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5 Tricks to learn a language faster.

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Picking up a new language can often seem intimidating and challenging but with a little ingenuity and groundwork, it can be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Recent research has found that learning a new language actually helps the brain become sharper and more focused. It also is an added bonus while traveling and socializing.

Getting well-acquainted in a new language can be time-consuming and burdensome but being able to converse in a different language can be quite rewarding. Think of it as a skill that will help in enhancing your overall growth and performance. To ease off the pressure that comes with learning a language, here are five tricks that aid in learning a language faster!

Connect– While learning a language, one of the best ways to get a grasp on it, is by incorporating it your everyday life. You could practice it at the grocery store, learning the name of the items or how you would converse in the language you desired to learn. This helps in practicing the language without actually dedicating specified time for learning. Also, it makes the mundane, routine life more interesting.

Observe – While going out for a walk or listening to music, try translating the world around you or the music into the language you are learning. It makes you more aware and intrigued about the language

Change your settings– Be it on your phone, tablet or any other medium, change the language preference to the language you are learning, Even while setting an alarm, change the voice memos in the language your practicing. This way you get to learn the basics. Either on an android or apple phone, change the voice search to the desired language you are learning, you get to learn the way the words are pronounced.

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Accept embarrassment– While learning a new language, there is a possibility of getting the pronunciations wrong and you might end up making mistakes sounding stupid. But this is the bargain you pay for learning a language. Only with practice can you master the language. Be able to accept falling down a few times before you reach the top.

Make notes– Writing helps in retaining information for a longer period of time. So while learning a language, try to maintain a journal with some of the common words used in the language with the phonetic pronunciations. Also, try making sentences out of these words or while observing something, try penning it down in the language you are trying to learn. The senses come together and help make the brain more receptive.

It is important to keep yourselves motivated and driven, as the task at hand can be quite strenuous. But by setting goals and rewarding yourself every now and then keeps you focussed and helps in mastering the new language. Having incentives always helps! Once you see the progress, you will be inspired to pick up another language.

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