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Do you know the Dialects of English language?

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Dialects are one of those words that approximately everyone thinks they have an understanding of but in reality is in fact a little bit of a pickle than it appears to be. A simple and to the point definition of dialects would be that a dialect in the English language are linguistic characteristics that may differ in pronunciation, vocabulary or grammatical framing of sentences. These variations can be associated with a significant place or region or even due to a particular social group. English speakers from different places or countries of the word speak in a variety of accents, using different local words and grammatical constructions and this can also be one the reasons as to why there are so many dialects of the English language.

Linguists have divided the dialects of the English language into three main groups or categories: the British Isles dialects, the North America dialects and those of Australasia. Dialects can’t just be associated with the regions the language is spoken in but also by the group of people the language is spoken by. Often we see that even within the same English speaking country, the dialects and accents of the people differ depending on region to region.

English is actually a curious language. It is already a mixture of the early Frisian and Saxon languages. It absorbed other languages such as Danish and Norman French and was later made an addition of Latin and other Greek technicalities. Region to region it kept absorbing terms for plants, animals, food, clothing etc from the natives of the place and thus expanding it array of words. Plus the large number of dialects ranging from Cockney to Jamaican and enormous sources of slang continue to new expressions to the mix.

If we start looking at the dialects according to the continents, then the list seems to be a huge one. Starting from Europe, North America to Asia, Africa and Oceania each of these continents have at least four dialects present in them. In Europe the dialects vary from United Kingdom to Isle of Man to republic of Ireland. In North America the United States, Canada and Bermuda all these places differ in the accents and pronunciations. Asia has different dialects as well. From Brunei, Burma and Hong Kong to Sri Lanka and Singapore the difference in the dialects is very obvious. Same goes for the difference in the style and mannerism between the people from Australia and those of New Zealand.

Some traits are exclusive to a particular dialect of the English language. For e.g. Southern English engages in the practice of dropping the r from the words pronunciation. So far becomes fa and fire become fai. Similarly the cockney dialect which was originally the dialect of the working class citizens of the east end of London has the peculiar habit of dropping the initial h from the starting of the word. Therefore house becomes aus. These small practices give the variations to the English language and hence are the reasons behind the enormous number of dialects of the language.

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How languages are changing the world?

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Language is an individually human present, which is nodal to the experience of being human. It had been a long time since the idea that language might give shape and structure to thoughts was thought of as unstable or in simpler words just wrong. However, research at many labs and universities including that of Stanford University and MIT has helped to spark a debate on this question again.

Large amounts of data has been collected from around including countries like China, Greece, Russia etc and this data has shed light on some very interesting facts as well. The data points to one important observation: people who converse in different languages undoubtedly think differently as well and in turn affect how these people look at the world.

Human beings are a complicated species. We communicate with each other using an enormous cluster of languages with each different from the other in more than one way. But this difference gives rise to questions such as the one in context. Are languages changing the world?

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These questions have attracted attentions towards themselves for a long time now. Philosophers and linguists as well as psychologists from all over the world have been engaged by them. However despite this regular debate and attention on the topic, very little research work was done regarding these questions until recently. As discussed in the first paragraph, the idea that language might structure thought was treated as untestable. But the data collected from the research proved otherwise. The research established that language and its role in building the mental lives of human beings should be appreciated and by appreciating this critical role we can get a fraction closer to understanding and learning the immensely complex nature of humanity.

The most beautiful aspect of all the research was that we don’t even really need to go into a lab or have a research to see the effects of language and its effect on the world; we can simply observe it from our very own eyes. Consider the process of personification in art – the different ways in which an artist gives abstruse entities such as death or time human form. How does an artist decide the gender of death or time? Interestingly in almost 85 percent of personifications the gender is chosen depending on the artist’s native language. Eg. German artists are inclined towards painting death as a man whereas on the other hand Russian painters are more inclined towards painting death as a woman.

Numerous other studies have shown the effects of language on how human beings infer events and reason when it comes to causality, experience and perceive feelings and emotions and even in the process of how they choose their professions and life partners. All these taken together, these studies and results show that language and linguistic operations are prevalent in most basic sphere of thought. Language is nodal for every human being and in their experience of being human and the way languages are spoken structure the way we look at world and our lives.

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Translators and Translation Services in Bangalore

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Language is very important for human beings. Without language they cannot communicate with each others. In every country there is separate language. Many a times, people need interpreters to communicate with other country. In some country they have different states and each state has separate language. There is a great demand for quality translators.

Globalization creates wonderful opportunity for people to live in some other country. And many business and political leaders are visiting other countries for their business and political gain. While they are going to other country they need quality interpreters and translator those who can translate with exact meaning. Demand of Quality Translation services in Bangalore is increasing very fastly.

If companies get poor translator then they will completely ruin the meaning of the word which the person needs to convey. Only a good translator can convey the correct message exactly. Many a times, a translator is also responsible for the success of the business.

Translator plays an important role in the success of the business

For the people who are searching for translation services in Bangalore it is good to hire a reputed company those who have good experience in the translation field. Now days, we can find lot of translation companies who are serving both private and public companies. There are many differences between the translation services. In most of the translation companies they have the translators who have good knowledge of two languages.

People can hire the translator for foreign language and local language. When people from one state like to start a business with other states they need a translator to communicate with the other state. Good translators can quickly translate the messages. Some translators are very talented so there is great demand of them. Translation services play a major role in the growth of economy and many people require the services of the translators.

In these days, many schools teach foreign languages as one of the subject. I think, in future we will have lots of quality translators who will be able to provide great translation services.

Importance of Translation Skills in Translation Services in Mumbai

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Translation is becoming very important in every field. Most of the people are doing business worldwide and they need quality translators and translation services. There is a great demand for quality translators and many companies are willing to hire professional translators those who can translate their document correctly.

In international market people like to hire technical translator for online translation work and web translation work. Translation companies are willing to appoint translators those who have clear knowledge in the translation work. Only good translators can translate the documents without any mistakes. Many people have doubt How to translate accurately, what to do?

A well experienced trained person will have the complete knowledge on how to translate documents without any errors. Most of the translation services in Mumbai are error free but it is difficult to choose the right translation company in Mumbai. Translators are needed to change the documents in different languages and most of the translators are good in translating into their local language. It is most important for the translator to be good in both the languages then only they can translate the work without any grammatical mistakes.

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People those who are hiring the professionals for translating work like to get their document with originality. A well experienced and talented translator can translate the document as it is. There is lot of differences in different languages. And only a good knowledgeable translator can translate the document in the correct sense. They need to have good translation skills then only they can change the words into the other language with the right sense. The translation companies in Mumbai must take full care of translation skills while providing translation services in Mumbai.

Many companies like to hire the translator for legal work and people those who are doing translation work for the legal documents must understand the legal terms. And they like to appoint the translator those who have knowledge in the legal terms. It is most important to convey the correct message while translating from one language to other language.

If they translate anything which is wrong then they can cause big damage. It is imperative for every translator to understand the original documents very well then only they can translate the work with accuracy without any mistakes.