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Role of Translation in E-Learning

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E-learning is no doubt one of the most flexible ways of learning, if not the most flexible. It is often also used in combination with face to face learning.

The E in E-learning, as stated by Bernard Luskin, has more meaning to it than just electronic. It also stands for effective, educative, expressive and excellent. Today, almost everyone uses the Internet for research and expanding their knowledge base. But more often than not, communication barriers become a problem in this process. English is only spoken by about ten percent of the world’s population. This gap is bridged with the help of translation.

Since there is an absence of a language or a medium of communication through which all the people of the world can communicate with one another without worrying about whether they would understand the other person’s language or meaning, gives rise to the need of having such a medium. And this is where translations or translators come into play.

Technology is evolving with every passing second and discoveries are being made every other hour. With each passing day, we get to know more and more about the things we had no idea existed till the day before. And these discoveries are shared with the whole world through the help of translations. Texts are translated by translators into numerous languages so that people, even in the remotest parts of Earth, have access to knowledge.

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Imagine a world where we didn’t have any way to understand what a person who doesn’t speak in the same language as we do was saying. Or didn’t have any means to read what was happening in the other parts of the world as we had no understanding of their language, their writings and their world. How limited would our knowledge have been! With absolutely no room to grow or evolve! We would be living in a bubble that could burst any moment and we wouldn’t be able to save ourselves.

The world has been brought closer with the help of translation. Discoveries made from one part of the world are available to each and every one in the world. Textbooks written in a particular language are now available in every language, making learning about any other culture or society so much easier. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that translation has brought a revolution in education. Texts that once could have only been understood by scholars and linguistic geniuses are now available at a touch of a button in every language known to man.

On a concluding note, translation is the back bone of e-learning in the modern world. The whole world is being brought together on the basis of information and communicative advancements in the field of translation. It is no longer just a process through which words are converted from one language into another but has evolved into the evolution of ideas and intentions.

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Do you know these benefits of learning new languages for memory?

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Learning a new language or several may seem like an enormous amount of work. And no doubt it requires a huge amount of hard work and time. But in today’s fast paced and immensely connected world, surviving on merely knowing a single language is an even harder task. Here is where knowing another language saves the day. Little do people know that individuals who are bilingual or multi-lingual are more conscious of their surroundings and have a higher ability to focus their attention on important information.

In the words of Charlemagne, “to have knowledge of another language is like possessing another soul.” Being multilingual has an incredible number of additional benefits, the most important being its association with memory. A number of studies showed that multi-linguists scored better in standard exams and tests especially in mathematics, reading and vocabulary activities. They were better at memorizing sequences and lists. The mistakes that the brain tends to make in spellings or comprehension while taking shortcuts, also known as Cognitive Traps, are much easily avoided when one possess the knowledge of how to speak in more than one language.

According to recent studies, people who know more than one language might be better decision takers. The study showed that multi-linguals were more defiant of scams and conning techniques making them more immune from getting affected by languages used in modern advertisements or political agenda speeches and campaigns. The multi-linguists in other words were calmer and more composed decision makers.

Acquiring a new language also increases the attention span of a person. The whole process that one goes through while learning a new language serves as exercise and training for the brain which upgrades the person’s concentration as well as problem solving techniques and skills. And the best part about this process is that once a person starts to learn a second language, the techniques that the person uses to acquire knowledge about the language can just as easily be extended to learn another language. That is, it becomes easier with every new language.

According to research, speaking more languages increases the number of neural pathways of the brain allowing information to be buffered and interpreted by the brain through a larger number channels. The study also shows that multi-lingualism acts as a catalyst in the improvement of those areas of the brain that are responsible for attention and executive functioning.

Another ground breaking discovery was the prolonging of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by years.

The more the brain is worked, the better it becomes. Learning a new language means getting accustomed with a whole new set of rules and words and then memorizing them to use all this information to form grammatically correct sentences and phrases for effective communication. It is this whole process that increases the strength of the brain since the brain now has developed the ability to link different kinds of information with mnemonics and thus, can hold information for longer durations. This is why people who know more than one language can remember names, lists etc. better.

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Technology And Translation Services in Mumbai

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Advancement in technology has improved our standard of living. It has changed our approach towards various activities. Before all these technological development, we were doing all these works manually. Now with the expertise knowledge of technology, we are capable to do all the work with innovative techniques. Like all the other work, we do translation also with experts and expert techniques. All these have been possible with the help of the improvement in modernization.

Those days, if we want to translate something we need to search for, the expertise to do this job. Now we have a number of professional agencies available in the market. The only thing is we have to choose the best one among them. These agencies will have professional translators with good linguistic background. Soon after we give the project, they will assign it to the eligible person to do the work as required. They must complete the target before the time allotted to them.

The service of translation should be done with full confidentiality. At any cost, this must not disclose to others. The document, which has assigned to translate, should be safeguarded with utmost care. We have many translation services in Mumbai which takes full care of documents. They don’t only translate into English but in all languages. These agencies have translators from all over the world.

They assign the work through online and pay them accordingly. They should select only experts to do this translation job. Safety and security are the two major points they consider. Hence, we need not have to worry about the disclosure of the details in the document. The procedure of translation is economical and inexpensive too. Here are the significant features of translation services.

  • Privacy
  • It is very economical too.
  • Easy translation process.
  • The translation has been done by high quality professionals.

The work of translation has become very popular and famous in recent days. Many entrepreneurs want to explore their business throughout the world. Our mode of shopping has completely changed during this recent period. We shop mostly through online.

For this purpose most of the entrepreneurs have switched their business to online business. For this purpose, they mainly need the help of the translator in order to translate their products in all languages. It is the most common method, which everyone has been following and translation services in Mumbai is very important for it.

Most Common Language Translation Services in Mumbai

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As there is heavy competition among people to earn money, one has to be smart enough to work well and lead a happy life both personally and professionally. Many job opportunities are created each day and people make them avail according to their personal interest and skill set qualities. One of such fast growing career opportunity is providing translation services in Mumbai.

Translating literally means as converting the source text into user understandable destination/ target text. Due to the advancements in business process and industrial revolution, these translation studies have become formalized, standardized with dedicated schools and professional organizations. The most popular translation service is language translation which converts the text of source text of one form into another. For being a translator, the basic skill required is the language expertise.

The payment terms also differ with the language the user chooses and the years of experience in the related field. Faithfulness should be involved in the translating scheme as the client will seek for accurate understanding of the content without any distortions. The translation services are provided by the companies both online and offline. Offline is where the employees comes to office and do their work and online is, the company provides a valid mail id where the source id will be sent through it and the employee can work anytime online and translate the document.

High job opportunity for translators around the world

These services are available all over the world and especially in metropolitan cities its famous as more multinational companies need these kinds of services. Translation services in Mumbai involve language translation, software localization, interpretation and more. Most popular translations are French translation, german translation, Japanese translation, Chinese translation, Russian translation, Korean translation, Spanish translation, Italian translation.

These kind of translations are opted by many companies. There is always a time limit constraint to finish the work. The workers who translate needs to keep up this time frame and complete the task assigned. There are differences between translation and interpretation. Translation refers only just converting a text from its source language into the target language and it can be done as a whole paragraph translation.

In case of interpretation, it can be done only line by line as it involves the knowledge / insight about the document and then the user converts. Secondary, comes the payment terms. In this case, each company has their own policies and procedures, and as per the standards and industry norms, they differ.

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Do you know 5 Languages on the verge of extinction?

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Do you know 5 Languages on the verge of extinction?

Language extinction is a very serious issue for language enthusiasts and linguists and thus, has been grabbing more and more attention since the last few decades. For many reasons, the people who belong to a less dominant group in society stop using their native languages. As a result, we might have to see a day when the number of people speaking or conversing in their native languages would be next to none and thereby, starting the curve that eventually leads to the extinction of these languages.

More than half of the world’s population converses in the thirteen most commonly spoken languages which include English, Hindi, Spanish and Mandarin. Here is a list of five of the languages that are on the verge of losing their identities.

Proto –Indo-European

Languages such as English, Russian, Bangla etc amongst many others have their roots in the Proto-Indo-European (PIE). The PIE language has been rebuilt by tracking the history of its progeny. The main problem with PIE is that it is so old that it predates writings or any documentation, resulting in merely well calculated guesses regarding the knowledge of its phonetics. There still exist three phonemes that we still have no clue how to pronounce. Although it is still controversial, PIE still is an influential language for all those who still converse in Indo-European languages.

Wintuan Languages

Wintuan is a language that comes from a family of languages spoken in Sacramento Valley, Northern California. The speakers of this language belong to Wintu, Nomlaki and Patwin “First Nations” of North America who resided in this region way before the Europeans left their mark on it, long before United States and Canada was made.


Caesar Claudius is alleged to be the last speaker of the Etruscan language. It is said that he had assembled a history of the Etruscan language but it was unfortunately lost. The difficulty of rebuilding Etruscan lies in its confinement and insufficiency of texts. A linen book that was said to be used for wrapping a mummy is the only one found yet.


The Harrapan language, estimated to be spoken by over five million people in the modern day Middle East, was the language of the Indus Valley civilization. Like the Indus Valley civilization, the Harrapan languages degradation is still a mystery, leaving its texts and scripts uninterpreted, with no whereabouts of the descendants. However, its relations to the Indo-European and the Dravidian language families still are controversial.



Vilela is another language that’s on the verge of extinction. It is known to have been last spoken in Resistencia, Argentina and Chaco which is close to the border with Paraguay. The Vilela language seems to have borrowed the five vowels of the Spanish language. An ethnic group of people, called the Toba, in Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia seemed to have absorbed the leftover speakers of the Vilela language.

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Find Out The Real Need For Translation Services in Pune

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Find Out The Real Need For Translation Services in Pune

In this world, every information we need / we search should be crystal clear and perfect. There are services like translation and interpretation for the user’s understanding purpose. These service providers employ people to translate or to interpret either within the company or through the online medium. In general, translation is converting the source language text into the decided destination / target text.

The terms translation and interpretation is different technically. Interpretation is understanding the content, Para phrase in the source text and explaining it in simple terms. Interpretation can be done line by line. Translation can be done as a whole. For a translator, he/ she should know the language well. In case of interpretation, they must know the subject expertise of the matter and also the language it is written.

There are many translation services in Pune for this user defined purpose. The transalation can also be produced by humans and by machines also. Few companies also employs in-house translators to translate for them and they are managed by project managers.

Different types of translation services are available in Pune 

The salary of the translators depends upon their expertise in the respective field. The need of Translation services in Pune are developing rapidly. There are generally four types of translation basically named as just translation, normal translation, advanced and zero error translation. Just translation is translating the content as it is in the source end and some person just erases if there is any spelling mistake.

Normal translation is translated and sends for proof reading for errors and then the real document will be prepared. Advance translation, are first translated and back translated for 100% no errors and sentence correction and then sent for main documentation. In zero error case, it is done with two different translators given to the same document, it will be matched equally and if there are any typo errors/ spelling mistakes, sentence formation mistake, grammatical errors will be deleted completely and then it is sent for main documentation.

Every company needs and must understand their client way to deal. The translators before appointing should be given training with rules and procedures as how to translate, how to write, how to avoid errors and so on. Mostly, 70 % of the company opt for normal translation services. The payment terms also differ from company to other.

Translation Services in Mumbai for Communication

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Translation Services in Mumbai for Communication

Communication is probably the most important thing for every human. Language will help to break the barrier between people. There are thousands of languages all over the world and it is not possible that people from different parts of the world can know every language.

Through communication people can able to know lots of new and different things. But it is not possible for them to learn each and every language. Translation plays a major role in communication. It is possible for people to communicate with other countries people through communication.

In Mumbai there are many translation companies which can meet these requirements of people and translation services in Mumbai provided by us comes in the front line. Most of the translation companies have many years of experience. Translation is becoming more important in every field. People can communicate with other people through social media and to understand their language correctly they need translation.

For various things communication is very necessary. With the advancement in the technology paves way for everything and people can do their business everywhere. Online is becoming the great market for everyone and they like to buy and sell things through online. Not only for buying and selling for referring or for searching anything people like to look for online.

Many companies are interested in hiring the translation companies to translate their work. Through translation work people can understand lots of things in the world. They need to search many things in online world and translation makes their work easy. They can complete their research without any mistakes. Now people can see in many places the translation for the language which they do not know.

People those who are searching for Translation Company they can hire translation services in Mumbai because they have good experience in this field. They will give the translation work to the native speaking professionals. They will appoint the translator those who are showing the record of their language specialization. They will follow the punctuality and submit work on time. There are some advantages to the companies those who are hiring the translation company.

  • There are different types of translation companies some can finish their work in 1 hour and some will take half day for completing the same work.
  • In a good translation companies they will give the work after doing the proof reading and correcting the grammar mistakes if any.
  • Depends on the quality of the work the rate for the work will differ.

Companies must hire the most experienced translation companies for efficient work.

Business And Translation Services in Pune are Available

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Business And Translation Services in Pune are Available Here

Translation is more important between the people which speak a different language. It plays a major role in every business. Now most of the people are doing their business worldwide and it is not possible for them to meet the entire requirement without knowing the language. There are many translation companies operating all over the world to translate different languages.

People those who are familiar with the language can succeed in their business and they need to sign the entire document and other business related formalities in the language of the country. For typing the documents and for attending the meeting there is a need for translators and Translation Company. Language is an obstacle in most of the business and they are lacking in their service because of language problem.

People can get translators of different country’s language. In India there are number of states and each state has its own language. People from one state to operate business in another state need to know the language.

If they hire the translation companies they can easily communicate with other states. There are lots of business opportunities are available all around the world. People those who are talented in their respective field can develop their business anywhere in the world. To communicate with other countries they need to select the best translation companies. Translation services in Pune are one of the most leading translation companies which have most experienced staffs.

These staff know how to use the vocabulary and they will translate every document without any grammar mistakes. Nativity is more important in translation work and the translators will have the fluency in the language and they will use the correct word in the documents or papers.

Most of the translation companies are offering lots of guarantee for people like:

  • They will give quality work with quick delivery.
  • They provide a guarantee of cost to the customer.
  • They will use high technology in their translation work.

There is huge competition in this translation market and most of the people are offering low rate for their work. Translation services in Pune will complete their work on time and they will deliver their work on time. It is required that the business people hire the best company, those who can complete the quality work on time. If they go for a company which can work for very low cost then they need to forget about the quality.

Importance Of Translation Services In Delhi, India

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Importance Of Translation Services In Delhi, India

There are various opportunities for job roles in this period of the 20th century and this is mainly because of increased job vacant positions, and the demand for educated people. Translation and interpretation is one of these kinds of job opportunity widely available all over the world especially in India. The mere translation conveys the meaning of converting a text into another defined/ targeted text. This translation can be language to language conversion, business, term conversion, etc., as it directly depends upon the business the company is in.

There are normal translations, zero error translation, just translation, and advance translation. Most of the companies prefer employees to do normal translation. For a translating personal, they need to have the expertise in the language they are working. There is now many ISO certified translation services in Delhi, which offers the customers to translate the given document and the payment terms depends upon their knowledge, and the field they are employed in . These translators can work from online or by going to office regularly. At the previous periods, the companies themselves will take their internal employees to perform this kind of job.

As it involved time consumption and the cost of paying the employee was also high in number, and thus nowadays most of the concerns take a contract basis / have a tie up between the agencies/ consultancies. These intermediaries recruit the personnel from their source of database and employs them to their client office as per their request.

Fields involved in Translation services

The companies will have to pay fewer amounts for this recruitment process. Few companies provide 24/7 service for this language translation service. Translation services in Delhi comprise of in-house translators, interpreters, editors, and project managers and we provide expert solution to the client according to their linguistic requirements. The most common fields in which translation services are used are law, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, marketing, IT, telecommunication, finance, manufacturing, tourism, and travel, etc. The translation service companies recruit the translators and provide them with necessary training like which part of the language they will be involved in such as, Asian, African or European. The translator must also be familiar with the basic software like Desktop publishing (DTP), adobe page maker, Microsoft word, Corel draw, Macromedia flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc. Nowadays there are many translation companies in Delhi which provide voice-overs and subtitling services also.

By: TransLang Ways : Leading Translation company in Delhi, India we provide translation services in languages like Korean, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian etc.

Importance of Translated Literature

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Literature in any form is a reflection of life. It is the source of learning about the multiplicity and diversity of societies and cultures around us. Translated literature has carved a place for itself in the literary corridors for its quality of traversing beyond borders and cultures. It then becomes a medium of connecting distinct cross-border diversities which is necessary in today’s time.

There are stories everywhere and one cannot overlook an eerie similarity in human experiences. The stories get replicated, with minor changes, over and over again. The stories migrate and shift across borders and seep into oblivion. Translation here plays a major role in reviving obsolete interconnected stories that unifies human experiences.

The biggest advantage of translated literature remains in its outreach and the audience reach increases manifold. The translated literature then becomes a good entry point for interested readers, both erudite scholars and readers who read for fun, to sharpen their knowledge about unknown yet interesting things. It also builds an enabling channel between people for cross cultural dialogue.

Some languages are becoming obsolete and this is taxing on the literature created in those languages. To keep the remnants of a particular age or time intact, translation becomes inevitable. It is better to modify the means of imparting information rather seeing a repertoire of knowledge and information going down the drains of history. In fact, a lot of post colonial literature gained prominence only after it got translated into languages with a wider outreach. This had huge impact on the readers and gave birth to a new discourse of looking at things not from a vantage standpoint but otherwise.

This is hugely linked to creating development models for various marginalized communities. Once you are able to get the ethos of a problem, attempts can be made to delve into solutions. Translations hugely enhance our knowledge and mould perspectives by opening up a holistic discourse. It gives birth to new ideas and paves the way to subsequent development. This particularly applies to what we know as the third world today.

The fluidity in the world is increasing like never before. Borders exist but there is a greater flexibility in terms of mobility of ideas, economy and socio-political changes. To have a complete knowledge about various cultures becomes important like never before. Translated literature seeps through the confines of cultural and political barriers.

There have been debates questioning the authenticity of translations and the purpose they serve. The latter, however, is loud and clear. They serve a concrete socio-economic and political purpose along with reviving arts and aesthetics. But is the essence lost in translating? This is a tricky question because it depends upon the means employed and the creativity of the translator. The aim also becomes importance. Is it being translated to ensure a wider audience? Does it simplify the original and the likes? There are certain limitations and complexities because languages work differently. Translations cannot be an exact replica but almost same and if that serves the purpose, what more should we ask for?

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