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How a great Translation company choose their translators?

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Translating from a foreign language has become an important aspect in every field. An increasing number of companies are working with partners to get their legal or business related documents translated in case of expansion. Below are some essential points which a Translation company need from their translators.

Translators’ Target Language-

When a translation document is done by a translator who is a native speaker of the target language, the result is a high-quality, natural text representation. Sometimes a Japanese translator is required to provide a deeper understanding of the Japanese source text. So while choosing a translator, companies keep in mind their native language and the learnt one.

Field of interest-

The translators’ field of specialization is another factor that translation agencies look for while choosing a translator.  Few might specialize in pharmaceuticals while others might specialize in fields like legal translations, education or work related documents, books etc. as per the field of specialization of the translator, he will be hired by the company.In such a case, translation services in Bangalore, India keep in mind few factors before hiring a translator for their organization.

Style of Translation-

A document can be translated into different styles. It all varies from person to person. Some translators are better at making the translations more that are easier to read, while others translate as faithfully to the source text as they can. According to thecompany’s requirements, they consider the style they want for translation and what purpose the translated text has to serve in order to choose the best translator for the task.

Translation services in Bangalore, India

Translation services in Bangalore

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Good Communicator –

A translator needs to be a good communicator who is an experienced and qualified professionaland can guarantee confidentiality accuracy and efficiency towards the original text. His thoughts need to be clear as it will reflect in the work he represents. For example, a legal translator may not equally good in translating other documents like book, poem or medical documents.


Professional translator will help keeping the documents confidential. For all the legal or personal documents, you can trust on him. The trust factor needs to be built by the translator so that the translation services in Bangalore, India can hand over the confidential documents. The outcome will be different when it comes to working with a mere translator and with a professional certified one. Timely delivery is yet another aspect that companies get when hired a professional translator.

Cultural Knowledge-

Translators need to be familiar with the cultural knowledge of the language they are writing in.  For instance, a document translated into French may be suitable for France but not Canada due to differences in the language and terminology standards. Translation services look into these minor details as well before hiring a translator.

When translators are hired by the company, it is essential to list out that all the requirements that they have. In other words, with clear requirements, translators will be able to perform better when every detail is been properly conveyed.

Future of Foreign Language Learning

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According to the Asia Society, Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world, and is expected to top English in the widely used languages in the world.

On another front, Arabic is the fastest growing spoken language of study at U.S. colleges and universities. Apart from middle East, U.S, schools and universities also promote Arabic as ther second language.

Second and third language become important in schools

Foreign language has become compulsory in every school. It is been a decade that schools started emphasizing on learning a third language. Foreign language learning is not only an added skill set to the kid but also helps in building future. Translation services in Mumbai, India and few such fields are good examples where students can set a mark on.

Schools have made two foreign languages compulsory for students. Their preference on other languages apart from English shows the future of learning other languages.

Machine Translation in future

Google translate looked funny few years back and now it has evolved so much that we see many firms using that. This Google translate helps you translate words and sentences into various languages on the go.In spite of the fact that it can never be at par with the human translators, but it can become a medium to learn foreign languages and make lives easier. They will also be of a great help to the professional translators.


Translation Services in Mumbai, India

Translation Services in Mumbai, India

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Language as a Career

Language that we take up as a second language in school gets restricted to school. We never think of taking that to an integrate level. Second language can add to your skill set and can become an asset for job search. This additional language will uplift your skill set and give you more job opportunities within and outside India. With companies seeking to hire employees with wide skill set, additional language will only become an asset.

Brain Development

It has been scientifically demonstrated that learning foreign languages has a good impact on our brain. The change in structure and the function makes our brain work more efficiently. This can also be a reason for a person to learn a second language. However, it doesn’t concern those who are passionate about every new language they learn and feel happy being a multilingual person.

Foreign language learning has a good future in terms of knowledge and career. Translation services in Mumbai, India and many other companies have acknowledged the importance of the ability to speak foreign languages. They created the necessary legal framework and made the financial resources available for fostering language education, whilst paying heed to the advice of foreign language experts.

In future, learning additional languages will become a necessity rather than an option. Briefly put, the secret of the future lies in the intertwining of language learning and individual interests in an effort to achieve their common goals.

Which are Top 5 Software’s for Subtitling?

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Subtitles are captions found underneath any object that enables non-speaker to understand the speech of the characters. This helps in reaching mass audience and is not restricted to native speakers. Subtitling software’s enables a deaf person to understand what is going on in the screen. Subtitles aren’t done manually but software’s that makes work easier.

Subtitles are commonly found in TV programs, movies. Translation services in Mumbai, India also make use of few such software’s for their clients. Most of the formats supported by subtitles are text based and denoted by extention .txt. You can find multiple software’s for subtitling making. We have selected few best ones for you.

  1. Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is one of the efficient software’s that enables to create, adjust, synchronize and translate the subtitle line by line. With this freeware programyou can readjust subtitle if it is not synchronized and make new subtitles from the timeline or waveform. You get to work on 170+ subtitle formats. This program works in 30 languages.

  1. Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle workshop is another software that supports converting between, creating, opening, editing, and saving over 60 subtitle formats via the Subtitle API library, as well as saving subtitles in a custom user-defined file format. It is user-friendly and its multi-language interface helps to customize as per your requirement. With its vast array of tools, you can function automatic timing and text manipulations. This includes smart line adjusting, spell check, FPS conversion, auto duration and many more.

Translation Services in Mumbai,India

Translation Services in Mumbai,India

  1. DivX Subtitles

DivX Subtitles is an easy to use software apt for subtitles for DivX movies. Subtitle files are available in 46 languages and in 9 different formats including sub, srt, txt, and ssa. With the date of release, movie title, language used and its up loader, this software makes it easy for you to choose the best subtitles. It works in accordance to databse and searches the specific file.

  1. DivX and Media Subtitler

DivXLand Media Subtitler is the best one to create, edit or fix external subtitle files. It works well for all types of video. It is suitable to create subtitle from plain text files. It is designed to assist you with multiple subtitling modes, spelling check, automatic caption timing and many more. This program supports formats like JACOSub 2.7, Adobe Encore, Subviewer 2.0, ZeroG, SAMI, DKS, OVR Script, FAB Subtitler and more.

  1. Subtitle Creator

Subtitle Creator is a powerful software that fits all your subtitle needs. It is handy and easy to use. With its well advanced interface and harmonization features, it has become one of the most powerful subtitle editors. Its outstanding feature is the WYSIWYG editor which allows one to preview DVD’s. One can overlay subtitles on top of DVD’s with the help of its built in wizard. It features DVD Authoring Wizard tool that puts together MuxMan, PgcDemux and VobBlanker in order to add subtitles automaticallywithout losing the originality of the DVD menu.

All the software’s aren’t easy to use. They need technical training as they become useful only when they are aligned with the scene. Due to numerous software’s, creating subtitles have become handy. Translation services in Mumbai, India use such software’s to edit or create subtitles.