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Do you know which is the most Translated Children Book?

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Children’s books are popular worldwide. It may come as a surprise to many that some of the most popular books that we read growing up were translated from languages alien to us. There are many examples of this. There are many popular children’s books that have been translated into many different languages. To begin with, we go with the all time highest number of languages translated to, and the book is The Adventures of Pinocchio.

This Italian classic has been translated into a staggering 240 languages worldwide and sits way ahead of its nearest competitor; in fact it doesn’t have any sort of competition at all! Translating children’s books is a skill as it requires the translator to be mindful of the nubile young minds and ensure that the essence and the wonder that the writer has imbibed in the original is translated as is.

The closest competitor to The Adventures of Pinocchio in the translation department is the legendary book by Jules Verne- Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. This book has been translated to over 174 languages. It has become a cult sensation world wide. The original was written in French. Numerous movies have been made of this book and is a favorite choice of young readers across the world. The Adventures of Tintin, the lovable Belgian reporter, his dog Snowy and his best friend the boisterous Captain Haddock has been translated to over 96 different languages. It is extremely popular over the world with the cartoon series being watched fervently.

Translation Services in Pune

Children book and Translation services in Pune

It has also been made into a movie. There is a full time museum dedicated to Tintin and Herge, its creator in Belgium, such is its popularity. Alice in Wonderland follows at 96 languages. This magical depiction of the adventures of a girl called Alice as she falls through a metaphorical rabbit hole and ventures into wonderland, the sights she sees and the lessons she learns is part of every child’s upbringing. It is part of the curriculum at many schools across the world.

Among the recent launches, one that is notable is the Harry Potter series. It has a fanatical following across the world and the movie series closely matches the popularity of the book. The magical world of sorcery, wizards and potions along with the coming of age journey of the characters is very popular equally among children and adults. It has been currently translated to 67 languages globally.

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Do you know world Best Translation Courses

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Translation services have become a much sought after service today. There is a great demand for translated work and hence a qualified translator is a hot commodity. The industry has matured over the years. This has lead to the rise of various courses that are offered by top universities across the world for translation. It is always good to have a degree in translation from a recognized university.

It allows the translator to be accepted and gives them the required technical information for tackling translation jobs. A well read and certified translator has no dearth of good offers. Today, many well known universities offer degrees in translation as well as interpretation. There are various levels offered too, ranging from diploma and certification courses to masters degrees too.

Translation Courses and Translation Services in Pune, India

Translation Courses and Translation Services in Pune


Let’s look at some of the most popular Translation courses and the universities that offer them.

Master of Translation and Interpretation- Macquire University- This degree offers the much needed liguisitic abilities to translators including technical and professional skills.

Master of linguistic Sciences- University of Eastern Finland- This masters degree is taught entirely in English and gives the student the opportunity to study language, language technology, linguistics and translation from a variety of aspects and approaches.

Master in Translation- University of Mons- During this course, students shall acqire specific skills and understand strategies to help them translate, especially in French those documents that require a high level of expertise and specialization.

Master of Translation Studies-University of Western Australia- This master course provides world class translation studies and training for excellent work in English, Chinese, French, Italian and German. The course is offered in both directions.

Master of interpretation and translation- University of Western Sydney- This course is very well suited for well trained and fluent bilinguals who are looking to expand their theoretical knowledge and improve and acquire high levels skills that are important to becoming a professional interpreter or translator.

M.Phil in Literary Translation- Trinity College Dublin- This course is a combination of 2 core courses. It offers theoretical and practical solutions to the most often seen issues that professional translators face. It provides a selection of specialized options which also includes the common challenges while taking up literary translation and comparative approach to the work.

Kent State University-Ohio– This University offers a two year masters in translation as well as PhD courses in translation. These programs are designed to address the research necessary to carry out specialized translation software, computer assisted translation tools and so on.

Monterey Institute of International Studies- This university situated in California offers highly sought after masters programs in translation and management of localization, translation and interpretation. It also offers masters degrees in interpretation of conferences, a rarely seen course with a lot of value today.

Translation services in Pune, India are highly sought after today because translators from India have acquired degrees from these universities and have a firm grasp on the theoretical and technical aspects of translation. This is the reason translation services in Pune, India are in high demand as the translators have official degrees that allows them to do a fantastic job of translating and reduce errors which may not be the case with amateur translators.

How Technology will change Translation in 2016?

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When Google translate was launched in 2006, basing translations on millions of words and texts, it was assumed that it will take over the human translators. That didn’t happen so, due to the difference of human translators and the personal touch they give to the companies are irreplaceable.  These machine translations are there for a long haul but failed to replace the human translators.

As this New Year has started we do expect certain technology changes that will bring change in the translation industry. With apps like Google Translate will bring translation to millions of new users. For corporations, getting translations “done” has to be more simple and effortless. Technology helps to do just that. An ordering portal isn’t just enough. You even need a customized platform which gives you a fast response time from initiating translation requests to publishing.

Computer assisted translation tools are computer based tools which helps in assisting translators in completing the translation tasks. Included in the suite of tools are terminology management systems. This terminology management system facilitates the creation, storage and retrieval of terms. Most TMSs allow these terms to be mapped into multiple languages. The ability to store and access this terminology has a huge impact on the translation industry. The translation department of international organization is one such example where the use of specialized terms is the norm and other translators are working on the same text, TMSs helps to ensure more consistency in translation of field-specific terms.

Technology and Translation Services in Pune

Technology in Translation and Translation Services in Pune

Clients demand for faster translation and at times they even try to get it free. In 2016, there might be some more apps coming in that will help in quicker translation. As many of them can’t afford to pay huge price, technology will help such people and promote price reduction. There are multiple translation services in Pune, India that do a cost effective job.

Although Google and Microsoft have come earlier with apps that help translate in no time, still they fail to compete with human translators. Automatic translation isn’t currently producing the quality of work that humans do. Though they are fast and technology in future will make it even quicker. Professional translators take good care in order to ensure that the message resonates with a foreign audience as the original author intended to do. Machines lack the ability to do this, no matter how much technology improves. There are translation services in Pune, India available that do a very good job.

Specialization and “premiumisation” are the best tools which every company needs to become a successful company. We can’t boycott the machine translations either. To respond to new trends and try to fulfill the new needs by adapting the latest technology will help us become creative. We assume that this year will bring in more competitive computer assisted tools. Using such tools make work easier as they come with extra benefits and a software designed socially for the translators. Hypertext is one of the simplest and the best inventions of this age. We expect such an invention that will help transform the word of translation.

Who was the First Translator of the World?

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While talking about translation and interpretation, many people often ask questions regarding its history and beginning. It is perhaps impossible to trace the beginning of interpretation as spoken language was developed many years before the written system. However historians all over the world have tried to study ancient documents and relics to discover the secrets of translation.

Almost everyone is familiar with the story of the Tower of Babel. If we analyze it as a part of literature we can say that around this time people knew about the existence of different languages and perhaps had started interpreting and translating each other’s words.

According to Eric Jacobson, the Romans were the first who began translation. He adds that Cicero and Horace were the first theorist who came up with the theories of word to word and sense to sense translations. According to Jacobson, this happened in first century BCE.

If we go beyond the written records, we can assume that the first traders/ settlers who decided to move and migrate from one place to another for various reasons were perhaps the first translators and interpreters. These people due to their needs and requirements moved all over the world probably picking up rudimentary languages and aiding new explorers. According to many historians, a large scale trade flourished between the African and Asian nations in the BCE era.

Religion too played an important role in the development of interpretation and translation. Missionaries of various religions such as Buddhism and Jainism can also be called as first translators and interpreters. These people moved beyond the boundaries of India to spread the message of their religion. Buddhist and Jain monks were soon followed by Christian and Muslim missionaries. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad encouraged learning and studying new languages and desired to increase the number of translators. Zaid Ibnu Thabet was a prominent translator in the time of the Prophet.

Translation Services in Pune

Translation Services in Pune

According to certain studies, St Jerome is considered to be the father of translation. He translated the Bible into the language of the masses thus helping people understand and interpret religion on their own accord. He was fluent in Latin, Greek and Hebrew and could understand Aramaic, Arabic and Syraic. Due his strong and significant work in the field of translation, he is said to be the most important translator.

According to many other significant researches, La Malinche is considered to be the most important and also one of the first translators. This is perhaps due to the fact that her translations and interpretations helped the Spanish Conquisition of the Aztecs. She is also seen as the creator of the new race of Mexicans.

It is quite apparent that tracing the history of translation is an extremely difficult job. However, it is certain that people working at translation services in Pune and other places have a long history of learning and teaching language translations. It won’t be hyperbolic to call translation the one of the oldest job. We at TransLang Ways provide quality translation services in Pune India for more than 100 languages.