How to think in a Foreign language, A Guide

One of the major aspects of becoming fluent in any language is beginning to think in the language. Language and culture are intertwined and it is impossible to separate language from culture and culture from language. Due to this factor when a person starts thinking in the language he or she is trying to pick up, they soon start adapting and adopting the language.

Beginning to think in a language is not a sudden incident that will happen overnight. Many learners often believe that if they keep on studying the target language they will start thinking in it. In most of the cases this does not happen, at least not as soon as expected. Instead you need to concentrate on these two important aspects: Context and Conditioning.


In the case of polyglots, it often happens that the person starts speaking in another language almost naturally.  This happens almost unconsciously and is a consequence of understanding the context.

You need to form a language bubble around yourself to always be in contact with the language. Even if you live in an area where no one speaks the language you are trying to learn you still need to surround yourself with the language. You need to envelop yourself to the extent that it should become almost inconvenient to think in your native language.

Translation Services in Mumbai

Translation Services in Mumbai

Reading news in the target language from internet, television or newspaper can help you immensely in creating your language bubble. Listening to music in your target language or watching television and movies in it will also help. Reading books- fiction and non-fiction in the target language is essential as well. Remember, language is not just about words and sounds; it is about culture and emotions. Translation services in Mumbai and other major cities in India concentrate on these values along with vocabulary construction.


Human psyche is one of the most powerful entity in this world, however it also extremely gullible. Decide and manipulate your brain to start thinking in the target language.

Put aside your shame and conscience and think in the language as much as you can. Thinking will not make you nervous because your only audience will be you. Keep a digital journal with you all the time and note down all the new words you use throughout the day.  Try finding alternatives for these words in the target language to enhance your vocabulary. Use these words the next time you are thinking something.

Always try to visualize things and incidents. Human brain can remember and interpret an image far better than words. Visualize imaginary conversations with yourself and talk about anything that you find interesting.

Do not get frustrated if you cannot think fluently at the beginning. Everyone commits mistakes when they start something new. Just don’t be embarrassed by your mistakes and try to correct them. You can talk to people from various translation services in Mumbai and other cities to practice your skills.



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