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Why Translators deserve more Recognition?

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Translators, as it seems are the unsung heroes of the industry, and very well so. The translation industry is growing by leaps and bounds and the translators are the ones doing all the work, whatever may be the level of technology they may be using. Often times, it is noted that when there is an error during translation, the error is duly noted and the translator is pulled up for it. This is in no way a bad thing as an error is an error and responsibility needs to be taken for it.

There are instances where the translator may have gone to great lengths to undertake the project, especially when the work is of an artistic nature-for example translation of a fiction novel. It is in no way a small task and requires the translator to step into the shoes of the writer and understand the emotions involved in creating that piece. The job gets complicated when these emotions need to be converted into another language.

Keeping the essence of the original work while translating it into another is not an easy task and the translator does it with all their heart. It is often seen that major works when they are indeed translated, fail to recognize the work that goes behind it. There are many examples where the credit is never given to the translator and only mention of the fact that the work was translated from the original script is seen.

This is disrespectful to the job done and such misuse is rampant in the industry. Translators need to work on not just effectively translating the work, but they also need to be bring in the feelings and emotions involved and convey it in the language that has been translated into.

With the improved prospects of translators the world over, things are changing for the good, but there is a lot left to be desired for. Within the industry itself, there are many road blocks for translators. It is common opinion that translation services are not necessary and they are expensive.

There are various reasons for this and one of them is the fact that the people taking the decision to translate do not understand the value it brings to the readers. This is a prime example of misplaced leadership and the inability to comprehend the power and reasons for translation.

   Man Booker Prize and Translators

One great example of the prominence of translators is the coveted Man Booker International Prize now judge’s translation skills and divides rewards between the author and translator- a great step in the right direction in recognizing the power and prevalence of the translator.

In this regard, translation services in Delhi provided by us are highly sought after due to the fact that there is a certain amount of respect that translators are given here. They are appreciated for their work and are given due credit where it is required. This makes them perform at their peak and they provide the best of services. Translation services in Delhi provided by is always of top quality and affordable.


Story of Tower of Babel and the Evolution of Languages.

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The Bible is said to be the most popular and the most wide selling book in the entire world. The Bible is a compilation of sacred texts and intercepts in Judaism and Christianity. However, a singular Bible doesn’t exist. The Bible is available with differing contents, each having different religious traditions spoken by different selection of verses and texts.

And one of these is the Hebrew Bible called the Tanakh.  The name Tanakh, depicts the three dimensions of Hebrew scripture, Torah (Teaching), Nevi’im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings).

In Tanakh, there is a very famous story of the Tower of Babel told in the book of Genesis. This is the story that tells the world about how languages were formed or evolved. The Tower of Babel according to biblical literature was a structure that was built in Babylon (known as Shinar at that time), after the Deluge. The story regarding its formation and purpose is given in the book of Genesis 11:1-9. And this is what explains the presence of so many languages and not just one today.

A very interesting fact about this story is that the words or the phrase “The Tower of Babel” is never mentioned in the Bible. It is always referred to as “the city and its tower” or just merely as “the city”. The word Babel in the Bible refers to “Gate of God” and the city therefore received its name as Babel from the Hebrew word balal which means to jumble.

The story shed light on the confusion of languages and the variations in it. The theme of the story is centred on the competition between God and humans. This similar theme also appears in the story of Adam and Eve and the poisonous apple which is also in Genesis.

Nimrod, the arrogant tyrant ordered the construction as an act of rebellion and defiance against God. The Babylonians wanted to establish or register their names in history by constructing a powerful city with a tower that was so tall that it reached the heavens. Before then, there was only one language spoken and understood by all the people over the world.

But when God came to know about this plan of the humans, he disrupted the work of the tower by inventing new languages so that the workers that were assigned to build the city and its tower could no longer understand what the other workers were saying. This confusion, in turn, disrupted the work. The city was never built completely and the people of the city were scattered all over the earth.

Therefore, God by creating different languages stopped the creation of the tower and reminded humans of their rightful place. This was how languages were created and how the city Babel got its name. It was God himself who had created confusion amongst the people by creating so many languages. The world jumble signifies the loss of a unified language in the world.

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Translators and Translation Services in Bangalore

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Language is very important for human beings. Without language they cannot communicate with each others. In every country there is separate language. Many a times, people need interpreters to communicate with other country. In some country they have different states and each state has separate language. There is a great demand for quality translators.

Globalization creates wonderful opportunity for people to live in some other country. And many business and political leaders are visiting other countries for their business and political gain. While they are going to other country they need quality interpreters and translator those who can translate with exact meaning. Demand of Quality Translation services in Bangalore is increasing very fastly.

If companies get poor translator then they will completely ruin the meaning of the word which the person needs to convey. Only a good translator can convey the correct message exactly. Many a times, a translator is also responsible for the success of the business.

Translator plays an important role in the success of the business

For the people who are searching for translation services in Bangalore it is good to hire a reputed company those who have good experience in the translation field. Now days, we can find lot of translation companies who are serving both private and public companies. There are many differences between the translation services. In most of the translation companies they have the translators who have good knowledge of two languages.

People can hire the translator for foreign language and local language. When people from one state like to start a business with other states they need a translator to communicate with the other state. Good translators can quickly translate the messages. Some translators are very talented so there is great demand of them. Translation services play a major role in the growth of economy and many people require the services of the translators.

In these days, many schools teach foreign languages as one of the subject. I think, in future we will have lots of quality translators who will be able to provide great translation services.

Importance of Translation in “Make in India” Campaign

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The current Indian government came into power in 2014 and much of that credit goes to the government’s plans of developing the country, as is made clear by the current Prime Minister’s numerous speeches in various parts of the country. As soon as the current government came into power, one of the first things it did was launch a campaign called “Make in India”, which was a plea for foreign direct investment by MNCs in India. This was a part of the plan for development by the current government.

Through this, the government sought to secure the country financially, along with providing job opportunities in MNCs to many people in the country. Translators are very often required in such a set up, and not just unofficially. Translation becomes a job undertaken by experts to bridge the cultural gap between India and the producing company.

Translation is required in every aspect of “Make in India”. As the main objective of this campaign is to create jobs in various sectors like automobiles, textiles, renewable energy and so on and so forth by inviting foreign companies to manufacture their products in India, translation will be required in each and every sector in which the jobs are created.

Because the companies are foreign ones, they will require an understanding of Indian language and culture to be able to produce in India without there being a communication gap between the producers and the place where they are producing. Translation bridges this gap and allows the foreign producers to understand the Indian context and produce accordingly. Suddenly, the importance of translation services in Mumbai and other parts of India has increased multi-fold.

At a macro level, translation also helps improve connections between India and the countries of producing companies. Before the companies can actually come to India and start producing, there is a lot of paperwork that both countries have to go through, and a lot of times, the paperwork is not in a language that both countries understand equally well. Therefore, translation is required to make sure that both countries understand each other equally and that the commercial relationship between them remain strong.

When the foreign companies are producing in India, very often, they are not producing only for the Indian market. A lot of goods are manufactured for the purpose of exportation to other countries. Translation is extremely important in this scenario as well, as it is not just a bilingual translation that is required. The translation occurs between three languages and cultures: that of the producing company that of the production ground of the product and that of the market. Often, there is more than one market for a product, so the translation that has to occur is even more extensive.

The “Make in India” campaign is fairly new as it started only in September 2014 but it has gained a lot of popularity and momentum since its birth and translation has become an increasingly important part of this campaign, almost necessary for the campaign to succeed at all.

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Key Translation Services in Bangalore

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Key Translation Services in Bangalore

Legal document translation is one of the translation services in Bangalore. All type of international cases will need the legal document translation. With the development of market and technologies in various businesses, it becomes more common to cooperate with the international marketing companies and with their financial statements.

They will also contain foreign based customers and partners in business. So it is very crucial and very important to translate all legal documents in the desired language as per customer needs since their partners and customers come from other parts of world. They always cannot carry translators with them for all the important business related meetings.

Hence, this way of translating entire document in required language will make clients and it helps in the flourishing of their business. In business world, everyone require accuracy in financial and other important documents. So we need to be more careful on selecting such translation service providing companies. The translation services in Bangalore provide accurate and professional output.

In order to satisfy client’s expectation, few translation service providing companies has become multinational and it is a better choice for them to get projects from other countries easier. They will also offer financial related translation service to give better business service by publishing their financial statements in news and corporate listing in local languages. Before taking such translation service from the company, the clients sit along with the translation agencies in Bangalore and discuss about the translation requirements. The clients also provide all the details of the translation projects.

Also, sometimes the clients will give some changes based on their project over sample template. Translating financial values of the company will always handle by an expert team who has required experience in financial and output language.

All type of translation agencies in Bangalore following this technique gain better quality and ratings from their clients. Once translation of financial statement is done, careful editing will be done which ensure top quality in all the translation projects.

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Importance of Translation Services in Mumbai-Bangalore-Pune-Delhi-Chennai-Hyderabad-India

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It’s an undeniable fact that in the modern world being bilingual is very important, as the world gets more and more connected, language barriers are a great hurdle. For this purpose, translation services have emerged as the leading problem solvers, now people of different languages can easily understand each other or read material written in an unfamiliar language.

Translation services are absolutely significant, inaccurate translation can cause a lot of problems as it alters the intended message. More and more companies are now setting up business around the world, for this reason it is important to hire worthwhile translators. If the translation isn’t good enough, it may cause delays and problems for your business due to misinterpretation. Quality translation services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai are must to serve the linguistic needs of companies in India.

Translation services have a great scope and are used globally for different purposes; they help people translate pages on the internet in their own language, help students enroll for courses in another country and help businesses to interact with employees of different countries. Although there have been great technological advancements in this area, it will be a long time before computers can replace translators, this is because translating isn’t straight forward. It doesn’t just involve changing the words to the intended language, but rather it involves paying attention to minute details, getting the grammar correct and trying to get the original message through.

Many of you might have seen political conferences in the news; you must have noticed that most of the dignitaries speak in their native language which is translated for the audience. Hence, translation services play a critical role in foreign affairs of nations. Nations train and hire translators on a regular basis; they also expect great presence of mind from these translators because when a politician is speaking at an international forum, it’s important that his/her words are translated properly.

Translation services are also important for the artistic industry. There are many translation companies in India which provide certified language translation services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, India. Nowadays, all kinds of literature books are translated to different languages so that everyone in the world, no matter what language they speak, can enjoy the beauty of written words. Even music is translated to different languages, along with films that are broadcasted around the world with subtitles. The biggest problem that most people face while travelling to a new country is the language barriers. Tourists around the world complain about being misinterpreted or cheated by locals due to the language barrier.

Translation services make it easier for people to travel; quality translation allows people to genuinely enjoy their trips. This is why many tour and travel companies around the world, now also offer translators that accompany customers on their trips to help them out. The importance of translation services is simply depicted through the diversity of languages around the world, more than 50% of the world’s population lives in Africa and India combined, and more than 2000 languages are spoken in Africa and over a 1000 in India.

Without the use of translation services many people who speak languages that are unrecognized in the world, would go unnoticed and unheard. Hence, quality translation services are extremely important to reduce the language barriers.

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