Importance of Translation during Wars.

When we think of wars, the first thing that comes to our mind is enemies, weapons, kills and death. No one would ever think of an important aspect of war, which is use of languages and translation. The use of language and translation helps in creating cryptic messages that are vital during the warfare. Translation plays an important role in the victory or defeat of any country during the warzone. The ability to communicate without being misunderstood is vital for success of any army.

Translators are often the vital asset during the wartime. They develop certain codes that are familiar to only the war army. Such complex language structures would be unknown to an untrained ear. The skill full action of any army is entirely dependent on their ability to explain what they mean. In order to avoid this risk, armies have come up with war codes. During the World War 1, role of Chinese translators were required to convey information.

The US army brought in their own language of Choctaws in order to confuse their enemies. This was the first time when code talking was used during the World War I. It proved to be the most essential resource for the US Army during this war. The Choctaw didn’t not use many military terms that were required during the war.

The role of translators became important during the World War II. It came in the eyes of the public during this time with the work that of code breakers that had immortalized into a film, The Imitation Game.  It is associated with breaking the German Enigma code. They also were successful in breaking the complex Lorenz cipher messages that were exchanged between the Nazi regime and army.

In 2010 budget report, the Senate Select committee expressed their concern regarding lack of US personnel who have the necessary skills in speaking and reading the languages of people suspected involved in the terror operation. The people involved in the terror attacks involve their familiarity in languages like Urdu, Pashto and many such languages.

Currently there are lack of good interpreters and translators in the world. You can find good translation services in India, who are also familiar with the languages uses in wars. After the Paris terror attacks, the issue that quickly emerged was not the lack of competent translators and interpreters, who work at the anti-terror agencies. Instead, authorities have been raising the idea of allowing governments to read into encrypted information.

It is wrong to think that translators just work in rooms during the terror attack or war zones. They are equally involved in the battle ground risking their lives. The risk was clearly demonstrated with hundreds of death of language service contractors in Iraq on 2007.

While translators working directly under the government may not be that exposed to terror’s dangers, the bulk of translation service providers who operate as freelancers and contractors serving different governments is gravely exposed to terrorist infiltration and attacks. There are good translation services in India that are extremely fluent to use the language they are specialized in order to quickly detect the possible signs of terror activities.

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