a benchmark for the future releases.

  1. Bombay

Directed by Mani Ratnam, this movie was released in 1995. It talks about the religious tensions and erupting riots that tear the family apart. This movie was the highest dubbed grosser of the South 20 years back. This Tamil film was dubbed in Hindi and Telugu. It was later dubbed into other languages. In the Chennai film industry it was one of the highest grossing films that was even screened at prestigious film festivals like Philadelphia Film Festival in 1996.

  1. Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar has crossed $330 million at the domestic box office. This epic science fiction film has been dubbed into Hindi and Tamil. The film made extensive use of new motion capture filming techniques. The film broke several box office records and became the highest-grossing film of all times.

  1. I

Directed by Shankar, I has been originally produced in Tamil and has made its presence in Hindi audience as well. With Bollywood stars in the movie, it could capture the Hindi speaking audience as well. It has made a good collection in Tamil and a decent collection in the Hindi version.

  1. Vishwaroopam

    Translation Services in Mumbai, India

    Translation Services in Mumbai, India

It is a movie directed and co-produced by Kamal Haasan. He produced simultaneously in Tamil and Hindi with dubbing done in the Telugu language. This spy thriller used new Auro 3D sound technology and crossed 19 crore.

Dubbing the movies help the movie makers to earn more money from the market which they want to target. Dubbing allows to reach a large audience and translation services in Mumbai helps to do so.

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Do you know top 5 Spanish Dialects?

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In every single language, comes different groups that have differences in speech. These dialects are nothing but those groups which can be different in terms of pronunciation, words or expression. Spanish is also one such language that has different dialects. With different continents and epochs, the language changes. This can create challenges for new learners as there are countless linguistically discrete dialects that differ in every country, region and city.

  1. Espanol Caribeno

Caribbean Spanish comes from the Caribbean coasts of Venezuela and Colombia which come through Panama and coastal parts of Central America. This is the most difficult among all. This dialect drops the pronunciation of /s/ sound anywhere other than the beginning of the word. Alphabets or sounds like /r/, /d/, and /b/ are frequently swallowed by the surrounding vowels. Places like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, alphabets are been swapped where /r/ replaces /l/ in the middle of the word.

  1. Espanol Andino

Latin American speak Spanish that is usually very clear. In cities like Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and other parts of Venezuela, Andrean Spanish is often used as the local language. Influenced by European heritage, Spanish is been spoken with a different pronunciation. Andean dialects have their distinctive features like any word ending with –ito is replaced by –ico to make the word sound cute and short.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

translation services in Mumbai, India

About Image: Courtesy: Juan Cabana, The image features a weird Fish found on the coast of Spain. People called it “Devil Fish”. A masterpiece of Juan.

  1. Canarian

Canarain dialect is used in places like the Canary Islands which is influenced by Andalusian Spanish. This dialect resembles the Caribbean Spanish dialect. In this one, the phoneme reduction of pronouncing the sounds /s/ and /z/ alike is a norm. The Canarian Spanish coincides with the Andalusian Spanish. But the pronunciation of /CH/ in Canarian Spanish is different from that of Andalusian. The pronunciation of /s/ is pronounced as /h/.

  1. EspanolIberico

This dialect of Spanish is relatively easy for new learners to adopt. This dialect in Iberian Peninsula is easy to understand as well. Some of its trademark features are the ceceo, often described as a ‘lisp’. It is the way in which the Spaniards pronounce the letter /c/. They even have a harder pronunciation for letter /j/ which resembles Arabic pronunciation.

  1. Rioplatense Spanish

This is yet another dialect spoken widely in Argentina and Uruguay. The predominant difference between this dialect and other Spanish dialects is the intonation of the speakers. The dialect resembles more to Italian than Spanish.

There are many more dialects in Spanish. As you move from region to region, you will notice the difference in language. Majority of the grammar differences in Spanish are between European Spanish and Latin American dialects. Like a word zumo and jugo mean the same, people of different regions mix up the words. Companies providing translation services in Mumbai are experienced with such dialects and work on your documents taking in consideration the country, region and city.

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Check Points While Choosing The Best Document Translation Services In Town

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Translation Services in Mumbai, India

The need for translation is increasing day by day. There are thousands and thousands of people who are looking for translation services. The important documents need to be translated for various reasons. These documents are very important and should be handled carefully. Furthermore, the matter of the document should be translated accurately. The mistakes in the translation process can cause a severe damage. Therefore while looking for translation services a person has to be very careful; and choose one of the best translation services that

Therefore while looking for translation services a person has to be very careful; and choose one of the best translation services that is available in the city. There are many companies that offer flawless services of translation to the clients worldwide. With so many options it is easier to choose one of the best services. While you choose one of the translation services for yourself you need to consider some of the crucial checkpoints.

Therefore while looking for translation services a person has to be very careful; and choose one of the best translation services that is available in the city. There are many companies that offer flawless services of translation to the clients worldwide. With so many options it is easier to choose one of the best services. While you choose one of the translation services for yourself you need to consider some of the crucial checkpoints.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai, India


Follow The Requirement

The first thing that you should look for in the service providers is that they provide the viable translation service which you are looking for. Whether it is the document translation service or whether it is a translation of certificates and other important papers, you have to check out that the appropriate translation company is chosen so that you get the right translation service. You can search for the services in particular city such as document translation service in Mumbai and choose the best one out of the result for translating documents. Similarly, the search can be incorporated for all the requisites.

Check For The Experience In Translation

The experience of the company plays a crucial role. When you choose one of the translation services you should check out the knowledge and the experience of the translation company so that you can be certain that you are in safe hands. The clear perspective is essential so that you hire the right company for your translation requirements.

The experience will tell you how efficient they have been in the past in providing the various translation services. If a person is experienced then the errors are expected to be negligible and the results could be expected to be up to the mark as they are aware of the requisites.

Compare The Prices Of The Translation Services

When you choose the translation services such as document translation service in Mumbai and document services in other cities, you can compare the prices of these companies and check out which one is more affordable one. The translation charges may vary from one document to the other and from one company to the other. Based on your requirement these companies levy the translation charges.

There are many such translation services available in the market. It is difficult to choose one of them. Once you scrutinise these aspects, you would be able to choose one of the translation services effectively. According to your requirement, you can choose the right translation service. Therefore make a note of your requirement first and then based on that search for the translation service so that you can choose the right one for yourself.