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Do you know Top 5 Dialects of German Language?

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German is spoken by over more than 120 million people around the world. Over 8 countries have German as their language. German is a pluricentric language with their main usage in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. There are many dialects in German that can be traced with different Germanic tribes. Many German dialects are considered as a separate language, however they are still a dialect. Here is a list of Top 5 German Language Dialect.

  1. Frisian or Friesisch Dialect

This dialect is spoken by 500000 Frisian people living in northern regions of Germany along the coasts of the North Sea. Along the borders of Denmark also you can find this dialect. Modern English and Frisian are not intelligible due to the foreign influences. The three Frisian languages are been influenced by Dutch, Danish and Low German. They also share linguistic characteristics between Friesland and Great Yarmouth.

  1. Mitteldeutsch or Middle German

The middle German dialect goes through the whole of Germany stretching out to Poland in the east and also taking Schlesien. It is a predominant language in Northern Germany. This predominance changed in the 16th century. The Early New High German language gained more prestige and became the language of science and literature.

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  1. Niederdeutsch or Low German/Plattdeutsch

Low German is a dialect language but some do consider this as a separate language. Low Franconian and Low German is grouped together as they did not participate in the High German consonant shift. This again has further divisions including Dutch Low Saxon, West Low German and East Low German. This language has its existence in the Dutch border and goes till the German territories of East Pommerania and East Prussia. Low Saxon langauge is still widespread especially among the Northern parts of Germany. The older people in North Germany can still understand and speak but younger generation are unable to understand the dialects. 

  1. Fränkisch or Frankish

Frankish was the West Germanic language spoken by Franks between 4th and 8th century. This poorly attested language gave rise to loanwords in Old French. It has a significant influence on the Romance language which is spoken in Gaul. Franconian dialect is still spoken in lower countries including Belgium and Netherlands. Other versions like Rhine Frankish and South Frankish are still spoken along the river Rhine.

  1. Alemannisch or Alemanni

Alemannisch is a group of upper German branch. It is mostly spoken along the river Rhine and in the north of Switzerland. It also further stretches up to the north Basel and goes on till Freiburg. Even in the city of Kalsruche in Germany this dialect is spoken. It has more characteristics of standard German.

There are many such dialects in German language that are still been followed in small countries. A good translation company providing Translation services in Mumbai should take care of these dialects and do the translations accordingly.

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Do you know Top 5 dialects in French?

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French is the native language of France. More than 130 million people speak French as their first language. There are multiple languages in France but it has many dialects as well. During the French revolution half of the population spoke only French. Efforts were made to modify the French constitution so that they would have minority languages as well. These attempts were blocked as it would contradict the status of French. There are other languages in French called as patois or dialects.

  1. Belgian French

Belgian French is spoken in Belgian by French communities. The main distinction is among the long and short vowels. They lack /ɥ/pronunciation. The combination of /ɥi/ is replaced by /wi/ and in some situations /ɥ/becomes a vowel /y/. Some words are different from that of other French dialects. They call diner for dejenuer and souper  for diner. The distinction between the vowels /ɛ/ and /ɛː/ is upheld, whereas in France, these two sounds have merged.

  1. Swiss French

Swiss French is another dialect in French mainly spoken in Switzerland called as Romandy. The French language spoken in Switzerland differs a little from the one spoken in France or Belgium. The main difference in Swiss French and French is due to the political and administrative systems between Switzerland and France. They have minor lexical differences. The word canton has a different meaning in each country. Switzerland considers a canton as a constituent state of the Confederation, whereas in France, it is grouping of communes in Belgium.

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  1. Canadian French

The French in Canada has developed its own features. Although in the 19th century it was regarded pure by metropolitan commentators but it started to diverge from Parsian French after 1760. Canadian French has a less lip movement with more of monotonous intonation. /t/ and /d/ shifts to /ts/ /dz/ which speaking in Canadian French.  Nasal vowels lose the nasal element in this dialect.

  1. African French

Many French speakers live in Africa as well. African French is the official language in West Africa. With over 120 million people, it has several sub dialects. For example, the variety of French spoken in Abidjan has borrowed many loanwords from the indigenous language Mandinka. These include une go, which means “girl” or “girlfriend, and un bra-môgô, which is roughly equivalent to “dude”.

  1. Acadian French

Acadian French is a dialect of Canada which is spoken by small minorities of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.  In US, it is spoken in Saint John Valley of northern Aroostook County, Maine. Pronunciation of /r/ is commonly used in rural areas of West France.

There are many dialects in French language which differs from country to country. Pronunciation, vocabulary changes and people do find it little difficult to understand. Based on the country and the dialect they follow, translation services in Mumbai  can do good document translation.

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Do you know top 5 Translated Books from India?

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Indian culture is all about different languages and varied cultures. With wide variety of languages, we  have numerous novelists who showcase their talent through stories in their native language. But, sometimes language can act as a barrier and doesn’t allow the content to reach to the audience. Here translation plays a critical role to make this literature available to large masses. Below is a list of Top 5 Translated Books from India.

  1. Thirukkural (Sacred Couplets)

Thirukkural also called as Kural is a Tamil sangam literature that consists of 1330 couplets that talks about everyday virtues of an individual. This book is one of the most important works in the

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history of Tamil language. It is one of the widely translated non-religious books in the world. It has been translated by more than 90 different translators including European and Asian. You can find this book in 40 different languages. Attributed to Thiruvalluvar, the Kural occupies an important place in the literature world.

  1. Isha Upanishad

Isha Upanishad is originally written in Sanskrit and is one of the shortest Upanishads. This Ivsavasya Upanishad proclaims the philosophy of non-dualism in which they declare God to be the sole inhabitant of everything that exists in this world. It is a primary Upanishad and is known into two recensions called as Kanva and Madhyandina. It has over 18 verses depending upon the recension. It is been translated into 64 languages.

  1. Bhagavad Gita

This is a universally acknowledged worlds literary works and is one of the spiritual masterpieces that is been translated into many languages. This has been treasured by American writers from Emerson and Thoreau to T.S. Eliot. With more than 200 translations in English itself, this is one the most translated Indian book. With more than 80 language translations, this book has reached a large mass audience.

  1. Beyond Birth and Death

Originally written by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, this novel discusses whether there is life after death or not. SrilaPrabhupada narrates how soul travels from one body to another. By chanting the name of Sri Krishna will help you reaching Lord Sri Krishna’s ultimate abode. Chanting will help reveal what God is, what one is, how are we conditioned and how can we step out of that conditioning. It is been translated into 51 different languages.

  1. Easy journey to other Planets

Written by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, this book encompasses the systems of sankhya, bhakti and astanga. This publication teaches you an easy way to travel the solar systems. Using subtle and spiritual energy you can travel and see the God’s wonderful creation. This book has been translated in 50 different languages.

There are many other Indian books that have crossed boundaries and reached to million users outside India. The credit goes to the translation services , where qualified translators help in making the novel reach worldwide.

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