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Business And Translation Services in Pune are Available

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Business And Translation Services in Pune are Available Here

Translation is more important between the people which speak a different language. It plays a major role in every business. Now most of the people are doing their business worldwide and it is not possible for them to meet the entire requirement without knowing the language. There are many translation companies operating all over the world to translate different languages.

People those who are familiar with the language can succeed in their business and they need to sign the entire document and other business related formalities in the language of the country. For typing the documents and for attending the meeting there is a need for translators and Translation Company. Language is an obstacle in most of the business and they are lacking in their service because of language problem.

People can get translators of different country’s language. In India there are number of states and each state has its own language. People from one state to operate business in another state need to know the language.

If they hire the translation companies they can easily communicate with other states. There are lots of business opportunities are available all around the world. People those who are talented in their respective field can develop their business anywhere in the world. To communicate with other countries they need to select the best translation companies. Translation services in Pune are one of the most leading translation companies which have most experienced staffs.

These staff know how to use the vocabulary and they will translate every document without any grammar mistakes. Nativity is more important in translation work and the translators will have the fluency in the language and they will use the correct word in the documents or papers.

Most of the translation companies are offering lots of guarantee for people like:

  • They will give quality work with quick delivery.
  • They provide a guarantee of cost to the customer.
  • They will use high technology in their translation work.

There is huge competition in this translation market and most of the people are offering low rate for their work. Translation services in Pune will complete their work on time and they will deliver their work on time. It is required that the business people hire the best company, those who can complete the quality work on time. If they go for a company which can work for very low cost then they need to forget about the quality.

Importance Of Translation Services In Delhi, India

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Importance Of Translation Services In Delhi, India

There are various opportunities for job roles in this period of the 20th century and this is mainly because of increased job vacant positions, and the demand for educated people. Translation and interpretation is one of these kinds of job opportunity widely available all over the world especially in India. The mere translation conveys the meaning of converting a text into another defined/ targeted text. This translation can be language to language conversion, business, term conversion, etc., as it directly depends upon the business the company is in.

There are normal translations, zero error translation, just translation, and advance translation. Most of the companies prefer employees to do normal translation. For a translating personal, they need to have the expertise in the language they are working. There is now many ISO certified translation services in Delhi, which offers the customers to translate the given document and the payment terms depends upon their knowledge, and the field they are employed in . These translators can work from online or by going to office regularly. At the previous periods, the companies themselves will take their internal employees to perform this kind of job.

As it involved time consumption and the cost of paying the employee was also high in number, and thus nowadays most of the concerns take a contract basis / have a tie up between the agencies/ consultancies. These intermediaries recruit the personnel from their source of database and employs them to their client office as per their request.

Fields involved in Translation services

The companies will have to pay fewer amounts for this recruitment process. Few companies provide 24/7 service for this language translation service. Translation services in Delhi comprise of in-house translators, interpreters, editors, and project managers and we provide expert solution to the client according to their linguistic requirements. The most common fields in which translation services are used are law, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, marketing, IT, telecommunication, finance, manufacturing, tourism, and travel, etc. The translation service companies recruit the translators and provide them with necessary training like which part of the language they will be involved in such as, Asian, African or European. The translator must also be familiar with the basic software like Desktop publishing (DTP), adobe page maker, Microsoft word, Corel draw, Macromedia flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc. Nowadays there are many translation companies in Delhi which provide voice-overs and subtitling services also.

By: TransLang Ways : Leading Translation company in Delhi, India we provide translation services in languages like Korean, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian etc.

Importance of Translated Literature

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Literature in any form is a reflection of life. It is the source of learning about the multiplicity and diversity of societies and cultures around us. Translated literature has carved a place for itself in the literary corridors for its quality of traversing beyond borders and cultures. It then becomes a medium of connecting distinct cross-border diversities which is necessary in today’s time.

There are stories everywhere and one cannot overlook an eerie similarity in human experiences. The stories get replicated, with minor changes, over and over again. The stories migrate and shift across borders and seep into oblivion. Translation here plays a major role in reviving obsolete interconnected stories that unifies human experiences.

The biggest advantage of translated literature remains in its outreach and the audience reach increases manifold. The translated literature then becomes a good entry point for interested readers, both erudite scholars and readers who read for fun, to sharpen their knowledge about unknown yet interesting things. It also builds an enabling channel between people for cross cultural dialogue.

Some languages are becoming obsolete and this is taxing on the literature created in those languages. To keep the remnants of a particular age or time intact, translation becomes inevitable. It is better to modify the means of imparting information rather seeing a repertoire of knowledge and information going down the drains of history. In fact, a lot of post colonial literature gained prominence only after it got translated into languages with a wider outreach. This had huge impact on the readers and gave birth to a new discourse of looking at things not from a vantage standpoint but otherwise.

This is hugely linked to creating development models for various marginalized communities. Once you are able to get the ethos of a problem, attempts can be made to delve into solutions. Translations hugely enhance our knowledge and mould perspectives by opening up a holistic discourse. It gives birth to new ideas and paves the way to subsequent development. This particularly applies to what we know as the third world today.

The fluidity in the world is increasing like never before. Borders exist but there is a greater flexibility in terms of mobility of ideas, economy and socio-political changes. To have a complete knowledge about various cultures becomes important like never before. Translated literature seeps through the confines of cultural and political barriers.

There have been debates questioning the authenticity of translations and the purpose they serve. The latter, however, is loud and clear. They serve a concrete socio-economic and political purpose along with reviving arts and aesthetics. But is the essence lost in translating? This is a tricky question because it depends upon the means employed and the creativity of the translator. The aim also becomes importance. Is it being translated to ensure a wider audience? Does it simplify the original and the likes? There are certain limitations and complexities because languages work differently. Translations cannot be an exact replica but almost same and if that serves the purpose, what more should we ask for?

By: TransLang Ways: We are fast growing Translation Company in India with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune. We are committed to provide best and certified translation services in Mumbai for languages like German, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese etc. Our translation services in Mumbai are very competitive and completely reliable.

German is my Favorite Language: You know why?

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German is my Favorite Language: You know why?

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world and if written languages are also taken into consideration, there are a lot of other languages as well. But in spite of the massive number of languages in the world, the primary purpose of language is to communicate what one means—whether in verbal or written form.

Each major language has thousands of words but often they aren’t enough to signify what we mean. However, I would prefer a language like German over a language as widely spoken and understood as English because of the advantages it has in the areas of communication and translation.

German belongs to the Germanic languages, which are a part of a larger group of language family called Indo-European language family. Germanic languages are spoken by over 500 million people in major parts of Europe and North America. English and German are two major Germanic languages that are spoken. While German is spoken by around a 100 million people, English has about 300-400 million speakers. German is not as widely spoken or understood as English, especially after Globalization, but it is still an important language as a lot of job and academic opportunities in a country as developed and lucrative as Germany.

While a lot of people think of German compounds as tricky, there is no doubt that the compounding function of German language gives a greater clarity of meaning without having to invent new words altogether. Consider, for example, “Lebensabschnittpartner”, which is considered a synonym of “lover” or “partner”, but actually means “the person I am with today”. This signifies a greater extent of understanding of human relations and its transience, and encompasses it without any ambiguity about what it is that it signifies.

German compounding is also a great help in English to German translations as the meaning behind the words in English can be easily accumulated in the compound words in German, which brings the original text closer to the text in target language. In the German to English translations as well, while English might not be able to articulate the German compound word exactly for the fear of making the text clumsy, it can also be translated in a way where it is not necessary to replicate the word exactly in English but in which the meaning of the word is conveyed.

The root of German and English is same as well, thereby making translations between these languages easier than between any other languages belonging to different language families as their root language is the same. This is also visible in the similarity between their syntax of sentences.

The rising importance of German in today’s world cannot be overlooked. Germany has had a history of philosophical and literary writing and is the world leader in engineering. With Germany offering such a wide base of opportunity for learning and jobs, German is one of the top ten most important languages in the world. The utility of the German language in today’s world makes it worthy of learning.

By: TransLang Ways: We are a very fast growing Language Translation Agency in India and we offer quality translation services in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, India and worldwide. We provide translation services for more than 100 languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese etc. Our Translation Services in Bangalore is best in class and we provide our translation services to some of the leading technology giants in the Silicon Valley of India.




Why Translation Services in Delhi is a Challenging Task

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Why Translation Services in Delhi is a Challenging Task

Translation is basically a task that makes a text in one language accessible in another. It facilitates communication between people belonging to different cultures and languages. There are various theories of translation which dictate the manners in which the text is supposed to be translated. However, translation is not as easy as it initially sounds. Currently, there are many translation companies in India which provide certified translation services in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and other parts of India.

Translation into another language means translation into another culture, translation into completely different set of values and meaning. What might mean a particular thing in one language could be culturally offensive if translated without consideration into another language. This is why one must be very careful while translating a text.

When it comes to translation, one of the most difficult challenge one faces is that of how to translate in order to maintain as much of the original text as possible. But the original text can be maintained in broadly two ways: either by translating such that the syntax of sentences and exactness of words is maintained or by translating such that the meaning behind the original text is maintained. Both ways have their merits and drawbacks.

If one translates to maintain the exactness of words and the syntax of sentences, the culture of the original text is conveyed more accurately and allows reader to feel closer to another system of thoughts. However, comprehension of that system of thought might not be as clear for the readers as the focus of such a translation is on the culture of the original text. If one translates on the basis of the meaning behind the original text, there is clarity of the text for the readership as they are able to understand it better.

However, it ends up compromising the flavour of the original text to an extent as it focuses on the comfort of the readership. The language translation companies in India must follow the rules of quality translation if they want to give excellent and certified translation services in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, India.

Another challenge to translation is the language in which a text is supposed to be translated into. Texts into most vernacular languages are not translated directly from the original text as not many translators are available. Therefore, it is sometimes a two-step or a three-step process of translation in which the text in the source language is translated into some other intermediate language, which, then, is translated into the target language.

Sometimes, there exists more than one intermediate language. As the number of intermediate languages increases, the text in the target language moves further away from the original text. The text in the intermediate language once removed from the original text, making the text in the target language twice removed, which makes the text in the target language a less accurate translation, in terms of meaning as well as words.

There are numerous challenges when it comes to translating texts because of the multiplicity of the kind of translations that can be performed onto a text. Therefore, one needs to choose what kind of translation will suit the text the most and then apply it to the original texts in order to convey the culture and values of the original text along with making it easier for the readers to comprehend it.

By: TransLang Ways Private Ltd is a one of the most leading Translation companies in Delhi, India. We provide certified translation services in Delhi for more than 100 langauges including German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, etc.

Importance of Translation Services in Bangalore, India

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Importance of Translation Services in Bangalore, India

It’s an undeniable fact that in the modern world being bilingual is very important, as the world gets more and more connected, language barriers are a great hurdle. For this purpose, translation services have emerged as the leading problem solvers, now people of different languages can easily understand each other or read material written in an unfamiliar language.

Translation services are absolutely significant, inaccurate translation can cause a lot of problems as it alters the intended message. More and more companies are now setting up business around the world, for this reason it is important to hire worthwhile translators. If the translation isn’t good enough, it may cause delays and problems for your business due to misinterpretation.

Currently, there are many translation agencies in Bangalore which provide certified translation services in Bangalore, india. Translation agencies in Bangalore provide translations for German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Dutch etc. Translation services have a great scope and are used globally for different purposes; they help people translate pages on the internet in their own language, help students enroll for courses in another country and help businesses to interact with employees of different countries.

Although there have been great technological advancements in this area, it will be a long time before computers can replace translators, this is because translating isn’t straight forward. It doesn’t just involve changing the words to the intended language, but rather it involves paying attention to minute details, getting the grammar correct and trying to get the original message through.

Many of you might have seen political conferences in the news; you must have noticed that most of the dignitaries speak in their native language which is translated for the audience. Hence, translation services play a critical role in foreign affairs of nations. Nations train and hire translators on a regular basis; they also expect great presence of mind from these translators because when a politician is speaking at an international forum, it’s important that his/her words are translated properly.

Translation services are also important for the artistic industry. Nowadays, all kinds of literature books are translated to different languages so that everyone in the world, no matter what language they speak, can enjoy the beauty of written words. Even music is translated to different languages, along with films that are broadcasted around the world with subtitles.

The biggest problem that most people face while travelling to a new country is the language barriers. Tourists around the world complain about being misinterpreted or cheated by locals due to the language barrier. Translation services make it easier for people to travel; quality translation allows people to genuinely enjoy their trips. This is why many tour and travel companies around the world, now also offer translators that accompany customers on their trips to help them out.

The importance of translation services is simply depicted through the diversity of languages around the world, more than 50% of the world’s population lives in Africa and India combined, and more than 2000 languages are spoken in Africa and over a 1000 in India. Translang ways is one such Translation agency in Bangalore which provide error free and on time translation services in Bangalore for languages like German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French and etc. Without the use of translation services many people who speak languages that are unrecognized in the world, would go unnoticed and unheard. Hence, quality translation services are extremely important to reduce the language barriers.

By: TransLang Ways is a very fast growing translation agency in Bangalore which offer qualitative and cost-effective translation services in Bangalore, India.

Which is the most translated book in the World? Any Guess?

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Translations have facilitated exchange of cultures across the world through books. The more the number of translations a book has, the wider the reach of the culture it is born out of is. Tremendous numbers of books are being translated into different languages across the world today. Let us examine the most translated book in the world—The Bible.

The Bible was written over a long period of time thousands of years ago. The source language of the Bible is Hebrew, at least for the Old Testament. However, the target language of the first translation of Old Testament as well as the language for composition of the New Testament was in Koine Greek. Earliest known translations of the Bible into Latin happened during the early Church period of the Holy Roman Empire.

However, these translations disappeared in favor of St. Jerome’s Latin translation of the Bible around 382 AD, which came to be known as “versio vulgata”, or “the version commonly used”. This translation was a result of a commission to St. Jerome by Pope Damasus I. During 16th century, this translation of the Bible became the officially published version of the Bible used by the Catholic Church.

When it comes to the translations of the Bible in modern languages, the Bible has been translated and re-translated into English, and in such a process, portions of it have been edited, left out completely or reinterpreted. One of the first well-established English translations of Bible came up in 1611, which was published under King James I’s regime, and is popularly known as King James’ Bible.

The scholars who put together this Bible consulted various other versions and translations of the Bible and did private research to put together this Bible that could be owned by individuals. Another well-known translation of the Bible is the Geneva Bible, which was the primary Bible used by Protestants in 16th century. It was the first mass-produced Bible to be owned by individuals. Moreover, it was also the first study Bible and came with guides, aids and maps, along with footnotes and other modes to help facilitate the reader’s understanding of the Bible.

Today, the full text of the Bible is available in 531 languages, and portions of the Bible are available in about 2,883 languages. Considering that there exist over 6,500 languages in the world, translations of even portions of the Bible into about a third of the number of languages in the world depicts the wide reach of the Bible and of its cultural connotation—Christianity.

In 1999, Wycliffe Bible Translators announced Vision 2025—a project that intends to commence Bible translation in every remaining language community by 2025.

As per an estimate, Bible has sold more than 5 Billion copies and it is the most selling book in the world.

Some of the other most translated books include: Pinochhio (an Italian capolavoro), The Quaran, The watchtower, The Little Prince, Anderson Fairy Tale etc.

By: TransLang Ways: We are leading Translation Company in India and provide quality translation services in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, India and worldwide. We provide translation services for more than 100 languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc. Our Translation Services in Bangalore are among the best one and we are proud to serve some of the leading companies.



Tips for Choosing Best Translation Services in Bangalore – Guide to Beginners

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Tips for Choosing Best Translation Services in Bangalore – Guide to Beginners

Nowadays more and more people are started using translation service for their various business needs. As business becomes globalization, and it becomes common to do business around the world, that’s why translation services are gaining more popularity. If you are doing business or planning to do business internationally then definitely you need professional translation services to translate all business papers, documents, invoices, brochures, technical writing and many more including your official website.

So it’s vital to find the best translation services for your business, it is very important and if you are looking to find good one for you, then do little search on web to access various detail and information about translation agencies. In the past decade, demand for translation services in Bangalore has increased multifold and now you can find more number of translation services online and find the variety of service they offers to you. Finding a best translation service is not much daunting task as you think it is, as long as you know where to find them exactly.

Right place to find translation service – online

Days are getting more advanced with internet technology and if you planning to choose best translation services in Bangalore without any difficulty, then online is right way to begin search. By searching online you can easily find a list of translation agencies in Bangalore available. Before you call them up be sure that you have all possible and essential information for your translation project.

For instance number of pages to be translated, number of documents needs to be translated, deadline for project and more. This information is necessary before you place order for the translation services, make sure to explain your requirements clearly before doing project else it may ends with delay of submitting of project, so please note about it. You may want German Translation, French Translation, Korean translation, Chinese Translation, Spanish Translation, Japanese Translation services in Bangalore, India.

If you are doing business across the world then obviously you need it for various reasons. In order to reach people in the global business, then at some point you definitely need to hire translation services to translate languages. If you are doing online business, then website translation is important so that your site can be translated in to different languages as required. With your website available in several languages, it will increase your turnover and grab new customers from various parts of world. Translation services can assist in numerous ways to set up your business at international level and can increase your sales.

By: TransLang Ways is among leading translation agencies in Bangalore and we provide quality interpretation and translation services in Bangalore, India.

Qualities of Translators and Certified Translation Services in Bangalore

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Translators are extremely important in the modern world, especially for companies starting business in a new country. Inaccurate translations can cause many problems, such as misinterpretation and even losses for the company. Hence, it’s important to have quality translators that know what they are doing.

If you’re interviewing translators for a new assignment there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind, to find the best translator for your needs. First of all, the translator must be a native language speaker; this is the most important trait that you should look for in a translator. This is because a native speaker has better control over their regional language than anyone else; they understand the culture of the country and the intricacies of the language.

It’s important to understand that translation doesn’t just involve changing the words, it’s also about explaining what the author intended to say properly. There are many translation companies/agencies in Bangalore, India which provide quality and certified translation services in Bangalore for languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.

Another quality of a great translator is how much experience he/she has. It’s important to know the type of experience that the translator has, that is, their linguistic strengths, how well they work under pressure and the quality of their translations. Years of experience also matter a lot because someone who has been working in the translation field for years is obviously more comfortable to work with. It’s more beneficial to hire translators that specialize in a couple of languages than those who speak many languages.

That’s because; specialists have a greater control of certain languages than other translators. Hiring specialists ensures quality translations and also specialized knowledge that might be helpful. Leading translation companies/agencies in Bangalore only hire specialist-native translators for providing certified translation services in Bangalore. The degree of responsiveness of translators is also an important factor for a quality translator. Translators need to have a great presence of mind and be prompt in their translations, unless and until they can translate quickly, work under pressure and also translate according to the situation, they aren’t worth hiring.

Translators also need to have great social skills to be more effective and efficient; a translator who can communicate well is easier to work with as they make situations more comfortable for you. If a translator is a great communicator, then he/she can easily interact with you to make you understand better and also translate your words better. The most important quality of a good translator is paying attention to details.

If they’re translating for you or writing something in a different language for you, it’s important that they pay attention to minute details to get the necessary message through to the other person. Languages are extremely complex, the rules of grammar for every language differ greatly, which is why minute details are important. Getting even a small tense wrong might change the whole meaning of a sentence.

A good translator isn’t someone who simply changes words, but someone who uses his own mind to add the necessary effect to the words, so that the exact intended message gets through. This isn’t a quality that many translators possess, but as long as any translator responds positively to feedback, overtime they can deliver quality service.
By: TransLang Ways: TransLang Ways Private Ltd. is a leading language translation company in Bangalore, India and we provide certified and quality translation services in Bangalore for languages like German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese etc.