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Do you know how Spanish Language has evolved?

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Spanish is one of the Romance languages spoken by 332 million people in the world. Beyond Spain, this language is also spoken in all of the South American republics except French Guyana and Brazil.  It is the official language of Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Rica, Mexico and many more. It is widely spoken in Morocco, Canada, Philippines and The United States. This language belongs to the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European language family. There are two major dialects within Spain: Andalusian and Castilian.  Many other dialects also exist in North and South America. Translation services in Delhi, India caters to all these dialects in a professional way

There is a difference in the language that is spoken in America from that of Europe. Many of the words are similar to the language of the indigenous peoples. The history of the Spanish language in Spain and the origin of the dialects of Spain begin with the linguistic evolution of Vulgaris Latin.


Spanish language originated on Iberian Peninsula which is in the Southwestern region of Europe. It started during the end of fifteen century with the colonization of America. During this time, Spanish had been developed in Iberian but was not known as Spanish. It was towards the end of sixth century, a nomadic tribe moved into this area. They were from central Europe and had a mix of Iberians. This resulted in a new group of people who were called as Celtriberians. This is because they had developed a form of Celtic language.

It was only during the nineteenth century, region was named as Hispania. These Hispanic people learned a new language- Latin. These inhabitants started learning from Romans like traders, soldiers and settlers. This developed a mix of Latin and Celtiberian language. As it had many of the words and phrases adapted from classic Latin language but a mix of Celtiberian, it was called as Vulgaris Latin. This eventually evolve into modern Spanish.

Translation Services in Delhi, India

Spanish Language and Translation Services in Delhi, India

Visigoths took over the region, but even then Latin language remained dominant. This continued until moors arrived and conquered the region. They had more of Arabic speaking people and this led to Arabic as the dominant language of the region. Vulgaris Latin still remained the dominant language in regions dominated by Christians. They tried to conquer other regions and once the Moorish Spain was reclaimed by them, Vulgaris Latin returned as the official language.

In the 10th century, Spanish texts have been found in the Castile area. 12th century texts clearly shows Spanish words. It has had its roots from South Cantabria and has grown up to Castile kingdom.

Spanish Language Today

The basis for Spanish still remains Castilian. Every country has its own version of Spanish language. Basic differences can be easily found in each country. Words differ and in some countries meaning of the same word also differs. But the basic language remains the same.

Linguistically, minor differences have been evolved. But as it remains a global language, so communicating with family or friends across the globe becomes easier. There are many translation services in Delhi Indiathat facilitates this Spanish language based on the country. They provide excellent services for all legal documents.

Do you know evolution of Russian language?

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There are around 153 million  people who speak Russian language. 61 million indicated that they speak Russian fluently as their second language. Russian is one of the most popular languages of the United States. This Slavic language is one of the major spoken languages in the world. However, within Russia the language was altered in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation to suit he Russian needs and to make it easily understandable by all tribes. It was only after 18th century, this language was modified and simplified for the tribes. Modern graphics was acquired in 1917.

Russian Writing

The actual writing system of Russian emerged only after the adoption of Christianity. Cyrillic alphabet was invented in the 9th century. Slavonic was translated from Greek liturgical books. It was since then, Cyrillic had spread across the Slavic world. It came into use after the baptism of Russia by the Eastern Slavic population.


Russian and Greek language are related. They have several similarities confirming the veracity of the Indo- European theory. It is the political, economic and cultural ties that has kept these two nations so close by. During the Christianisation of Russia, many words were taken from Greek to Russia. The linguistic system is strict in terms with any changes or transformation. They have similarity in terms of morphology.

It was around 9th century, Apostles of the Slavs created Cyrillic in order to translate the Bible in Slavic languages. This alphabet is based entirely on Byzantine period. The current version of Russian alphabet has its ancient name with slight changes.

Translation Services in Bangalore

Evolution of Russian Language and Translation Services in Bangalore

Slavic languages belong to the Eastern branch of Indo-European languages. They are divided according to the geographical locations where Slavs live in. they love in the South Slavic which includes Bulgarian, Serb, Slovenian and Macedonian. The unique feature of Slavic language is the absence of tense. The grammar has perfective and imperfective verbs that are organized in pairs. When it comes to grammar, translation services in Bangalore, India does the right job for you at best prices.

The alphabet is an adoption of orthodoxy in Russia back in the 10th century. When they were baptized they felt a need to find linguistic means to express these concepts. Greek words entered the Russian vocabulary. Slavs use Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Catholic people have got their bible written with Latin letters and those who belonged to the circle of Byzantine.

Although Glagolitic has been replaced by Cyrillic, it is still used for liturgy.Cyrillic scrip was created by St. Cyril and his brother Methody. These Bulgarian monks went to Russia to Christianise back in the 9th century. Cyrillic script translated the Bible and other holy scripts into Old Church Slavonic, which is a kind of ancient Bulgarian. There are many translation services in Bangalore, India that do language translation for all your legal documents, educational certificates and much more.

This language had a tremendous influence on the ancestor of the modern Eastern Slavic languages, as it has been used for liturgy and as the written language of scholars, much like Latin in Western Europe. The usage of Old Church Slavonic went on until 1917 when religion was officially declared as being ‘opium for the people’.

Importance of Translation for Market Research Industry.

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Market research industry is a wide one which has the need for questionnaires, surveys, reports, stimulus material, briefing notes, transcripts and discussion guides. Such materials can be achieved only by detailed study of the market. One language doesn’t fit all the markets, neither does one survey style. Thus, in order to achieve a proper report of the market it is essential to have translation companies to set up different styles of questionnaires or survey pattern that fits the market.

Language becomes a barrier when the survey has to be translated in different languages. This is when translation industry comes into place. The survey or report is to be translated in different languages for the purpose of publishing or market study. Translation services focuses on a wide range of documents including group discussions, research collateral and IDI’s, product descriptions, concept boards, showcards and discussion guides.

Translation for Questionnaire

Accurate data is vital for any kind of market research. Shoddy translations can ruin your research project. Any improper cultural reference in the questionnaire may be wrongly interpreted by the speaker and will lead to misleading answers. A person speaking in Spanish may understand the question differently from one who takes the survey in English. Thus, translating it properly becomes important. Once you have asked a wrong question, you will receive an incorrect answer. This will lead to wrong report as you will not be able to compare your survey accurately and reach a conclusion. Research data may be come useless in such a case.

Translation Services in mumbai

Market Research and Translation Services in mumbai

Translation agencies work from the beginning

Translation industry for the market research is a much crafted process which requires complete research into the culture of the country where you intend to conduct the research in. To ensure accurate and relevant results, special attention from the translation agency is required. Translation services in Mumbai, India provide you linguistic accuracy and have good knowledge bout the target locale.

Target Locale

Translation services ensure that every statement or question is correctly interpreted by the respondents. They assign the translator of the same locale of that of your target audience. If research is to be done in Mexico, a Spanish translator will be assigned who has a better understanding of Mexico.

Linguistic Accuracy

To ensure the validity of market research material, translation services in Mumbai, India assign professional translators who have ability to accurately translate subtle nuances in language. Translation industry has experience in translating market research material and specialize in various technical fields.

Market research industry requires translation no matter what are they want to survey in. a questionnaire for example has to be translated in various languages keeping the cultural differences in mind in order to generate accurate results. They have professional translators of that country who understands the market better. Thus, to achieve accurate results a translation company which specializes in research industry is a must.