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Does Machine Translation really Helps?

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Translation services are in high demand today.  With the increase in the use of the internet and people getting the opportunity to read more, translation services have become popular. Millions of books have been translated and the seemingly endless languages that they need to be translated to means that a translator has enough work to sustain them. Translating a literary piece requires a certain set of skills.

Technical and cultural aspects of the work to be translated require a keen eye to be picked up and translated without the meaning and essence of the original text lost. Today, it is inevitable to see the rise of technology in all walks of life. Translation services are not far behind. The newest trend is the rise of machine translation.

Machine translation involves the use of a computer of specific software to translate. It pioneered in the 1950s but has become popular now due to its usage on the internet. The most popular freely available translation tools today are the Google Translate and Bing Translate. These are web based applications that allow instantaneous translations of websites and other sources of work. The interesting part about machine translation is that it learns as and when it comes up with a error.

Machine Translation and Quaity Translation Services in Bangalore, India

Machine Translation and Translation Services in Bangalore, India

This learning is directly used the next time it encounters the same issue. It gives you the best possible combination of translation by collecting data over time. The advantages are many. Firstly it is free. It can be used for almost every type of web based resource available. It is currently offered in various languages making it easier to use. It is instant and you can use the translation immediately. Machine translation requires a vast amount of data to be collected. This isn’t necessarily an issue for big search engines such as Google and Bing who have vast resources at their disposal.

Now Deep learning is going to change the way machines are translating these days. Google and Baidu are alreday working on it and are results are looking promising. 

There are various providers of machine learning services today. These use complex software to analyze and translate documents. There are many who rely on machine translation as they see it as an easy, fast and economical means of getting any type of document translated. There are certain disadvantages too to machine translation. Translation requires an emotional connect that can never be attained with any sort of machine intervention. There are always chances of errors that cannot be noted by the software because it can be an emotional error.

Context is not part of the process, since it requires human emotional intelligence; there has not been a breakthrough in that aspect yet. Informal and casual conversations cannot be fully understood by machine translation software. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, translation services in Bangalore India are your best bet. There are multiple agencies that specialize in using both machine and personal translators to give you the best results. Translation services in Bangalore,India are known for their accuracy and by using both the strategies, your accuracy level goes a lot higher.

Do’s and Don’t for a Translator.

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Translation services are a booming industry today. It is worth billions and the demand for good translators is on constant rise. This is the best time to be a translator as the industry is in the growth stage. The addition advantage is the benefit of having technology backing the translators up. The technology has progressed well to aid the translators in doing a better job. With the opening up of trade and travel, people are interested in knowing and understanding various cultures.

Translated works are in high demand due to this. A career in translation is a good way to make good money and enjoy the work that you do. Translators demand good money for their services today and good translators are in high demand too. Various companies have sprung up who offer translation services and one could join them full time or work as a free lance translator.

Best Translation Services in Bangalore

Do’s and Don’t for a Translator and Translation Services in Bangalore

There are certain things that have to be done to become successful as a translator. A career in translation today is a real possibility and to stay in demand and provide optimum services, it is important to follow certain do’s and don’ts. As a translator, it is of course important to learn the key languages that you will be working on. There are various language courses available today that allow you to understand languages, their history and various aspects of the cultures that give rise to these languages. The more you know about the traditions and cultures associated with the language, the easier it is to do a good job at using it for translation. Reading up various important literary works of the languages keeps us keyed in to the language. Listening to audio books gives us a keen understanding of the accents, the background and the cultural aspects of the language.

While working on a translation job, it is paramount to do research on it. The body of work will have significant ties to the region it has originated from. Learn up about it as much as you can. This helps us in understanding the various possible meanings of sentences and their implied truth. This gives you the ability to do a much better job. Try to be creative. It helps in loosening up your ability to comprehend the text and allows you to put across ideas in a better manner. Make use of suitable technologies and databases that give you exact answers about the meaning of certain terms. This allows you to do the job better.

Never underestimate the complexity of the body of work. It is indeed another person’s work so respect that and stay true to the mission of getting the idea across to the reader and not put forth your own interpretations. Understand cultural sensitivities and ensure you don’t step of toes while translating. For getting the best translators who understand the various aspects of translation, translation services in Bangalore, India are your best bet. Bangalore has a variety of translators who are adept at their jobs and understand the seriousness of translation. Translation services in Bangalore, India are world renowned for their easy availability of good talent.

Do you know world Best Translation Courses

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Translation services have become a much sought after service today. There is a great demand for translated work and hence a qualified translator is a hot commodity. The industry has matured over the years. This has lead to the rise of various courses that are offered by top universities across the world for translation. It is always good to have a degree in translation from a recognized university.

It allows the translator to be accepted and gives them the required technical information for tackling translation jobs. A well read and certified translator has no dearth of good offers. Today, many well known universities offer degrees in translation as well as interpretation. There are various levels offered too, ranging from diploma and certification courses to masters degrees too.

Translation Courses and Translation Services in Pune, India

Translation Courses and Translation Services in Pune


Let’s look at some of the most popular Translation courses and the universities that offer them.

Master of Translation and Interpretation- Macquire University- This degree offers the much needed liguisitic abilities to translators including technical and professional skills.

Master of linguistic Sciences- University of Eastern Finland- This masters degree is taught entirely in English and gives the student the opportunity to study language, language technology, linguistics and translation from a variety of aspects and approaches.

Master in Translation- University of Mons- During this course, students shall acqire specific skills and understand strategies to help them translate, especially in French those documents that require a high level of expertise and specialization.

Master of Translation Studies-University of Western Australia- This master course provides world class translation studies and training for excellent work in English, Chinese, French, Italian and German. The course is offered in both directions.

Master of interpretation and translation- University of Western Sydney- This course is very well suited for well trained and fluent bilinguals who are looking to expand their theoretical knowledge and improve and acquire high levels skills that are important to becoming a professional interpreter or translator.

M.Phil in Literary Translation- Trinity College Dublin- This course is a combination of 2 core courses. It offers theoretical and practical solutions to the most often seen issues that professional translators face. It provides a selection of specialized options which also includes the common challenges while taking up literary translation and comparative approach to the work.

Kent State University-Ohio– This University offers a two year masters in translation as well as PhD courses in translation. These programs are designed to address the research necessary to carry out specialized translation software, computer assisted translation tools and so on.

Monterey Institute of International Studies- This university situated in California offers highly sought after masters programs in translation and management of localization, translation and interpretation. It also offers masters degrees in interpretation of conferences, a rarely seen course with a lot of value today.

Translation services in Pune, India are highly sought after today because translators from India have acquired degrees from these universities and have a firm grasp on the theoretical and technical aspects of translation. This is the reason translation services in Pune, India are in high demand as the translators have official degrees that allows them to do a fantastic job of translating and reduce errors which may not be the case with amateur translators.

Africa: A unique Home of more than 1000 languages

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One of the most unique varied and beautiful regions of the world is the continent of Africa. Full of customs and traditions, Africa is famous for its different cultures, varied people and of course scenic natural and man made structures. It is also famous for its abundant resources- natural and man made. It is also a great hub for investment.

Africa is also famous for the sheer amount of languages that are spoken in its boundaries. These languages are distinct in nature and are often exclusive to the continent. However that doesn’t make them any less important as Africa is a golden continent where opportunity exists in plenty. This is why a number of translation services currently are on a lookout for people who are fluent in African languages. These services include Indian based services such as Translation services in Mumbai as well as international services.

It is rather impossible to count the total number of languages spoken in Africa due to the sheer number and lack of necessary technology, however it is estimated that Africa is home to around 1250 to 3000 languages. All of these native languages of Africa are often divided into six major families, however many other families exist. The major families are:

  • Afro-asiatic: Spoken in the North East, Middle East and Horn of Africa.
  • Nilo- Saharan: Spoken in Chad, Sudan etc.
  • Khoe- Majorly spoken in Namibia and Botswana
  • Niger-Congo- Spoken in Southeast, Southern and West Central Africa
  • Austronesian- Common in Madagascar
  • Indo-European- Common on the Southern tip of the landmass.

There are many languages that are not related to these or other minor families. Many other languages are yet to be classified. Many sign languages also exist in isolation.

Translation Services in Mumbai

Africa: Home of 1000+ Languages and Translation Services in Mumbai

What makes languages of Africa unique is the continent’s extensive history. Foreign invaders, traders, workers and others have influenced the languages of Africa in many ways. Often the contact resulted into amalgamation of different languages resulting in creation of new dialects and languages. For instance many African languages have influence of Indian languages such as Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and many others.

Most of the nations in Africa once were under colonialists. Many of these former colonies selected the language of the colonialists for the purpose of national unity. However recently, many nations have been supporting the idea of multiculturalism and multilingualism to promote cultural and linguistic diversity. Many policies have been developed to preserve and promote the distinct characteristics of the languages.

One of the most peculiar qualities of African linguistic system includes the high amount of tonal languages. Khoi-san phyla and Nilo-Saharan are fully tonal. The tonal melody plays an important role in most of these languages. Syntactically too, African languages have many peculiar characteristics that often confuse new speakers or learners. However trained professional at places like translation services in Mumbai and many other cities are well acquainted with all the different shades of the languages and thus are a reliable source for many.


Italian: Language of Poetry and Love

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Romance languages are some of the most passionate, beautiful and enchanting languages in this world. These languages derived from the spoken Latin of the 6th century CE are now some of the most widely spoken languages all over. Although many Romance Languages exist, the five most popular and commonly used languages are French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese. Out of these Italian is lingua franca of a large demography.

Italian, one of the most romantic languages of the world is spoken widely in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City and San Marino. It is also spoken and understood in Malta, Albania, Croatia and Slovenia. It is also spoken by large communities in America and Australia. Italian is an official language of the European Union and according to their statistics around 65 Million people speak it in the union. It is also spoken by many minorities all over the world.

What makes Italian unique is that it is closest to Latin in many aspects out of all the Romance Languages. Thus many people look for translators and interpreters for Italian making translation services in Bangalore popular job hubs.

Italian Translation services in Bangalore

Italian: Language of Poetry. Translation Services in Bangalore

The origin of Italian language is not clear; however the origin of Modern Italian can be traced back to Dante Alighieri. He formalized the language in the 14th century and thus he often, along with Boccaccio. is considered to be the fathers of Italian language. The works of these people are still studied and read all over.

Other than Boccaccio and Dante, prominent figures such as Petrarch, Machiavelli, Castiglione and many others had a major role in the formalization of the language. These people also wrote significantly making the language and world literature extremely rich. Dante’s Divine Comedy, Boccaccio’s Decameron and Petrarchan sonnets are considered to be masterpieces of world literature.

Petrarchan sonnets are valuable for their rich expression of love as well. His beautiful and enchanting lyrical poetry has been used by many lovers to express their love for their beloved. Due to this and many other factors Italian is considered as the language of love and sensuality. Due to its distinct pronunciations and phonetics it sounds extremely melodious and seductive- characteristics often required in romantic love. The factor that makes it so melodies is the use of vigorous vowels. All the vowels are prolonged and pronounced with a gusto that gives them a musical quality.

Italian is now one of the most learned and taught languages in the world. Its popularity continues to increase due to the rising stature of Italy in international politics. It is also a popular language with academicians who want to study the ancient literature and works. It is popular among lovers and romantics who want to express their love in the loveliest language. Thus the translators, teachers and interpreters are always in demand so are translation services in Bangalore.

How Technology will change Translation in 2016?

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When Google translate was launched in 2006, basing translations on millions of words and texts, it was assumed that it will take over the human translators. That didn’t happen so, due to the difference of human translators and the personal touch they give to the companies are irreplaceable.  These machine translations are there for a long haul but failed to replace the human translators.

As this New Year has started we do expect certain technology changes that will bring change in the translation industry. With apps like Google Translate will bring translation to millions of new users. For corporations, getting translations “done” has to be more simple and effortless. Technology helps to do just that. An ordering portal isn’t just enough. You even need a customized platform which gives you a fast response time from initiating translation requests to publishing.

Computer assisted translation tools are computer based tools which helps in assisting translators in completing the translation tasks. Included in the suite of tools are terminology management systems. This terminology management system facilitates the creation, storage and retrieval of terms. Most TMSs allow these terms to be mapped into multiple languages. The ability to store and access this terminology has a huge impact on the translation industry. The translation department of international organization is one such example where the use of specialized terms is the norm and other translators are working on the same text, TMSs helps to ensure more consistency in translation of field-specific terms.

Technology and Translation Services in Pune

Technology in Translation and Translation Services in Pune

Clients demand for faster translation and at times they even try to get it free. In 2016, there might be some more apps coming in that will help in quicker translation. As many of them can’t afford to pay huge price, technology will help such people and promote price reduction. There are multiple translation services in Pune, India that do a cost effective job.

Although Google and Microsoft have come earlier with apps that help translate in no time, still they fail to compete with human translators. Automatic translation isn’t currently producing the quality of work that humans do. Though they are fast and technology in future will make it even quicker. Professional translators take good care in order to ensure that the message resonates with a foreign audience as the original author intended to do. Machines lack the ability to do this, no matter how much technology improves. There are translation services in Pune, India available that do a very good job.

Specialization and “premiumisation” are the best tools which every company needs to become a successful company. We can’t boycott the machine translations either. To respond to new trends and try to fulfill the new needs by adapting the latest technology will help us become creative. We assume that this year will bring in more competitive computer assisted tools. Using such tools make work easier as they come with extra benefits and a software designed socially for the translators. Hypertext is one of the simplest and the best inventions of this age. We expect such an invention that will help transform the word of translation.

Why 21st Generation must be polyglot?

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With increased competition many new generation students believe that learning new languages has become very important. It not only adds to their skill set but also gives them ability to cope up with this tough world. English may remain the international language but learning new languages gives them an international edge. Being a polyglot helps them to develop interpersonal skills and strategic communication with the world.

Apart from giving them cultural and intellectual benefits, becoming a polyglot can open up new opportunities for people. Getting jobs in foreign countries becomes easier if you know their local language. Government and non-government organizations especially the multinational companies look for people who have proficiency in more than one language. Even companies do not want to restrict themselves to one country. In order to expand they are looking for people who can talk and tackle their customers in different languages of different countries. With a common language (English), you cannot cross boundaries. Almost every country prefers to speak in their native language and feel pride in doing so.

Translation Services in Mumbai

21st Generation and Translation Services in Mumbai

This has become a latest trend among the youth. Learning new language has become much easier than before. Enroll yourself in an online course or programs and in few months you will be able to learn a new language. There are number of organizations that offer good translation services in Mumbai, India. If you have an interest in learning, then grasping languages become much easier. Competition is another factor due to which people are trying to learn new languages. To impress their fellow mates and to stay ahead in the competition, there is increased number of polyglots found in this generation.

New methods and technologies have opened up great opportunities and connect you with the real world if you are a polyglot. This motivates the students to learn and communicate in new language. Many schools even use high-tech tools like Skype, Google talk to connect with other countries. As they live in a highly interconnected world, technology helps them to understand the cultural diversity and growing interdependence of people and nations.

Learning new languages helps them to understand the cultural diversity and learn the differences and built connections. Knowing different languages and cultures involves connecting, engaging and interacting with other people and removing boundaries. Understanding the countries culture becomes easy when you become a polyglot. As what is acceptable in one country might not be the same everywhere. There are many translation services in Mumbai that have good knowledge about the country’s culture and it reflects in their work.

This generation must be a polyglot as it increases their personal, social and economic capacities. It also helps them in shaping and making meaning from new leaning environments. Such people not only interact easily but also respond creatively to the change and global opportunities. It develops their intercultural sensitivity and gives them a power to understand the cultural differences. Language learning has become a part of everyone’s learning as it helps them grow and prosper. It helps them to grow as an individual as well on professional grounds.