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This Book every Translator must read.

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The Industrious – Linguist

A “freelancer”, is the most common nomenclature tagged to a linguist. Although apt in most situations, it skips the undercurrents the profession can generate.

As is the case of self-starters globally, a linguist too begins the arduous journey with a personal conviction to deliver value to clients, eventually fulfilling the dream by assimilating a team, and forming a tribe. Two accomplished professionals, Judy and Dagmar have penned this difficult yet rewarding journey in their widely acclaimed book The Entrepreneurial Linguist.

Translating twins Dagmar and Judy maintain the popular translation blog, Translation Times, and are regular contributors to the ITI Bulletin and ATA Chronicle. Judy is actively involved with the Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association, while German-speaking linguists may know Dagmar through her role with the Austrian Interpreters and Translators Association.


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The book encompasses various inputs over a broad range of topics that make it unparallel, to other similar works in the genre. To begin with, it highlights the first step towards building the business, as understanding and identifying the potential customers and developing an effective outreach program. In order to succeed in it, the interpreters need to develop a competitive advantage, by maximizing on their strengths through the product mix which they offer to the clients. The authors say:

You need to have a strategy before you can even think about starting the direct client customer acquisition process. Here are some issues you need to think about.

1 > Which companies/industries/sectors do you want to target?

2 > Where can you find these individuals or these companies?

3 > Do you already have contacts in this industry?

4 > Where are the industry-specific events?

5 > Can you join a relevant trade group?

6 > Can you ask a contact to take you to an event attended by people in your target group?

7 > Can you buy low-cost advertising in an industry-specific publication?

8 > Are you up-to-date with what is happening in the particular industry or sector that you want to translate or interpret for?

The chapter on professional associations highlights the power of networking, among one of the key differentiators for scaling the business.

The book is brimming with examples elucidating the different approaches needed to build a linguistic business, catering to the needs of clients seeking translation Clients seeking translation services in Mumbai will be completely opposite to the consumers in London. It is specially designed keeping the interests of language/translation practitioners in mind, who want to cater to clients directly. The authors have also provided linguistic specific case studies to describe general business ideas and concepts. Their approach towards building peer influences, professional networks and client management make it an enriching go to resource. Although it is penned with the US – specific procedures, it does do justice to a wider audience.

In a nutshell, the The Entrepreneurial Linguist, is an interesting read making it all the more unput-downable for anyone seeking to build professional association with direct clients.

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