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Do you know which is the most Translated Children Book?

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Children’s books are popular worldwide. It may come as a surprise to many that some of the most popular books that we read growing up were translated from languages alien to us. There are many examples of this. There are many popular children’s books that have been translated into many different languages. To begin with, we go with the all time highest number of languages translated to, and the book is The Adventures of Pinocchio.

This Italian classic has been translated into a staggering 240 languages worldwide and sits way ahead of its nearest competitor; in fact it doesn’t have any sort of competition at all! Translating children’s books is a skill as it requires the translator to be mindful of the nubile young minds and ensure that the essence and the wonder that the writer has imbibed in the original is translated as is.

The closest competitor to The Adventures of Pinocchio in the translation department is the legendary book by Jules Verne- Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. This book has been translated to over 174 languages. It has become a cult sensation world wide. The original was written in French. Numerous movies have been made of this book and is a favorite choice of young readers across the world. The Adventures of Tintin, the lovable Belgian reporter, his dog Snowy and his best friend the boisterous Captain Haddock has been translated to over 96 different languages. It is extremely popular over the world with the cartoon series being watched fervently.

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It has also been made into a movie. There is a full time museum dedicated to Tintin and Herge, its creator in Belgium, such is its popularity. Alice in Wonderland follows at 96 languages. This magical depiction of the adventures of a girl called Alice as she falls through a metaphorical rabbit hole and ventures into wonderland, the sights she sees and the lessons she learns is part of every child’s upbringing. It is part of the curriculum at many schools across the world.

Among the recent launches, one that is notable is the Harry Potter series. It has a fanatical following across the world and the movie series closely matches the popularity of the book. The magical world of sorcery, wizards and potions along with the coming of age journey of the characters is very popular equally among children and adults. It has been currently translated to 67 languages globally.

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Do you know which are the Best-Practices for Translation Industry?

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Translation has come a long way. From the times of the written word to the printed word and now to the electronic word, translation has stepped up along smoothly. In fact, without good translation, we would not have knowledge of various cultural references we take everyday.

Translation has played a vital role in the spread of religion, medical and scientific knowledge and politics. It has helped people bridge cultural divides easily. The translation industry as a service has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. With technology being developed exclusively for translation services and being increasingly used, translation services have become reliable, effective and accurate.

The industry has matured enough to have its own set of best practices. These best practices are necessary for any translation services provider to service their clients well and keep a steady stream of customers asking for more. These best practices have been created through experience and necessity to ensure that users get good quality translation services.

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Best Practices in Translation Services in Mumbai

Best Industry Practices

  • Streamline the workflow. This allows your resources to concentrate on the job at hand and that is good translation. Ensuring that everyone follows a certain protocol of translation ensures that there is a standard set for the deliverables that everyone knows and follows. Your deadlines are met, quality is not compromised and errors can be noticed faster and sorted out quicker.


  • Setting up a centralized translation memory. This allows you to lower turn around times. This is an extremely effective method that allows you to handle more projects and churn out more projects in lesser time. When your database has inputs of a particular word, and its translation, it need not be done again if it is saved in the central memory. So, when a similar job comes up, all you need to do is match it with the memory and reduce the time required for manual translation.


  • Editing and Proofreading: A good editing and Proofreading team is essential for any content related work and that included translation. A good edit allows you to improve the error margin, decrease returns and ensure that your work is of higher quality. Editing will add to the centralized memory and this allows you to be better at the translation than before.


  • Identify good Talent. There are various myths associated with translators. Some are that if they are bilingual, they are natural translators, and they can do it both ways. The truth of the matter is, most people are stronger with one language than the other and this means that their translation skills may be limited. Find qualified translators who will do the job exactly how you wish to.


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Do you know which is the most translated Italian Book?

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The Adventures of Pinocchio is an Italian novel for children written by Carlo Collodi. It has been translated into 240 languages worldwide and not only is it the most translated Italian book; it is also one of the most translated literary works ever. It is a hugely popular book that has become part of children’s upbringing all across the world. It is a series of adventures of a mischievous Italian marionette called Pinocchio and his poor father. It is set in the picturesque Tuscan valley of Italy. It has been immortalized by Disney in movies and is most popular for the liar’s long nose feature wherein whenever Pinocchio lies his wooden nose would extent.

It was initially published as a serial in an Italian newspaper. Children’s literature was a fairly new idea in the 1850’s and these series caught the imagination of kids everywhere. The style of writing is simple and fluid and hence it was easy for the original Italian work to be translated to over 240 languages. It has become a cult sensation all across the world with millions in movies, series and merchandise. Pinocchio started off as a wooden puppet that came to life. As the series unfolded, at the end of chapter 15, Carlo killed off the puppet. He died due to his innumerable faults. When the editor realized this, he was able to convince Carlo that it is was necessary to keep the character alive due to the interest it had generated. Carlo obliged and in subsequent titles, he resurrected Pinocchio as a young boy who was transformed by the Blue Fairy.

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The story furthers by making Pinocchio understand himself further and stop committing mistakes. This had a moral aspect to it and allowed the older readers to recommend the series to children. It was a roaring success. Pinocchio has become a household name all across the globe with multiple movies, series, books and other merchandise available today thanks to the corporate branding that Disney is famous for. There are monuments that have been constructed across Italy to commemorate the puppet.

The Adventures of Pinocchio have been read by millions worldwide and is currently one of the top 5 most translated literary works in the world. This shows the power of the original piece and the success of the translation services used. The series was later converted into book format as initially it was in the form of a serial that appeared every week in the local newspaper.

Famous writers have used Pinocchio in their works which goes to show the popularity it had gained in the main stream. If you are looking for translation services that require this level of sophistication and    technicality, translation services in Bangalore, India is the best place to go. From movie scripts to full technical documents, translation services in Bangalore, India are world renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and the accuracy of translation processes.