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Why I like Translation and Translation Services in Bangalore?

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Languages are the doors to understanding a culture. There are over 7000 official languages spoken around the world and there are many more which are yet to be documented. This does not include the old and ancient languages that have not stood the test of time and remain only in history textbooks and documents. With such a large number of languages used around the world daily, study of languages is one of the most popular courses offered by universities in the world today. To truly understand a language, it is necessary to learn it well. The best way to do so is to translate to a language of your choice.

Translation is a not as easy as it sounds. There are various reasons for this. Every language has its own set of cultural ties. These relationships are deep rooted and are formed over hundreds of years. Such cultural nuances are not easily translated to any language. This is what makes language translation especially interesting. To get a good grip on language translation, it is paramount to do a deep study of the local population, its influences, customs and history. This gives us a definite picture of the various forces responsible for the formation of the local language. In countries like India and China, there are various versions of the same language spoken every couple of hundred kilometers. This makes for an interesting look into the diversities of a region.


Translation plays a significant role in today’s global economy. With people doing business over the internet, language plays a significant role. It is essential to be able to understand the local language via translation to truly assimilate the various aspects of the region’s diversity and culture. Language translators are in high demand today due to the increasing penetration of the global economy which has a significant effect on revenue generation. Language plays an important role in any region and the best way to make in-roads is to know the language well. It is understood that knowing a language well allows you access to various aspects of the daily life of the users a lot more than just reading books about them. Language translators excel when; in addition to knowing the language, also have a deep understanding of the region and its culture. This gives them an edge and allows them to do a good job of translation.

The business of translation services is booming in one of the largest outsourcing destinations today-India. Leading this from the front is the city of Bangalore. Translation services in Bangalore are highly sought after globally. The availability of premium talent coupled with competitive rates allows Bangalore to be the right destination for anyone looking to work in the industry or use the services offered. The local population has a significant advantage here since they are well versed in various languages and have a natural aptitude to pick up new languages. An additional advantage is the mastery of one of the largest spoken languages in the world-English. This has given translation services in Bangalore a good advantage over the competition and it has been utilized to the maximum.

Website Translation Services in Mumbai: A boon for Marketing

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With businesses going global, it is important to reach your audiences and appeal to them in a manner that they understand. Marketing today has transcended TV and radio based advertisements and it is the age of the digital network. It is possible to reach a mass of audience that we would have thought impossible, just 2 decades ago. Currently, website translation services in Mumbai are very useful for both local and global companies.

This comes with its own set of issues that needs to be tackled smartly. One of the biggest issues of such a global reach is breaking the language barrier. People speak various languages across the world and it is not easy to penetrate markets that are not well versed in commonly used languages such as English, Chinese Mandarin or Spanish.

Websites have become portals of connections today. They are the storefronts of today’s digital market. A website is your best way to reach your target audience. Great pain is taken to design the best websites of today. But, to reach a global audience, it is imperative to ensure that the content present in your website is readable by everyone. This means that it needs to be translated into a version of the local language where it is been viewed. Sure, Google does a decent job at translation, so does Bing.

They are only good as the software they use, which sometimes leaves a lot to be desired for. They do not have the human touch, which is essential when it comes to language translation, and marketing messages rely heavily on it. Hence the business of website translation is big today. Whoever is looking to do business on a global level understands the need for a global website-one which is translated into major languages.

This is a major boost for marketing. Marketing can be difficult if there is a significant language barrier. Some cultural facets used in marketing can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. It can be very difficult to get the message across by plainly translating words using software.

It is essential to understand the language and then translate it. Marketing is most effective when the reader is able to connect with the content. Marketers understand the value of emotions in marketing and getting the language right is essential in conveying emotions. Website translation is one of the largest types of translation service today and translation services in Mumbai offer the best website translation services.

These services are bespoke with a talent pool that is proficient in various international languages and also have a major asset on their side-a good level of understanding of marketing. This mix is not easily available elsewhere and this is the prime reason for translation services in Mumbai to be one of the best available today. With the explosion of web based businesses and the ease with which we can reach mass demographics of various geographies, it is important to understand the importance of website translation and employ it diligently.


Benefits of Learning New Languages

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With the world economy opening up, there are business transactions happening across continents. The digital age has enabled people to cross borders and do business and build relationships that transcend cultures and geographical boundaries. Global access to economy has enabled the growth of various countries across the world.  Large populations that are part of various countries in Asia are driving this global economy.

One of the key aspects of this particular phenomenon is the need to learn and understand new cultures. The major focus here will be languages. Without understanding the language of a particular country, it is difficult to do business there. There are multiple benefits of learning a language.

Languages are vast and different. They change dramatically as you move through the countries. They are the basis of the various cultural nuances of a particular place. Benefits of learning a language are multi-fold. When you are able to converse with a local in their native tongue, it is easier to get your point across and build relationships. This is crucial when you are planning to conduct a business transaction.

You need to understand all the various aspects of the deal and there are various limitations when it comes to translating to other languages. Some languages have words and phrases that cannot be translated to other languages. This requires a good grasp of the native tongue to understand their cultural references too. What may be passé and considered as just another gesture in your native may be offensive and demeaning to people from other places. Only language can give you the edge here.

Your cognitive skills increase with the number of languages you learn, it is seen that Asians have a much higher percentage of languages known than the Western countries. They have a lot of local languages and they also have the added advantage of knowing English due to colonial pasts.

The best alternative to learning a language completely is to take the services of language translation. This is one of the largest outsourced services today with India leading the global industry. Indians are extremely adept at languages with the average Indian being proficient in a minimum of 3 languages.

The hub of language translation services in India is located in Bangalore. Translation services in Bangalore are highly sought after due to various specific reasons. The outsourcing industry as a whole is well developed in this Indian Silicon Valley. Talent is readily and easily available and this talent is highly valuable too. Translation services are a big industry in Bangalore with one of the highest concentration of companies offering these services in India.

These companies have been able to utilize the local talent pool and provide exceptional quality at the best price. These companies are the reason for the success of translation services in India. With competitive rates, good talent and high quality delivery, translation services in Bangalore offer you the best alternative to learning a language fully.

The Most Translated Website in the World?

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In today’s world websites are the face of every business, cause and goodwill.

If you need to connect with audiences worldwide, it is essential to have all the content you produce translated. This is a major barrier in moving forward in the global economy. To understand this better, let us take the example of the most translated website in the world.

It is the Jehovah’s Witnesses website. It is translated to over 700 languages worldwide, followed closely by Wikipedia which stands at 287. Apple’s website is translated in around 130 languages.

Translating religious texts is not a simple process since the language used in these texts and websites are older versions of popular languages and they need to be translated smartly and precisely or else they will lose their essence and value. Translation service providers for such websites are in high demand today.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Website:

Translating into over 700 languages is no easy task. They have worked meticulously towards this goal and have succeeded in providing the masses with their religious texts in the language of their choice. This is a dramatic move towards making their religious texts popular and so far, it has been a run away success.

To translate old religious texts, you require the skills of people accomplished in the language that the text needs to be translated to and also a good hold on the original language of the text. This makes the job a lot harder than usual. Combined with the complexities associated with religious texts, the need to be precise and to the point is paramount here.

Millions of people read it and take every word as part of their life and live by it. It is essential and extremely important to go a good job at this. Translation experts are in great demand due to the complex nature of such processes.  With the increase in the number of people using the internet to get their hands on content they need, it is only natural to provide this content in the language they can read.

This is exactly what Jehovah’s Witnesses is doing and they are indeed doing a fine job at it. To truly understand the scope of their reach, their nearest competition-Wikipedia has more site traffic, yet they are not able to match up to the standards of translation set by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

If you are in the market looking for experts who can assist you in this complex process of translation, translation services in Delhi is your best bet. The services providers of translation services in Delhi are world renowned for their expertise in translating complex documents such as religious documents and instruction manuals. These require a certain level of skill, patience and knowledge which is not easily available.

Growth of the translation industry in India

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One of the largest outsourcing driven economy in the world is India. With a perfect blend of various cultures, a long history of colonial rule and a highly educated middle class combined with low costs and good talent, India has a unique set of options that are not available elsewhere. One of these options that are turning out to be a massive opportunity in India is high quality translation services. Currently it stands at $1 billion which is a large sum. Translation services in Bangalore have boomed in the last 6-7 years and seem to be heading towards bigger numbers in the years to come.

The Indian translation services industry is able to cater to all types of requirements. With major economic growth in the South East Asian regions, the requirement to translate these languages to English has spiked over the past few years. Since Indians have a good hold on the English language, they are perfectly placed for such projects. Be it simple translations of business documents to complex conversions of technical instruction guides, Indian translation services can deliver.

Translation services are highly sought after here in India due to various factors. Indians are known to be proficient in various local languages that give them the ability to absorb and learn foreign languages faster. Their expertise in English is a benefit that has been the backbone of the outsourcing industry. With universities in India churning out language graduates in the thousands every year, there is easy availability of talent. The main reason the translation service sector has opened up in India is because of the opening up of the economy to foreign direct investment.

There are billions of dollars being poured in the economy today. This has created specific requirements that can only be serviced by locals. For example a Chinese company setting up a facility in Bangalore requires its Chinese manuals to be translated into English or Kannada, the local language. This is where the talents of the local population come into the picture. One of the largest hubs of language translation services in India is in the city of Bangalore. Translation services in Bangalore are easy to find, provide high quality service and offer competitive rates. The outsourcing industry in Bangalore is big and language translation services are highly sought after here.

Translation services in Bangalore are in demand for 2 reasons. One is that the talent base in Bangalore is vast, has great depth and the average quality of education is highest among the capital cities. Another reason is that the infrastructure is far superior for fast processing and delivery of projects. It accounts for the bulk of the translation services industry in India.

With the easy availability of talent and high quality delivery, translation services in Bangalore is leading the race as the most profitable business centre for translation services in India.

Importance of Website Translation Services in Delhi

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In a globalised world today, the invention of the internet has revolutionized the way in which people interact with each other and in which information and knowledge is exchanged. Not only does the internet connects people across countries through social networking sites and forums, but also allows for exchange of knowledge and information among these people.

This exchange might occur through conversations between people of different cultures on social networking sites or by accessing different pockets on the internet that have collections of knowledge and information about cultures different from our own, about general things written by people who live half a world away from us. The websites, then, become sources of the kind of globalised information and knowledge that we are looking for.

However, while it might have seemed an easy enough a task to get a hold of such knowledge and information, things are not so simple.  The companies should rely on best translation services in Delhi.

One of the major problems that occur when we access information and knowledge off the internet is that it may not always be in a language that we understand. Most of the time, while we may be able to access such information, if the information and knowledge is not in a language that we can read or understand, then the information is diminished in value.

Very often, documentation of a culture is done by people within that culture and these people do so in their own language—a language we might not be able to understand from some thousand miles away. Therefore, something that allows us to interpret knowledge offered by people belonging to different cultures and using different languages is very much in demand today.

This is where website translation comes in. Currently, there are many translation companies which are providing website translation services in Delhi and many of them are using best technology for it.  It has been made clear that there is a demand for translation of websites, especially those which offer information about generic things written by people belonging to different cultures as well as information about different cultures in languages we do not understand.

The translation of websites allowed people to access these websites and utilize knowledge and information offered by different people on different websites positively. This enables us not only to know more about those people and their culture, but also access generalized information in our fields of interest, which just might be in another language.

For example, if someone is interested in criticism of Russian literature and the criticism is in Russian as well—a language that that specific person cannot read or understand—it would be immensely helpful for him to have the advantage of a website translation—something that allows for the Russian criticism to be translated on the website into a language that he understands.

In conclusion, translation of websites is becoming extremely important today as it is contributing to globalization of knowledge through a medium like internet, which almost everyone can access anywhere. With this kind of exchange of knowledge, we will be able to understand each other better and coexist with each other peacefully.

By: TransLang Ways Solutions Private Limited: We are a leading translation company in Delhi and we provide quality and certified translation services in Delhi and NCR.

Importance of Language Translation Services during Natural Disasters

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Let us think of the tragedy that struck Nepal a few months ago—the horrifying earthquake whose tremors were felt even at the western most parts of India. Consequently, aid arrived to Nepal from various countries around the world: in the form of food, medical equipment, money and even volunteers to help sort out the aids arriving and try to rebuild what Nepal lost. Translation became a very important part of the whole process: from making the world aware about it to getting to the rebuilding.

Natural disasters, unfortunately, have become very common today, and as a globalised world, all countries recognize the duty to help the country which has been stricken by natural disasters. However, despite globalization, we do not yet speak one language across the globe, and miscommunication caused by misunderstanding of each other’s languages is not a mistake that can be afforded in the tragic times of a natural disaster.


Translation, in such situations, does multiple jobs: it helps minimize miscommunication between countries affected and the countries offering aid, it helps spread the news of the disaster across the world so that more and more countries might offer aid, it keeps the family members of the tourists stuck in the country affected updated through the medium of news, and it lets the locals and the foreign volunteers work together to help rebuild what has been lost. 

Through translation, people in other countries can be made aware of the situation in other countries, which contributes further towards the arrangement of help for them. The news from the affected country is translated and spreads across the world, enabling other countries to do something about it. If someone had gone to the other country on a vacation where the natural disaster had struck, translated news is also very helpful for the family members of that person to keep them updated on the condition of that country and to provide them proof that their relative is alright.

Translation also helps in getting the help from other counties organized and directed to the country affected. As two countries speak different languages, translation can help them bridge their gap in communication, so that the country affected may tell other countries about what is required and the other countries may arrange for aid as per their resources. This enables an efficient working between the two countries, which maximizes the amount of help the affected country receives.

Translation also becomes extremely necessary when aid arrives in the form of volunteers, doctors, builders, etc. from other countries to help the affected country. As these volunteers come from all parts of the world, it is obvious that they do not share one language. However, in a situation where aid is required as soon as possible, all the volunteers need to work together among themselves and with locals in order to be most effective in healing the injured and rebuilding the infrastructure that has been damaged by the natural disaster.

In the light of importance of translation in the event of a natural disaster, it is not surprising that one of the first people who are requested to help in the country affected are translators and know the language of that country.

TransLang Ways is among top translation agencies in India and provides quality translation services in India and worldwide.  All our translation services in India are done by human translators which ensure accurate translations.

Welcome to Translation Services in Delhi, India

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Delhi is the capital of India and one of the fastest growing city in the world. Every year lots of foreigners visit Delhi and many a times they need interpretation and translation services.

Translation of important documents such as legal agreements or court certificates is a complicated and a challenging task which has to be done only by professionals who have decades of experience. For such type of translations the clients must rely on the companies which are committed towards providing best quality translations. The customers must be satisfied with the quality of translation and should feel happy associating with them.

Give an opportunity to us you can see our fast turnaround time for your translations. Our translators will spring to action and finish off the given task within a short span of time. We have already finished hundreds of projects in the recent past and we are flourishing very fastly.  Some of the projects which we undertake are language translations, transcription, subtitling and DTP services. The project managers and Editors working here are extremely dedicated for quality and perform their tasks efficiently.

There are hundreds of languages in this world and it is very difficult for the business entrepreneurs to grow their business without correct understanding or reading of their language. You can entrust your translations of any language to our translation services in Delhi, India and we will provide you error free translations. You can also fix an appointment with our expert Project Managers and can get any of your documents translated. The translators working with us have expertise understanding of their language and domain and they can deliver best results quickly.

You can also provide any specifications, guidelines for your translation. For example you can say that you want your manual to be translated in Sicilian dialect with DTP services.

Our company has translated a huge number of documents for many large companies and we get many orders perennially from these companies. You can check out the tariff of our services and can compare them with other translation companies.

Our professional translators work round the clock. It is always better to hire a trained translator who has years of experience in his respective field and we believe in this fully. Subject expertise is very important for the translators and a translator can only be an expert of one or two subject areas, we assign the translations to the most suitable translators only. For example for medical translations, the medical translators working with our company are either doctors or pharmacists. So while choosing a good translation services in Delhi, India the client should be careful and always choose the company which best suits their translation requirement.

By:  TransLang ways Solutions Private Limited

Need of Translation Services in Delhi

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People like to converse in different languages. Languages are most important for humans and with the knowledge of language they can communicate with each other. If there are no languages it is very hard for human to communicate with others. Translation plays a major role in all business.  People those who like to start a global business it is most important for them to know the language of the state or country where they are going to start their business.

If not so it is hard for them to continue their business overseas. A good translation services in Delhi plays a main role and they are ready to translate each and every document which is very important while doing business.

India is one of the biggest countries and ranked 2nd in the world in terms of population. It is located in Southern Asia.  It has 29 states and 7 union territories. For every single state they have their own language and tradition. While a person from one state like to start a business in other state, it is most important to know their language. It is impossible for people to know and speak all the languages of the world.

People or companies like to hire good translation service for translating all their business documents and to localize their content. Translation is also required by the politicians who like to communicate with the people who speak different languages then them. They need translator to translate their speech in public meeting. Translation companies in Delhi also send some interpreters who can translate their speech.

Most of the people like to start their business in Delhi. It is the capital of India so many people has interest to start their business. They should hire best translation services in Delhi which can give top quality translation for their documents. Good translation companies only appoint professionals those who can translate the documents in correct manner.

Delhi probably has largest number of companies in India after Mumbai so the requirement of translation services in Delhi cannot be undermined.

Translation Services in Delhi for Media

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For every human being languages play an important role. They can communicate with each other with the help of language. All over the world there are different languages and with every country they have their own mother language. It is hard for people from one country to communicate with the people of other countries.

Many people speak English and it is most popular language in the world. Many people have the confident that if they know English they can communicate with everyone. It is not true because in some countries they only give importance to their mother language and they can not understand other languages.

Media is a quintessential part of all forms of government and in democracies its role and responsibilities can not be undermined. An unbiased media is the need of time.

Translation is very important for the people who are from different geographical regions. Globalization paves way for business in all over the world and many people like to start their new business in other parts of the world. For doing business in other country they must be able to understand their language, if not so it is hard to manage their business.

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People those who do not have an idea about the language of other country they can get the help from the translation companies. Media is one of the most popular industries in the world and most people like to watch news in their mother language.

In India translation services in Delhi are very popular. They can translate for any business and media is one of the most important industry to whom they provide their services. Translation provide them news and information from different parts of the world.


Some Challenges in Media Translation

  1. Lack of Expert Translators
  2. In some cases Lack of Recognition
  3. Reach

Media is a big industry and there is lot of content ready to be translated to expand its reach.  Translation services in Delhi are ready to translate all types of content.  With the support of Translation Companies media companies are able to gather and present information from different sources.  Languages are the key of communication and translation realizes the dream of hassle free communications.