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List of some Good Website for Translators for Freelance Work

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Initially while starting out as a translator, it might be difficult to get your hands on projects. There are many companies offering translation services in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad but as a fresher with no experience, getting an opportunity to work with these companies might be difficult. An effective way of gaining some initial experience in this field is by freelancing on websites.
There are a few websites where you can register yourself for free or a nominal charge and have entrepreneurs or companies go through your profile and make a bid according to their requirements. These websites prove to be beneficial as they help you get in touch with clients who are looking to hire people with the same skill set as yours. This is a great way to gain experience and also do as many projects as you can handle. You are remunerated for each project and because it’s freelancing, you do it in a time-frame which is convenient for you. It proves to be resourceful for experienced translators to get a constant flow of work.
Listed below are a few of the best websites for a translator to gain momentum in their field.

translation services in Mumbai

Good Websites & translation services in Mumbai

Translators Town
Translators Town is an exclusive website for translators to find opportunities. On this website, an individual can translate projects in almost a 100 languages. A translator has to bid on the project that interests them and prospect clients choose from the bids that suit them the best. The best feature about Translators Town is that a translator can include previous experience on their profile. The only drawback is that there is an annual fee to bid on projects. In the free version, a translator cannot bid on projects and has to wait for clients to choose them in order for them to bid.

Guru is another great platform for serious translators. They conduct an interview and a few tests to select the best. They work with only 3% of freelance translators which can be a bane but once you are in, you can expect a good remuneration as everyone is a professional and the clients expect high-quality work. It is a good platform for experienced translators to make a comfortable living.

People Per Hour
People Per Hour is a convenient and fast way of getting remunerated. This website employs translators and pays them on hourly-basis or per project basis. A translator can list the services offered by them with the expected payouts for either a project or hourly basis.

UpWork is one of the most comprehensive networking platforms for translators. Experienced translators or freshers can effortlessly find opportunities related to their interest. Depending on the interests of the translator, they can bid for a project and the ones who fit the bill for client requirements are chosen. There is a well-protected payment plan for both clients and translators. UpWork charges about 10% of your payment on jobs and there is a monthly fee for those who want to see what their competition is up to and beat them at the bidding.

Some of the translation services in Mumbai, Delhi offer opportunities to freelancers on a part-time and full-time basis. Experienced translators can also find an association with them. Depending on your skill-set and interest you can find work offline or online.

Type of Translation Courses

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With the world evolving and people going to places for either work or pleasure, language is no more of a barrier with the assistance of a translator/ interpreter. In fact, a translator’s job is considered as a lucrative career option. The emergence of numerous centers facilitating courses only goes to show the opportunities available in this field worldwide as a full-time job or a freelancer. Many of these centers based out of the cities in India provide translation services in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and a few namely. Some of the types of translation services are technical, scientific, financial, legal, judicial, certified, and literal.

Doing a course in translation always acts as a bonus. But before deciding on a course, it is important to understand what a translator does and the difference between a translator and an interpreter. A translator is someone who construes the written text and usually works with either a printed form of text or a recording; whereas an interpreter tries to orally translate verbal text to the best of their ability.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Courses & Translation services in Mumbai

Points to remember while choosing to study translation.

  • There is a difference between doing a language course and translation course.
  • A good command over at least two languages is essential I.e. the source and the target language. The source language is the text which you’re translating from and the target language being the language you are translating to.
  • A flair for writing along with computer skills acts as an advantage.

Types of Translation Courses

India has an abundant amount of universities and institutes that offer short-term and long-term courses in translation. They also provide translation services in Mumbai, Delhi, the metropolitan cities.The courses range from certificate level to master’s and go all the way to Ph.D. level.

  • PhD-level course- In order to do a PhD., a person should have completed their Masters in Translation studies. This course basically lets individuals conduct research in the translation field.
  • Master-level course- To do a Master’s degree, an individual has to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. The interest and love for words should be a perquisite.
  • Degree-level course- A degree course often takes individuals who have completed their 10+2. A true passion for languages and keen listening goes a long way!
  • Certificate-level course- Any individual with a minimum of 10+2 qualification can enroll for it. It can be done when you want to enter the field of translation. It helps in landing a job as a full-timer or freelancer.


Top Universities to Pursue a Translation Course in India


India has an abundant amount of universities and institutes that offer short-term and long-term courses in translation. The courses range from certificate level to master’s and go all the way to Ph.D. level.

There are a few private universities and various foreign embassies offering translation courses in major cities of India. They also provide translation services in Mumbai, Delhi, the metropolitan cities. Some of the well-known institutes and universities for translation courses and language courses are:


  1. School of Languages – Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  2. The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad

  3. The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata
  4. Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Languages (SIFL), Pune
  5. TEI Academy, Bangalore
  6. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  7. Savitribai Phule University (University of Pune), Pune
  8. Alliance Française de New Delhi, New Delhi
  9. Amity School of Languages, Noida
  10. University of Delhi, New Delhi
  11. Instituto Hispania, New Delhi
  12. Rajasthan University, Jaipur
  13. English Fountain, Thane

The future prospects are rewarding with proper education and work ethics. Initially, the remuneration might be on the lower end, but once you have proven your metal, it is a money-spinning field with job opportunities from the U.N, European Commission, and other well-reputed organizations. India is a fast-growing nation with plentiful of foreign direct investments, which leads to increased interactions with international companies, organizations, and delegates.  A sound knowledge of languages with proper education and experience is the key to success.

Importance of Translation Services in Mumbai, India

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With the help of communication and Internet technology it is now easy to contact audiences who are living thousands of miles away from your business. To do business effectively in various countries it is necessary for organizations to adapt the local culture, their languages and dialects. This highlights the business needs to accept various tactics and methods while selling their products in global marketplace. The main strategy is to tailor your business messages according to the targeted region. This business message consists of anything such as official communications, research reports, marketing communication, website content and advertising; but it can lead to a major failure in business if it is not translated properly into the local language.

Translation companies providing translation services in Mumbai aim to make a bridge by helping organization to reach multicultural global customers by speaking in the client’s language. It helps you for the translations for all Indian languages like Marathi, Tamil, Hindi, Telgu, Kannad, Bengali, Punjabi, Asamese, malyalam, gujrati and in many others. Whether it is an emerging local business or brick and mortar businesses, their translation services helps any type of business people to expand their business in any country. Though technical translations can be done by CAT but there are many circumstances where human translation is necessary.

Translation Services in Mumbai, india

Translation Services in Mumbai

Image Courtsey: letsintern

Sometimes, verbatim or incorrect human translation may lead to business downfall. For this, an ideal company completes your translation projects with experts and native translator who can exactly translate the voice and meaning of one language into the targeted language. Especially translation accuracy is necessary while translating responsive documentation such as medical and technical reports, user-guides, manuals, technical documents, patents and extra. Therefore, you must check the translation accuracy.

As above said, inaccurate translation service may give negative effects to your business and make your business permanently away from that region. If you want to develop your business worldwide or acquire a foothold in foreign region it is necessary to find and make a partnership with Translation Company that is having capacity of providing worthwhile and accurate translation services. Many freelance translators and translation firms can offer you translation service at dirty cheap costs, but translator working with them can’t able to convey the message properly/rightly to the target audience. An ideal agency provides translation service with affordable cost and quality translators.

India is continuously holding its name strongly as a smart outsourcing destination but now India is also becoming a choice for language translation outsourcing (called as LPO) and other related services. This can be featured to the reality that there is well-qualified English speaking population which is also fine versed  in other languages. Translation companies in Mumbai are having lot of experience in translation service and helps all sizes of business to grow by making a partnership with them for their translation needs.

With a team of language professionals, analysts and native speakers they can accurately translate business messages from your language to the targeted Indian language while maintaining its original voice and tone. They understand properly the necessity of translation for your business and make adapt their services according to the broader intentions of your business. Additionally they use a strict quality process of review that covers human translated text as well as machine translation. Get in touch with them and know how they help you for your translation requirements.  TransLang Ways provide quality translation services in Mumbai, india

This Book every Translator must read.

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The Industrious – Linguist

A “freelancer”, is the most common nomenclature tagged to a linguist. Although apt in most situations, it skips the undercurrents the profession can generate.

As is the case of self-starters globally, a linguist too begins the arduous journey with a personal conviction to deliver value to clients, eventually fulfilling the dream by assimilating a team, and forming a tribe. Two accomplished professionals, Judy and Dagmar have penned this difficult yet rewarding journey in their widely acclaimed book The Entrepreneurial Linguist.

Translating twins Dagmar and Judy maintain the popular translation blog, Translation Times, and are regular contributors to the ITI Bulletin and ATA Chronicle. Judy is actively involved with the Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association, while German-speaking linguists may know Dagmar through her role with the Austrian Interpreters and Translators Association.


Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai

Image Courtsey: adrechsel de

The book encompasses various inputs over a broad range of topics that make it unparallel, to other similar works in the genre. To begin with, it highlights the first step towards building the business, as understanding and identifying the potential customers and developing an effective outreach program. In order to succeed in it, the interpreters need to develop a competitive advantage, by maximizing on their strengths through the product mix which they offer to the clients. The authors say:

You need to have a strategy before you can even think about starting the direct client customer acquisition process. Here are some issues you need to think about.

1 > Which companies/industries/sectors do you want to target?

2 > Where can you find these individuals or these companies?

3 > Do you already have contacts in this industry?

4 > Where are the industry-specific events?

5 > Can you join a relevant trade group?

6 > Can you ask a contact to take you to an event attended by people in your target group?

7 > Can you buy low-cost advertising in an industry-specific publication?

8 > Are you up-to-date with what is happening in the particular industry or sector that you want to translate or interpret for?

The chapter on professional associations highlights the power of networking, among one of the key differentiators for scaling the business.

The book is brimming with examples elucidating the different approaches needed to build a linguistic business, catering to the needs of clients seeking translation Clients seeking translation services in Mumbai will be completely opposite to the consumers in London. It is specially designed keeping the interests of language/translation practitioners in mind, who want to cater to clients directly. The authors have also provided linguistic specific case studies to describe general business ideas and concepts. Their approach towards building peer influences, professional networks and client management make it an enriching go to resource. Although it is penned with the US – specific procedures, it does do justice to a wider audience.

In a nutshell, the The Entrepreneurial Linguist, is an interesting read making it all the more unput-downable for anyone seeking to build professional association with direct clients.

By: Translang Ways, we provide quality translation services in mumbai, India.

Which is the most translated Portuguese Book?

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The Alchemy of maximum adaptations

A novelist expects his books to be absorbed by his readers, the way he wants them to envision it, interpreting the maze of highs-lows, darkness-lights along with the words penned by the author. But there is no winning prescription for sculpting such a bestseller.

Yet, Paulo Coelho seems to have tumbled upon the precise ingredients for capturing hearts and best sellers list, in his simple fable-The Alchemist. A simple fable enveloped within 150 pages, urges readers to pursue their goals, irrespective of the roadblocks. “By using a fable”, Coelho explains, “I was trying to understand myself better. When you use symbolic language, like I do in the Alchemist, you talk to your own soul, and other people’s souls, too.

Its first edition published in 1988 in Brazil (Portuguese) sold only 900 copies. Since then the book has been translated in to 56 languages and has hit best sellers list in 155 countries. While the Holy Bible, is the most translated book in the history of the world, Coelho’s Alchemist has won the Guinness World record as the most translated book by a living author.

translation services in Mumbai, India

translation services in Mumbai


Translating books in regional languages is in vogue in many countries. Countries like India, which have multilingual taste buds, translation of books helps in proving deeper penetration into regional, and rural geographies. Companies providing translation services in Mumbai and other metro cities aid in dispensing knowledge through regional renditions.

The Alchemist or “O Alquimista” in Portuguese is a metaphorical novel revolving around a Spanish shepherd named Santiago who dreams of seeing Egyptian pyramids. A conversation with a wise old man convinces him to follow his dream. Along the way, he meets many people, witnesses multiple events and learns from each encounter. In the end, Santiago learned, to find one’s own treasure, one often need not look too far. He anchored his belief that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, a quote that has become synonymous with the book.

1993, marked the first publication of the novel in English, catapulting it to widespread global acclaim. The Alchemist is Coelho’s second book. The Pilgrimage, in 1987 was his first novel. Coelho seems to be en route to fulfilling his own destiny, although he readily admits the road hasn’t always been smooth. After The Alchemist‘s initial disappointing sales, he was discouraged. “I was gambling all my life on writing this book. But I decided it was time to believe in what I write. It took another few years for me to get published in English. I persevered. I was trying to find my treasure.” Finding one’s treasure can also be circumstantial too! Water can be a treasure for a parched tourist, stranded in unforgiving desert storms. Similarly, sight of a company providing translation services in Mumbai, can be a treasure for a Punjabi groom looking to impress his Marathi in-laws.

Translating books in regional languages is in vogue in many countries. Countries like India, which have multilingual taste buds, translation of books helps in proving deeper penetration into regional, and rural geographies. Companies providing translation services in Mumbai and other metro cities aid in dispensing knowledge through regional renditions.

Coming back to the Alchemist, it has become a strong source of guidance with many of its lines used as inspirational quotes by readers. Coelho said he believed the book has a “life of its own inside the reader’s mind.”

By: Priyanka

Interpretation & Translation Service in Mumbai

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Language is very important for every human and without language it is very difficult for anyone to communicate with each other. There are many countries in the world and every country has a different language, they communicate with each other in their own language. Now lot of development has taken place in the world and globalization has made it very easy to do business in other parts of the world. While doing business, the main problem which the people are facing is language problem because there are thousands of languages in the world. To communicate with these people companies need interpreters who know both the language. The interpreter interprets everything what they want to communicate or share with each other. Understanding each other is most important thing in every business and relationship.

Translation and interpretation plays a major role in every business. Through translation people are now more efficient to do business with other countries. Interpretation services are getting very popular in India. Interpretation and translation Services in Mumbai is very popular in the field of interpretation and they provide interpretation for Japanese, Chinese, German, French, and Italian and for many other languages.  Only a well experienced interpreter who is also the SME of that area should be assigned for an interpretation. An interpreter sometimes becomes mandatory when it is a business meeting and where nobody speaks the language of their counterpart or of their business partner.

Translation Services in Mumbai

Translation Services in Mumbai

In India there are different states and each and every state has different language speaking people. Sometimes, to communicate with the people of other state the interpreter is very required. Sometimes the political leaders also speak in a different language which is not understood by the people, here also interpreters come handy. A good and well experienced interpreter can convey the exact word what the leader is telling to the people. Many people are doing business all around the world and if they have an interpreter who knows the language of both the people they can interpret and tell all the business details.

An interpreter is also important in medical tourism. These days many patients travel in other countries for medical treatments.  If they have good interpreter with them they can easily convey the problem to the doctors. Interpretation and translation Services in Mumbai are doing service for the people who are in need of interpreters and these people have very good experience in the languages and they only send the professionals who can handle both the languages with high proficiency. Quality matters a lot in interpretation. An interpreter should be talented and adaptable. He should be eager to learn and should be precise.  He should also understand the value of time.

Book Translation: A Great Experience

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Nowadays, translating a book in different languages has become a popular trend. There are many books that have been translated and published in various languages. The Little Prince, the most famous work of a French aristocrat, writer, poet and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has been translated in as many as 250 languages! Some of the other popular books like ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Don Quixote’ have also been translated into many languages.

How is book translation different from all the other translations?

Translating a book is an interesting but at the same time a challenging task. Understanding the text of the book is not enough. You also have to understand the writer’s feelings when writing the book. You have to step in the writer’s shoes. A literal, word to word translation will make the book boring and meaningless. The language used must be flawless and must keep the readers interested and glued to the book.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Image Courtsey: adsoftheworld

Besides, understanding the writer’s writing style is also important. You have to make sure that your translation sticks to the writer’s style.

It is extremely important to pay extra attention towards you translation to make sure that the book’s essence is not lost. Utmost care should be taken to make sure that the writer’s thoughts and emotions are clearly conveyed to the readers.

Unlike the technical or legal translations, a book translation demands a lot of creativity from the translator. Certain terms or expressions used by the author may not exist in the language you are translating the book in. And hence, it becomes essential to translate such kind of expressions by substituting them with another one from the target language which can convey the meaning of the original expressions. Currently, there are many companies which provide book translation services in Mumbai, India.

While translating a book, it is also important to keep in mind the target readers.

Book translation is a unique skill that not everyone possesses. It may seem an easy task to many but, it is actually a very tough and a daunting task. It requires you to be at your best. You must have a very good knowledge of both the languages: source and target as well the different cultures of the various countries where these languages are spoken.

With more and more authors wanting to get their books translated book translation is definitely a good option for earning some money for all those who love books as well as languages.

At TransLang Ways provide quality translation services in Mumbai, India.

By: Rucha

M(1931): Movie with the most multi-lingual flavours

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Feature Films around the world are the synonyms for entertainment. They are emotive, engaging enthralling, and elusive all at once. Their widespread appeal has cinemagoers hooked on to the 70 mm screens across continents. In order to spread the desired message while retaining its ethnic appeal, and enjoying cultural acceptance, few movies need to be translated for the audience hailing from different linguistic backgrounds.

It’s like savouring a Lindt bar, the market leader in premium-quality chocolates across four continents, has its message displayed in 30 languages, depending on the region of distribution. Similarly, with the feature films while retaining the movies elementary flavours along with its content, originally recorded speech of the actors can be superimposed by the sound-bites re-recorded in the targeted language, termed as dubbing. The second methodology involves, adding subtitles in sync with the flow of speech in the movie at the lower end of the frame.

Think of a British traveler, who wants to meander along the by-lanes of Mumbai, soaking its history while interacting and lodging with the locals. It depends on his personal preference; whether he chooses translation services in Mumbai, or buys a book of Marathi-English translations.

Translation Services in Mumbai

Translation Services in Mumbai

Image Courtesy: thelatestpictureshow

The debate whether dubbing is better than subtitling, is everlasting and non-conclusive as it is a direct derivative of personal and cultural preferences. People who enjoy original content and flavours of the film, absorb its essence with subtitles, helping the producers in increased viewership and improved consumption in a cost effective manner. Dubbing has a different audience, who want to avoid the pains of reading and viewing simultaneously.

In theatres, the honour of being the most subtitled movie falls on the lap of Fritz Lang’s early talkie crime melodrama set in 1931 Berlin, M. The name itself screeches, thrilling mystery, while the cast and crew justify the nomenclature to the T. The plot revolves around the efforts of police trying to catch an elusive child murderer (Peter Lorre), while other criminals also join in the manhunt. The movie begins with a group of children playing an elimination game in the courtyard of an apartment building using a chant about a murderer of children. The chant itself, is like a hook step in modern dancing, instantly captivates the audience. Once the murderer is combed, he is marked with the letter “M” on his back. He is hunted and produced in a kangaroo court by the Berlin criminal community. His pleads for mercy, as a victim of his own homicidal instincts fall in deaf ears leaving him imprisoned with the underworld. German police scoop him out of their tentacles, helping him to face trail in more fair and respectable circumstances. Some of the prints of the film end with a cautionary note to parents to watch their children hawkishly.

Now considered a classic, Lang reckoned it as his finest work. Whether you are a traveller looking for translation services in Mumbai, or a movie buff with a quench for ethnic audio-visual entertainment, watching M should be on the top of your bucket list.

By: Ms. Priyanka



Italian: A musical gift to the world of the languages

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Italian is one of the most popular languages of Europe. It is one of the Romance languages. Apart from Italy it is also the official language of Switzerland, Vatican City, and Western Istria. It is also one of the official languages of the European Union. Italian is also spoken in countries like France, Australia, Brazil, etc. The total number of Italian speakers all over the world are around 85 million.

  History and origin: Like many other languages Italian is also derived from Latin. It was first used in a legal document regarding a dispute over land ownership between southern Italian monasteries. These documents are known as the Placiti Cassinesi. Dante Alighieri, a well known poet wrote one of his most famous works The Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia) in Tuscan dialect which forms the basis of the modern day Italian. Hence, Dante is rightly known as the “father of the Italian language”. Francesco Petrarcha, another well known poet, played an important role in the Tuscan dialect becoming the national language of Italy. In 1861 Italy became a unified nation and adopted the Tuscan Italian as its national language.

   Why is Italian known as a musical language?  Italian is a language that has a powerful influence on the musical world. Musical notation gained an important place in the world since the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Most of the musicians and composers of this period were Italian and hence Italian became a standard language for the musicians around the world. Some of the most popular musical terms like crescendo, forte, soprano, alto and a tempo are all Italian terms. Besides, one of the most popular genres of music: The Opera is a gift of the Italian language. Most of the masterpieces of Mozart, a famous music composer are in Italian.

Furthermore, the presence of the double consonants in the language makes it more rhythmic and musical. The knowledge of Italian also helps you to enjoy and understand the classical music better. Also, many of the musicians consider the knowledge of Italian language as a key professional skill.  Italian hence is known as a musical language.

Translation services in Mumbai, India

Translation services in Mumbai

Image Courtsey: i-loveart com

 Did you know that Italian consists of only 21 alphabets? The alphabets j, k, w, x and y do not exist in the language. The words containing either of these letters are borrowed from some other languages.

Spanish, French and Portuguese are some of the languages that are similar to Italian. The lexical similarity between Italian and French is almost 89%. Also the French grammar and the Italian grammar are almost the same. Along with French, Spanish also has some similarities with Italian.

The Italian culture is one of the most popular cultures in today’s world. Besides Italy is also one of the top 10 economies in the world. Italian is also one of the commonly used languages in Europe. Italian is considered as a key language in the fields of art history, literature, archaeology and philosophy.   Hence, learning Italian would be of great advantage to all the language lovers.

TransLang Ways is a leading translation company in India and we provide quality translation services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, India.

Written by: Ms. Rucha

Which is the Most Translated India Book?

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My serendipitous encounter with Valluvar’s chef d’oeuvre Thirukkural resurfaced the germinating thoughts of simple living, sown by my mother in my childhood. In case, some of you are wondering what is Thirukkural let me elucidate.

Thirukkural or popularly known as the Kural, is a classic Tamil literary treatise comprising of 1330 couplets or Kurals, illustrating the significance of weaves of ethics and morality in the daily fabric of life. It is considered as one of the greatest works ever written on ethics and morality, primarily secular ethics, celebrated for its global appeal and unbiased views. Translated into 83 world languages including French, German, Japanese, Latin, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and English, it is one of the most translated non-religious literary compilation in the world.

It is said to have been brought to light sometime between the third and first century BC. The Kural text was unknown for close to two millennial. The first translation of the text appeared in Malyalam. Its unpublished manuscript remained in a cryptic version, until it was reported by the Annual Report of the Cochin Archaeological Department.

It took another three centuries before any translation was published in Malyalam. The compilation enjoys such a global appeal and acceptance that although it was written in India, all religious groups in India and abroad including Christianity claim it to be a work inspired by their moral foundations. The Christian Missionaries who arrived in India during the colonial era, drew semblance between their moral foundations.

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai

The Christian Missionaries who arrived in India during the colonial era, drew semblance between their ideals and the thoughts detailed in the Kural, thus, marking a beginning of translations of the Kural text. Many scholars have translated Thirukkural in English, and the first was done by G.U.Pope.

The Thirukkural is an amalgamation of “Thiru” and “Kural”. “Kural” denotes the short length of its verses, and “Thiru” signifies its sanctity. The Thirukkural is divided into 133 chapters, each containing 10 couplets. The chapters are further grouped into 3 sections:

I ) Aram( Dharma) dealing with righteousness.

II) Porul (Artha) dealing with material world.

III) Inbam(Karma) dealing with love.

The universal reverence for the treatise, made me very inquisitive to explore the lofty wisdom of the text. Although, I could read only a few chapters from part I and II, it was easy to observe, why the couplets have been hailed by contemporary poets as a mustard seed which has seven seas of knowledge inlaid in it. Tiruvalluvar, the author, has diagnosed the intricacies of human behavior and psychology through such elementary and insightful depth, that it captures all the peaks and valleys encountered in the lives of individuals of the modern era.

His recipes for an enriching life, hover on godliness, ethics, morality, and humanness. They are clever and practical to implement, transcending borders of caste, age or nationality. The thoughts are simple yet profound, cooking a perfect platter to savour and satisfy our souls. By: TransLang Ways, we provide quality translation services in Mumbai and other parts of India.