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Which is the most dubbed movie in the world?

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Where once movies used to have subtitles in every screen, today their focus is on having a dubbed version for different country. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, industries are trying their best to reach various markets to gather as much money as possible. Behind this trend is the rapidly growing style of Hollywood which makes it harder for the audience to read at the bottom of the screen and follow the expressions. The provider started demanding for a dubbed version of the film making it easier for them to understand.

Bahubali being the most expensive film in the world was a Telegu film. This film had being dubbed to enter a large market, keeping the special effects and performances same. As only a particular South India part could have understood the language and the makers couldn’t have made that much money to cover their costs. Thus, to became important to dub it in other languages and present to a larger mass. The worldwide gross had crossed Rs 300 crore in the first week itself. It had been dubbed in various languages including Kannada, Tamil and many more.

It is one of the biggest dubbed films from the down South and had competed with the biggest grossers in the international markets. If it wasn’t dubbed, it was impossible to garner that amount within India. Thus it is very important to take care of the masses and provide them with what they require. The Hindi version is yet to hit the markets and encash more.

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Bahubali and Translation Services in Bangalore

Directed by SS Rajamouli, Bahubali was made with epic visuals and its sword and sandal genre film had generated a lot of buzz in North India as well. This 5 hour long movie had to be divided in two parts and the last part is all set to release this year with many languages’. This most expensive Telegu movie is yet to be dubbed in Malayalam and Hindi. The Tamil version was out last year and did a very good job. This is the widest dubbed movie in terms of screen count and the first Indian film that will transcend regional boundaries. There are many translation services in Bangalore that help in providing quality translation.

Dubbed versions are becoming increasingly popular not only among the family oriented films but also live actions movies. For example, the first and second installment of Mission impossible series did come out with subtitles but they made sure that they get the third installment had dubbings they had 25% of the third one being dubbed and 44% of the fourth being dubbed.

A key factor behind having the dubbed version is related to the way Hollywood movies are being shot. Rapid succession of footage makes it difficult for the audiences to catch up with the subtitles. It becomes harder mainly in 3D movies. Movies that are made in Japan, have made it a norm to dub and make it available in Italy, France and other countries. This not only makes them to earn more but also open markets to enter. The cost is not an issue when it comes to dubbing. It is considered as a standard practice to do this when they make the DVD’s available. There are many translation services in Bangalore, India that do a great job in providing Dubbing services.