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5 Rules of Great Translation

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When a translation is done whether in business or in general for languages, you need to have good command over more than one language. Writing the content matter in one language is easy, but when it comes to converting the matter in local language of other countries, you face the task of translation. The difference in the quality of the matter will differ from one translator to the other. There are a couple of rules and instructions to be followed in order to have a good translation.



  1. Translate the sentence and not the word– You need not be an expert in linguistics to make a good translation. If you have a good command over the language you can do the translation efficiently. Translation should not be a duplication of word order or grammatical construction which is used in the prior language if your target audience fail to understand. The building up of a sentence can differ from one language to another and from one translator to another. There are many translating companies in Bangalore that do an expert work. Good translators translate the sentence from the source document. It is advisable to keep your sentences short and meaningful. For example: In English, drowning and water goes simultaneously; so you need not mention the word ”water” to describe “drowning”.


  1. Right Source – The source that you provide for translation should be right and of high quality. The quality of the document should be well written and shouldn’t have any scope of wrong interpretation. In such a case, only the correct information will be presented in the other languages as well. There is no place for wrong interpretation by the translator. Use relevant examples to make the statement clear to the audience.


  1. In depth Understanding– The translator should have good understanding of the matter as well as the language. The translator should go through the original source thoroughly. Clarify if you have any doubts rather than misunderstanding or skipping the matter. Translate and clarify the meaning of special terms and key words prior to interpreting. Make a note of the main points of the speech; this will help you while making translation.


  1. Take translation as a Recreation work– Translation can seldom become boring after a point of time. Overwork and boredom can bring down the quality of work. To make it interesting it is important to make the matter interesting by adding your own style. Translation is not about translating every word. It is about making the reader understand the original source without hindering the authors’ imagination and style.


  1. Understand the Culture– You should have a good understanding of the culture and the audience. Every culture has different vocabulary and usage of punctuation. Translate according to the understanding of the audience.



There are many translation services in Bangalore that have good knowledge about their audience. Such companies make sure that the translation is clear and simple in order to make it easy for the readers to understand.  Keep the sentences short and support with relevant example, if the word is uncommon and not understood by the audience.

All the good translation services in Bangalore come with the guarantee of top quality and culture adaptability. Proof reading is essential so as to check the grammar and punctuation. Make the relevant changes keeping the target audience in mind.