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List of some Good Website for Translators for Freelance Work

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Initially while starting out as a translator, it might be difficult to get your hands on projects. There are many companies offering translation services in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad but as a fresher with no experience, getting an opportunity to work with these companies might be difficult. An effective way of gaining some initial experience in this field is by freelancing on websites.
There are a few websites where you can register yourself for free or a nominal charge and have entrepreneurs or companies go through your profile and make a bid according to their requirements. These websites prove to be beneficial as they help you get in touch with clients who are looking to hire people with the same skill set as yours. This is a great way to gain experience and also do as many projects as you can handle. You are remunerated for each project and because it’s freelancing, you do it in a time-frame which is convenient for you. It proves to be resourceful for experienced translators to get a constant flow of work.
Listed below are a few of the best websites for a translator to gain momentum in their field.

translation services in Mumbai

Good Websites & translation services in Mumbai

Translators Town
Translators Town is an exclusive website for translators to find opportunities. On this website, an individual can translate projects in almost a 100 languages. A translator has to bid on the project that interests them and prospect clients choose from the bids that suit them the best. The best feature about Translators Town is that a translator can include previous experience on their profile. The only drawback is that there is an annual fee to bid on projects. In the free version, a translator cannot bid on projects and has to wait for clients to choose them in order for them to bid.

Guru is another great platform for serious translators. They conduct an interview and a few tests to select the best. They work with only 3% of freelance translators which can be a bane but once you are in, you can expect a good remuneration as everyone is a professional and the clients expect high-quality work. It is a good platform for experienced translators to make a comfortable living.

People Per Hour
People Per Hour is a convenient and fast way of getting remunerated. This website employs translators and pays them on hourly-basis or per project basis. A translator can list the services offered by them with the expected payouts for either a project or hourly basis.

UpWork is one of the most comprehensive networking platforms for translators. Experienced translators or freshers can effortlessly find opportunities related to their interest. Depending on the interests of the translator, they can bid for a project and the ones who fit the bill for client requirements are chosen. There is a well-protected payment plan for both clients and translators. UpWork charges about 10% of your payment on jobs and there is a monthly fee for those who want to see what their competition is up to and beat them at the bidding.

Some of the translation services in Mumbai, Delhi offer opportunities to freelancers on a part-time and full-time basis. Experienced translators can also find an association with them. Depending on your skill-set and interest you can find work offline or online.